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"Tsuruga-san!" Mogami Kyoko yelled into her mobile phone at her senpai on the other end.

Tsuruga Ren pulled his own mobile phone away from his ear as his kohai; he hated that word, wailed. Once Kyoko was done yelling he placed the phone back to his ear, "What is it Mogami-san?" oh, how he wished he could call her Kyoko-chan like he'd done so many years ago, "You're not in trouble are you?

"Yes!" Kyoko yelled.

Ren sighed, "Death trouble or script trouble?" he asked.

"Um…script…" Kyoko said slightly embarrassed now, "It's my first protagonist role and…I'm not, well, confident."

Ren smiled slightly, "Alright," he said, "Yashiro-san said my schedule ends at 9:00pm tonight. So, why don't you come over to my house around then and we can work on it?"

Ren could practically feel Kyoko beaming, "Thank you Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko said happily, "Oh! And I better get groceries! You will be eating dinner Tsuruga-san!"

Ren chuckled, "Look forward to it Mogami-san," he said.

"Ren-san!" a voice said faded behind the closed door, "The director said it's time to come back to set."

"Coming!" Ren yelled, "I have to go Mogami-san. See you at 9:00pm."

"Bye, and thank you again Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko said and hung up quickly.

Ren closed his phone then left his dressing room to finish his commercial. His commercial shooting ended about 20 minutes later. Ren and Yashiro then started to drive to Ren's next commercial shooting, "You really need to get into another series Ren," Yashiro said, "All you have are modeling jobs and commercials."

"Well, as soon as I get an offer I'll think about it," Ren said.

"Well, it just so happens…" Yashiro said pushing his glasses up and smirking, "You got an offer to be the male lead in a series based on an American book."

Ren glanced at his manager, "What's it about?" Ren asked.

"Oh, it's about these five teens; four of which control the four elements," Yashiro said.

"Teens?" Ren asked, "Yashiro…do I look like a teen to you?"

"Well, not right now…but the character has to raise 11 five to seven year olds; one of which he sees as his daughter, and his best friend in a way. So I guess you could say he matures fast."

"11 kids…that's going to be one wild set…what else do you have to convince me?" Ren asked.

"Well, the main male character is named Jake, and he is destined to fall in love with the Fire Princess, Kym, but he's stupid and thinks she's to marry the Water Prince, which Jake is," Yashiro said.

Ren thought about it, "Sounds interesting," he said, "But how is it a series?"

"Each book is a search," Yashiro said, "Book one is searching for the Water Prince; Book two is searching for the Light Kingdom to take the Earth back from the Darkness Kingdom; Book three is searching the Darkness Kingdom to take back Earth; and Book Four is searching for Jake's "daughter", Sally, and that's as far as the books go."

"I see," Ren said, "So why do they want me?"

"Well, Jake is a black belt in martial arts and the director saw your moves when you were Cain," Yashiro said.

Ren gripped the steering wheel, "Yashiro, you know it's hard to control my dark side," he said.

"Oh, don't worry," Yashiro said.

"Why?" Ren asked.

"Because Kyoko-chan is playing Princess Kym," Yashiro said causing Ren to slam on the breaks.

"What?" Ren yelled, "Yashiro, I can't be in a romantic series with Mogami-san!"

Yashiro smirked, "Really, now," he said, "Oh, that's too bad…Kyoko-chan practically jumped when she was told she could play a princess. And the director won't take anyone but you to play Jake. Are you really going to take away Kyoko-chan's dream?"

Ren hit his head on the wheel, "I…hate…you…" he muttered, "Fine, call Sawara-san and say I'll do it."

Yashiro held up a script and Ren glared, "Already done," Yashiro said smirking.

Ren sighed and started driving again.


Ren arrived at his apartment and he went in and took off his jacket, "Mogami-san?" Ren called knowing she'd be here because he gave her an extra key.

Ren could smell food cooking so he assumed she was in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen, "Mogami-san?" Ren asked.

Kyoko turned and smiled, "Tsuruga-san!" she said happily, "Dinner will be ready shortly."

She'll make a great wife one day… Ren shook his head when he started picturing her as his own wife stop, she's 17! Ren went to go towards the living room when he stopped, "Um, Mogami-san," he said, "What was that role you needed help with?"

"Oh!" Kyoko said, "It's a fire princess!" she said excitedly, "But she has a bit of a temper…I'm not sure how to play that…and she's in l-lo-um, the L word."

Ren closed his eyes, "Well, Mogami-san, about that," he said, "The director wants me to be Jake."

Kyoko jumped slightly and turned to Ren, "What?" she asked, "Y-you'll be playing…"

Ren nodded, "I hope it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable Mogami-san," he said.

Kyoko bit her lip, "Well," she said, "At least it's with someone I trust."

Ren flinched, "Unlike Shotaro," Kyoko growled.

Ren smiled, "Alright, I'm glad you're not uncomfortable with this," he said.

Kyoko smiled and continued to cook. Ren went to the living room and sat on the couch and decided to skim through the Panima series script. Ren nearly laughed and Jake's obliviousness, "Dinner, Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko said placing a large plate of rice, shrimp, and steak pieces.

Ren blinked, "Uh, Mogami-san," he said nervously, "I love your cooking and all, but I don't think I can eat this much…"

Kyoko gave Ren one of her stern looks, "You missed lunch didn't you?" she asked.

Ren opened his mouth, but then closed it because he couldn't lie to her, "I knew it," she said, "So you'll eat all of it."

