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No One's Point of View

Ren and Kyoko entered the apartment with Ren carrying a still quiet Keiko, "Keiko?" Ren asked.

"Ami-chan scares me…she says mean words like mommy," Keiko said with fear in her voice.

Ren set Keiko on the couch and he and Kyoko bent down to her level, "Keiko," Ren kissed her forehead, "Whatever Ami-chan tells you is not true. Do you understand?"

Keiko looked down, "Keiko, can you look at mommy?" Kyoko asked.

Keiko looked up at her parents. Kyoko put her hand on Keiko's cheek gently, "Keiko, we love you, very, very much," she said, "And so does grandma, grandpa, Aunt Aki, Uncle Sho, Auntie, Uncle Yuki, President, and Hinata and Kenta. No matter what Ami-chan tells you…that will never ever change."

Ren nodded and Keiko smiled and jumped into her parents waiting arms. They held her as tight as they could without crushing her tiny spine, "I love mommy and daddy," Keiko said.

"And we love you," Ren said.

They put Keiko back on the couch, "Now, if Ami-chan bullies you anymore…you tell her and your entire class who your parents are," Ren said smirking.

Keiko giggled, "I'm going to start dinner, Kuon," Kyoko said.

"Alright," Ren said and sat on the couch and pulled Keiko into his lap.

Keiko snuggled into Ren and he calmly ran a hand through Keiko's no longer braided hair. He then spotted the house catalogue. He smiled and picked it up, "Keiko," he said and showed her a picture of the house he and Kyoko were looking at before, "This is going to be your new house."

Keiko's eyes brightened and smiled, "Really? It's big!" she said.

Ren chuckled and set the catalogue down and kissed her forehead again, "Things will get better Keiko, I promise," he said.

Keiko grabbed Ren's hand slightly scared about tomorrow. Ren squeezed her little hand gently, "Everything will be fine Keiko," he said, "Just stay close to your friends and Sakamoto-sensei will help you too."

Keiko nodded. Suddenly, a clang was heard, "Kyoko!" Ren yelled running into the kitchen with Keiko in his arms.

"I'm alright," Kyoko said, "Just got a little dizzy is all."

Ren set Keiko down, "Maybe we should get you out of the kitchen," he said leading his wife out of the kitchen.

"Kuon, dinner," she argued, "I'm not letting you cook."

"One night of take-out won't kill anyone Kyoko," Ren stated, "And I'm not having you passed out on the floor."

Kyoko was about to say something else when she stumbled, but Ren had his arms around her, "See?" Ren stated, "Keiko, can you get mommy some water?"

Keiko nodded and went into the kitchen, "Don't touch the stove!" Kyoko yelled panicked.

Ren set Kyoko on the couch just as Keiko came out of the kitchen with a glass of water, "Here mommy," she said.

Kyoko took the glass smiling, "Thanks Keiko," she said, "Kuon, can you turn off the stove and pour the water out of the pots?"

Ren nodded, "Stay with mommy Keiko," he said, "I'll be right back."

Keiko climbed onto the couch and sat beside her mother. Ren came out of the kitchen a few seconds later, "Alright, so what should I order?" he asked grabbing the phone.

"Rice, green beans, and chicken," Kyoko said, "And make sure there are no nuts inside or in processing."

"I know," Ren said putting the phone to his ear, "And if you aren't feeling better by tomorrow you may want to go to the doctor…speaking of which…oh, hi…"

Keiko giggled and Kyoko smiled at her.

The Next Day at School…

Keiko slowly poked her head into the classroom nervous, "Keiko-chan!" Hinata and Kenta yelled running over, "You came back!"

Keiko nodded and gripped her pink backpack tightly, "Hello Keiko-chan," Sakamoto said.

Keiko shrunk slightly and Sakamoto sighed, but smiled, "Why don't you put your backpack in your cubby," she said, "Then you can go sit with Hinata-chan and Kenta-kun."

Keiko nodded shyly and put her backpack in her cubby and walked to her table with Hinata and Kenta. Ami snorted as they walked by her table. Keiko gripped her dark purple dress that covered her knees tightly "Just ignore Ami-chan," Keiko took her seat in between Hinata and Kenta, "Alright class," Sakamoto said standing in front of the classroom, "Today, we're going to learn about each other. So, why don't we start with each of you telling us your first and last names?"

