Chapter 1

As usual, I sat on my bed in the top floor of the house and watched Regina pick apples from my window. I don't know the precise reason why but I had begun to warm up to Regina. No i'm lying, my feelings for her have grown, they've reached that point where I think I love her. She obviously doesn't know a thing.
I made my way down the stairs. A note from Henry sat on the table, "Emma, I'm going out I will be back soon." it read. I smiled at this. I walked to the doorway that led me to the most beautiful figure. I stood there admiring her every movement.
"Miss Swan, may I help you?" she said. I broke from my glare and stumbled to gain balance. I cleared my throat and slightly said, "Um, those are some really ripe apples." As usual my stupid self said this while looking at her perfectly shaped breasts. "Miss Swan, please, control your staring." I quickly regained focus eye to eye. I felt my face begin to heat up. "Well, why don't we head on over into the house now. I do have things to do." Regina said. But i barely moved, still remembering her figure. "Miss Swan." she continued. This brought me out of my trance.
She walked in and i followed. I took a seat at the table while she carefully washed the apples. "Regina..." I started. "Hmm?" she replied sternly, it was the first time I actually called her that. "Have you ever felt inseperable from someone. You care about them so much your world revolves around them. So much that without them anxiety takes over and makes it hard to breathe?" I asked her curiously, and nervously. I sat in silence waiting for a response that I was 90% sure she wasn't going to say, but the silence broke. "Yes. My beloved Daniel. I loved him with everything. Every day without him was agonizing." for once i heard emotion in her voice, a vulnerability that she never showed. "No, I mean with a woman." "Miss Swan what are you trying to get at?" she said while moving the apples to the middle of the table and taking a seat.
"Miss Swan are you trying to tell me something?" I looked at her and sighed, I wasn't completely sure if it was time to tell her the truth. "'s just that I think I'm in love with a woman here in Storybrooke." I confessed. She gave me a wicked smirk. "Is it Mary Margeret Blanchard that's got your tummy in knots?" she asked in wonder. She was suddenly very interested in the subject. I was too nervous to talk so i shook my head no. Her face gave an expression of confusion. She continued guessing, "How about Ruby? She's like the town slut though therefore i believe you can do way better. I mean you are a pretty cool gal and I-" I cut her off. "ITS YOU REGINA!" I yelled. I couldn't believe I confessed my own crime. The ball in my throat suddenly became bigger, and my eyes were full of tears. I could barely see anything through them as my tears built up.
Although I couldn't see her face I felt it soften. Her face was also slightly angry. The tears running down my face were fast. One after the other not taking a break. For the first time ever, Regina stood up and wrapped her arms around me. "Emma, you are an amazing person, and I am flattered by this, but my heart belongs to Daniel." I didn't know what to say. It was all ready a surprise for her to listen to me, then call me Emma, and she was acting so nice. She rubbed my back to comfort me but it only made me worse.
I regained control of myself and stopped crying. I literally pushed Regina off of me and stomped upstairs. I locked myself in my room and began to repeat in my head, "I don't love her." I sat on my bed for a while thinking with puffy eyes and a sore face. I had to fix this, and there was only one way.