Ren blew some of his dyed hair out of his face and started to eat. Every time Ren ate Kyoko's cooking his whole body felt like it was filled with light. He could never cook well and neither could his mother, Julie. The only person who could cook in his family was his father, Kuu, but he was gone most of the time. Ren went to get another spoonful of food, but just hit the plate. Ren blinked, "See Tsuruga-san!" Kyoko said, "You were starving!"

Ren blinked, "I guess I was…" he said.

"Would you like dessert?" Kyoko asked taking both plates to the kitchen to wash.

"Ah, no I'm good Mogami-san," Ren said.

Kyoko nodded, "Alright," she said and put the dishes away.

"Shall we get to practicing?" Ren asked when Kyoko sat down on the couch next to him.

Kyoko nodded and grabbed her script, "What scene?" she asked.

Ren scanned the script, "Hmm," Ren said, "How about…when Jake and Kym first walk by themselves after the fight."

Kyoko nodded and turned to the page with Ren, "Okay," Ren said, "Ready?"

"I guess," Kyoko said nervously and closed her eyes trying to find her inner Kym.

Ren smiled and let her begin. Kyoko opened her eyes and looked completely angry. Ren took this as his time to go and get in his own character, "I can't lock up with you still in here," Ren said slightly annoyed.

Kyoko/Kym sighed angrily, "I just don't understand how he won!" she yelled.

"You were too self-centered," Ren/Jake said.

"What?" Kyoko growled.

"You had more confidence in yourself than in your skills away from your powers," Ren said.

"There's a difference?" Kyoko asked.

Ren wanted to see how well her character was so, he decided to stray from the script a little bit, "Yes, quiet a difference actually," he said, "Kark controls earth right? And you fire?"

"Yes," Kyoko said quickly getting what Ren was doing, "And Case controls air…is this going somewhere or are you just showing off?"

Ren smirked inwardly and went back to the script, "Because Kark controls earth he probably practiced more with his hand to hand combat because it's more in tone with his powers. You on the other hand control fire. Your power is most likely to be controlled by your emotions. Am I right?"

"I'm not getting your point here…" Kyoko said annoyed.

Ren sighed, "What I'm saying is that while Kark practiced more with his hand to hand while you probably only did when you forced to. So in this Rumble it was all about who's hand to hand was better. Kark practiced more therefore had more confidence in his abilities, but you…you were more confident in yourself and what you could do."

Kyoko was quiet, like it said she was in the script, "How do you know so much about our powers and confidence?" she asked.

""There are things on Earth called comic books," Ren said, "They're entertainment for us. They have every power you can think of or wish for; including your guys'. I was just taking a stab in the dark about you powers."

Kyoko huffed in irritation, like it said in the script, so Ren continued, "As for the confidence, that's the first thing you learn in the dojo. You can only win tournaments and fights if you know your skill more so than yourself."

"So…you can teach me?" Kyoko asked slowly.

"Well," Ren said sounding like her was thinking about it, "I suppose, but it'll have to be after Sally is well again."

Kyoko looked annoyed, but nodded, "Fine," she said, "But after she's better we start training right?"

"I guess," Ren said.

That was the end of the scene so both actors came out of their characters. Kyoko blushed lightly, "Was it bad?" she asked.

Ren smiled, "No, I think you have Kym at the beginning down quite well," he said.

"Okay," Kyoko said, "But what about when she falls in l-lo-that, with Jake?"

Ren closed his eyes, "I suppose we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there Mogami-san," he said opening his eyes, "I can't force you to learn something you truly dislike. You'll have to cross this bridge on your own."

Kyoko sighed, "I guess you're right as always Tsuruga-san," she said sadly.

Ren smiled lightly, "How about dessert now?" he asked.

Kyoko brightened, "Sure!" she said and ran into the kitchen.

Ren's smile widened as she became happy just like all those years ago. Ren quickly shook his head bad Ren, she deserves better than a killer trying to run from himself. Kyoko came back with two plates of cake and set them on the coffee table and sat down on the floor and they both began to eat, "Tsuruga-san," Kyoko said, "What time is it?"

Ren looked at the clock on his DVD player and nearly choked on his food, "Uh…one in the morning…" he said.

Kyoko's cake came flying out of her mouth, "WHAT!" she yelled, "Oh no! I've caused everyone trouble!"

"Mogami-san," Ren said causing Kyoko to stop her rambling, "You've caused no one trouble, I can assure you. The owners of the restaurant knew you'd be here practicing correct?"

Kyoko nodded, "Then, since it's late, why don't you just stay in the guest bedroom?" Ren said.

"Oh, no!" Kyoko said, "I can't cause you more trouble! You've already stayed up late because of me!"

Ren stood up and walked over to Kyoko, "It's no trouble Mogami-san," he said, "In fact, I wouldn't be able to sleep if you left now; I'd worry too much."

Kyoko blushed lightly, "W-well…" she said, "Only if you eat breakfast!"

Ren smiled, "Deal," he said, "Now, I'll see if I have a t-shirt or something you can wear for pajamas."

Kyoko just nodded and Ren went into his room and looked in his dresser and found one of his white t-shirts. He then went back into the living room, "Here you go Mogami-san," he said handing her the t-shirt, "There's a bathroom in the guest bedroom."

"Thank you, Tsuruga-san," Kyoko said.

Ren nodded, "Do you have anything to do tomorrow?" he asked, "The Panima shooting doesn't start till Wednesday."

"No," Kyoko said, "Box R is currently on a break until we see how the first season is with the public."

Ren nodded, "Well, I'm also free until Panima starts," he said, "So, would you like to practice more after breakfast?"

Kyoko brightened, "Yes!" Kyoko beamed, "I'd need all the help I can get! Thank you Tsuruga-san!"

Ren smiled as Kyoko skipped into the guest bed room happily. Ren then went to bed himself.

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