Keiko looked up at Sakamoto and she smiled gently, "I'm a Mori!" Ami said smirking at Keiko, Hinata, and Kenta.

Slowly, the class went around giving each other's names until the last three were Hinata, Kenta, and Keiko, "Fujihara Hinata," Hinata said then followed by her brother.

Keiko was nervous, "What's the matter?" Ami asked Keiko, "Afraid to say that you don't have famous parents?"

"Keiko-chan," Sakamoto encouraged.

Keiko bit her lip nervous, "I knew it," Ami said, "My mommy is the best."

"No," an American girl, Jane, yelled, "The Fujihara twins' are."

"No, my mommy is richer than theirs," Ami smirked.

"She's right," a boy, Ryo, said, "The only people who beat Ami-chan's mommy are the Tsurugas."

"Keiko-chan," Sakamoto said smiling.

Keiko gulped and clinched her hands into fists, "T-Tsuruga Keiko," she said.

The entire class gasped and Ami fell backwards in her chair, "What!" she yelled standing up.

Keiko looked down away from the shocked eyes of the class, "Thank you Keiko-chan," Sakamoto said smiling, "Now, I hope you all realize a few things."

Ami was glaring, "That can't be right!" she yelled, "How could she be the daughter of the Tsurugas!"

Sakamoto looked at Keiko who looked extremely nervous, "She was adopted by them," Sakamoto said, "And they love her just as much as your parents do."

The whole class was quiet, "Ami-chan, please take your seat," Sakamoto said.

Ami huffed and sat down. Sakamoto smiled at Keiko, "Now, let's continue to learn our Alphabet," Sakamoto said.


Ren was sitting in a waiting room reading a magazine while Kyoko was in the doctor's office. Of course, Ren got glances, mummers, and a few pictures taken, but he didn't really care. Kyoko had ran out of bed, waking him up, and got sick in the bathroom and when we say bathroom we mean she didn't even make it to the toilet before she got sick. So Ren was waiting for the doctor to tell him or Kyoko what's wrong, "Tsuruga-san," a male doctor asked causing Ren to look up, "Would you come back here for a moment?"

Ren felt panic wash over him, but put the magazine down and walked into the back room with the doctor. He entered another room where Kyoko sat on a table, "Ren?" Kyoko asked, "What's going on doctor?"

"Well, I just thought Tsuruga-san would want to be here for this," the doctor said.

"What?" both Ren and Kyoko asked worried.

The doctor smiled gently, "Kyoko-san, you are two months pregnant," he said.

"W-w-w," Kyoko couldn't even get the first word out.

Ren was shocked; "Uh…" he said and looked at Kyoko.

Kyoko blushed, but smiled, "We expect you back here next week for an ultrasound," the doctor said, "Have a nice day."

The doctor left and Ren and Kyoko looked at each other. Slowly, smiles appeared on their faces. Ren helped Kyoko off the table and they left. Once they were in the car, "Kuon," Kyoko said her smile faded, "You don't think Keiko will be upset do you?"

Ren's smile fell, "I wouldn't think so…but we should tell her when we pick her up," he said, "The sooner the better."

Kyoko nodded, "That would probably be the best," she said, "And…you're okay with the baby right?"

Ren laughed, "Kyoko, we already have a child," he said, "Why would I want to get rid of another one?"

Kyoko smiled, "I'm glad," she said then hugged Ren, "I love you, Kuon."

Ren smiled, "And I love you Kyoko," he said then kissed her quickly then started the car.

At School…

"Keiko-chan!" Hinata and Kenta yelled running up to Keiko as she was grabbing her backpack, "Did you have fun today?"

Keiko smiled and nodded, "So…you'll come back?" Kenta asked.

Keiko seemed to think about it, but then nodded, "Yes," she said.

The twins hugged Keiko laughing and Sakamoto smiled as the three went outside to wait for their parents. They sat on the same bench and talked about random things, "Keiko!" Ren called from the car waving with Kyoko.

