Chapter 3

I had just left Granny's and started to make my way to Mary Margerets house. I knocked on her door. "Oh, hey Emma come in." "Thanks." I said and sat down at the table. "Tea or coffee?" "Coffee please I got a big headache." I confessed. "Let me guess...Regina?" she answered correctly. I nodded holding my head up with my hands. She brought my coffee and her tea to the table. "Thanks." I said slurring the words slightly. "So what did she do to make you get extra drunk last night?" "She said she doesnt love me back." I cried and dropped my head to the table. Mary ran to get tissues and brought them back to the table. I blew my nose and wiped my tears. "At least you said it. And nothing went wrong the worst thing that happened was that she said no. I'm sure theres another girl here in Storybrooke that's interested in you. "Yeah there's one but I kinda fucked it up."

Mary gave me a stern look. "Who is it and what did you do?" I sighed. "Its Ruby. And I had sex with her while drunk last night. Then this morning she confessed her love for me and I told her I love Regina." I looked at Mary for her reaction. She sat there with a blank expression. "You are so crazy Emma." she got up and placed her tea cup in the sink. "Well I love Regina and that's not gonna change because I had sex with Ruby for fun." "Emma you have to stand up for what you believe in. So if you really love Regina don't give up and keep trying." she said from the kitchen. "You're right Mary! I'm going to tell her again. I'll see you later." I grabbed my leather jacket and ran out the door. When I got to Regina's house I knocked so many times that I almost made a dent in the door. "

"Ms. sure come back fast." "When I find something I like i won't give up until its mine." I gave her the same evil/sexual smirk she usually gave me." I'm sorry but I've already explained to you that I'm not interested in your charity offer." she began to close the door but I stopped it with my foot. "What do you want ?" she asked really loudly. We stood there for a minute looking at each other. I calmed my voice, into a needy and sweet tone. "I want you Regina. Just give me a chance please." she puckered her lips angrily, "And why should I take your poor excuse for love into consideration?" I sighed as her words deeply stabbed my heart. What happened to the nice Regina from the other morning? I didnt wanna try anything risky. I hugged her tight enough and felt the color slightly regain in her skin tone.
Her face flushed with pink tones and her mouth began to curl up in a smile. But I immediately felt the color flush out and her mouth turn back into a serious frown. "Goodbye Ms. Swan." She closed the door fully, and left me out in the arms of the cold wind.