The berries were in plain sight. They were there, looking like an omen, like I needed them. So I took a deep breath, and ran out. I snatched up the berries and ran away before anyone could see me.

Before eating them, I took one and examined it. It was bright red and looked very juicy. So I took a bite and instantly regretted it. The berries are poisonous!

I figured that out a bit too late. My body was already shutting down and I was falling into a sleep. But I was determined to live. So I coughed and coughed and coughed, spewing the berries from my mouth. Already I felt like I was dying.

So I closed my eyes. It's no use. I said my silent good-byes in my head. In the distance I heard a cannon go off. Was that mine?

I had slipped into a deep sleep and was sure that I was dead, but the feeling of an acute pain woke me up. I was being lifted away from the arena with a claw. Wait, I thought. Isn't this what happens to tributes when they die? Am I dead?

But I was determined to win. So I wiggled out of the claw and fell down, down, down…

And hit the ground with a THUD! The wind was knocked out of me. I saw the claw coming back down for me. But it stopped as I heard another cannon go off. The claw stopped pursuing me and went somewhere else.

I spotted a cave and crawled my way inside. In there was a backpack with some food and water. I bet the person who just died gathered all this stuff. Well it's mine now. I started to eat this meat. It was good, cooked well.

I stayed hiding in that cave for the next week, eating all of that food. I saw my face in the sky that night. If only they knew that I was very much alive. One day, something startled me. "Stop! I give you Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the tributes from District 12!"

I guess they ended up winning. Those district 12 victors. And suddenly, the arena went silent.

I was tempted to run out and say, "Hi! It's me! I'm alive!" But I didn't because I knew they would probably kill me. I guess I'll live off of whatever is in the arena. I don't know if I will make it, or how long I will be here. But I guess I was destined to die once I was reaped, so what do I have to lose?