Keiko stood up smiling. She waved bye to the twins then ran to her awaiting parents, "Daddy!" Keiko yelled and hugged Ren.

Ren laughed, "Did someone have a good day?" Kyoko asked.

Keiko nodded, "Yeah, but I'm ready to go home now," she said, "When are we getting the new house?"

Ren smiled, "Tomorrow, but Keiko," he said, "When we get home we have to pack, of course, but mommy and I have to tell you something okay."

Keiko nodded smiling and got in the back of the car while her parents got in the front. Ren and Kyoko smiled to themselves as Ren drove off. They were happy that Keiko was doing better in school and they hoped this would make it so she would be more accepting of the new addition. Ren parked at the apartment complex and the family walked to their room. Once inside they went to the couch, "So…" Ren said bending down to Keiko's height, "You like school now?"

Keiko nodded smiling, "Yeah…Sakamoto-sensei made everyone introduce themselves. Everyone left me alone after that," she said swinging her legs back and forth.

Ren and Kyoko smiled, "Keiko…" Kyoko said joining Ren in size, "How would you feel about having a younger sibling? Like Hinata-chan and Kenta-kun are?"

Keiko was confused, "I don't know," she said.

Ren and Kyoko looked at each other, "What do you mean Keiko?" Ren asked.

Keiko shrugged, "I don't know," she said.

Kyoko became a little nervous now and stood up. Ren saw this so he continued, "Keiko," Ren picked her up, "Let's rephrase the question. How would you feel if I told you mommy's going to have a baby?"

Keiko blinked, "I don't know…" she said, "Why are you asking?"

Kyoko sighed and Ren chuckled lowly, "Are we sure Keiko isn't really our daughter because she has your denseness Kyoko," Ren asked Kyoko.

Kyoko glared at Ren and Keiko was confused, "I don't understand daddy," Keiko said, "What's going on?"

"Keiko, mommy's going to have a baby," Ren said, "You're going to be an onee-chan."

Keiko went wide eyed it finally clicking, "What?" she asked and looked at Kyoko, "Baby?"

Kyoko nodded, "Yes Keiko," she said softly, "Mommy's going to have a baby."

Ren walked over to Kyoko and bent down so Keiko was close to Kyoko stomach. He then took Keiko's small hand and placed her hand on Kyoko's stomach with his covering her. Keiko looked at Ren and he smiled gently, "Keiko, we want to know if you're okay with this," Kyoko said grabbing Keiko's other hand.

Keiko looked at Kyoko confused and didn't say anything, "Keiko…" Ren asked removing his hand, "Are you okay?"


"Keiko-chan," Ami said once free time came.

Keiko, Hinata, and Kenta looked at Ami, "You think you're so great just because of your parents," Ami said.

"No I don't," Keiko said confused.

Ami huffed, "Well, you're just adopted into that name," she said, "Wait until they have a kid of their own…it'll be just like your real mommy."

"No it won't!" Hinata yelled, "You don't her parents!"

"No? Then explain why parents have favorites when there's more than one child in the family? That's where the term Sibling Rivalry comes. Just you two wait," Ami said to Hinata and Kenta, "You'll see what I mean."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Kenta yelled.

"Oh?" Ami asked, "But I do…I have an older brother…but guess who gets all the attention? Hm, me, because I'm the youngest. But guess what'll happen when your mommy and daddy decide to have kids of their own…you'll be the oldest."

With that Ami took her leave smirking. Keiko had this feeling in the pit of her stomach, "Don't listen to Ami-chan Keiko-chan," Hinata said, "She doesn't know what she's talking about."

"Yeah," Kenta said, "Our mommy loves us both the same."

Keiko nodded; "I guess…" she said but took some of Ami's words to heart.

End Flashback

Keiko's hand fell from Kyoko's stomach, "Keiko?" Kyoko and Ren asked worried.

Keiko struggled in Ren's hold until he put her down. Keiko then ran into her room and slammed the door. Ren and Kyoko were shocked. After a few minutes Kyoko's hand went to her mouth and tears escaped, "Kyoko-" Kyoko ran into their room crying before Ren could put his arms around her.

Ren sighed before falling on the couch and putting his face in his hands, "This didn't go well," he muttered.

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