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I opened my eyes and squinted as the sunlight streamed into the window of the room that I'm staying in. I immediately remembered what would go on today. I'm taking a train to District 5 to get reunited with my parents! I rubbed my eyes and tried to remember what they look like. I remember my mom's fiery red hair, because that's where my red hair comes from. I could vaguely picture my father's beard and his soulful brown eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, I was not greeted by my parents but instead by Dylan and his mom. "Ready for your makeup?" She asked me. I nodded, and climbed out of the bed. Dylan's mom lead me into their bathroom, which was stocked with drawers, bowls, and caddies that contained makeup.

She sat me into a chair and began to pull things out of her drawers. It seemed obvious that she knew exactly where everything was and what she was going to use on me. She began by rolling some blue mascara (I learned all about makeup from my prep team and retained that knowledge for some reason) onto my eyelashes then took some fake fish and put them in my eyelashes. Next, she put a ton of brown eye shadow onto my eyes and continued it up to my eyebrows.

She laced some dark brown thread through my eyebrows, and plucked a few strands that "didn't fit." She tied my hair up and put a blue wig on over it. "What do you think?" she asked me. I just raised my eyebrows. She took that as a good sign and said, "Ok, now for your clothes." She disappeared into a nearby closet and rummaged through a lot, before pulling out a bright pink dress covered in tacky yellow lace, white leggings, and black boots covered in purple bows. "Try these on."

I locked the bathroom door behind me and quickly changed into the clothes. I was shocked to see that I looked incredibly ridiculous, but exactly like a capitol citizen. I walked back out where Dylan and his mom began to ooh and ahh over how "perfect" I looked.

"The train leaves at 10:00," Dylan said. I looked at the clock in the bathroom. It read 8:30. I couldn't help but grin. I was going home!

We quickly ate breakfast at the house. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was really good (and my first time eating without using my hands in around a year). It was delicious, but I was really anxious about going back to District 5.

"Well, I guess it's time to go to the train station," Dylan's mom said when we had finished. "Dylan, want to take a ride?"

"Sure," he said, so we all hopped into the nearby car that drove us to the train station. The ride was short and I hardly had any time to take in the capitol more. All too soon, we arrived at the station.

"I have to make a call," Dylan's mom told us.

I hugged her. "Thanks for everything, and please come visit me someday," I said to her. She promised she would, then disappeared into the hoards of people. I looked up at the clock. It read 10:15. "Um, I guess I should get on the train now, I said to Dylan." He nodded.

"You know, I've been wanting to tell you this for the past week or so, that I really like you, Danielle. I wish that we could have a future together. I wrote this note after you fell asleep last night, please read it on the train."

Speechless, I took the note. We hugged, and then kissed again. The clock read 10:20. I looked back at Dylan one more time, then got onto the train. The doors whooshed shut, and soon after, we had pulled away from the station.

Away from the station, I opened the note and read it.

"Dear Dani,

I'm writing this note to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you did for me in the arena. I would not have survived without that. But what I think of you goes much more beyond that. You are the most beautiful girl that I've ever met. I know that Capitol citizens and district citizens don't really mix, but I would like to know if you feel the same way about me. In a different world, I would want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of my life, but now I know that I'll never see you again. I just wanted to tell you that while I still have the chance. I love you.



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