While reading, listen to sad piano music if you want. I suggested it because you can get the full effect of the feeling of the story.


I looked at the clock on my nightstand; 3:30 am, it says. This long countless hours during the night never end. I roll over on my bed and stare at the dark patterns on my gloomy wall paper. My eyes start to tear as I think about my life; as I think about my family .

The abusiveness is killing me. The bullying is killing me. I don't know how to live any longer.

I can't.

Chapter 1

I walk to school in the dark hours of the morning. I changed with the hidden stash of clothes I hide in the woods a few houses down from my own. I pack the stash with my favorite black boots, black jacket, and black pants I wear everyday. I hide my tattered clothes I'm forced to wear at home in the stash.

I walk up to the locked gates of the school and sit down at the entrance. I take out my notebook and I start drawing; I start drawing my imaginary life, and family and life isn't as good and full of love as others. My life is dull and full of gray everywhere. My family isn't the best either, though, other people have it worse than I do, so of course I wouldn't say anything about them; and I don t want anybody to think that I want attention, because I know how that ends.

The sky is now starting to turn a light, dark blue and the administration and the teachers of my high school are starting to come in. I grab my bags and get up as the morning janitor opens the front gate. I walk all the way to the now open library and hide in between the confinement of the bookshelves. I often come here to hide from people trying to hurt me. I come here to cry to myself silently sometimes.

I try to hide my feelings around everybody, and here, I don't have to. The kids who try to be over achievers are starting to get here now. They are the people that are nice to me, because they know what it's like to be bullied, but they don't care if they are bullied themselves. They know they will amount to something; and they will amount to be something great.