Yay! Since I didn't have enough people take my poll to really decide what to write, you get what you get. Writing this next story based on a manga called "Mixed Vegetables." Love it so far, don't know if it will have anymore updates. If you love Skip Beat! type of manga or any other Shoujo, then you will probably LOVE this story!

Just to end on a good note, let me add: it's really pissing me off that my computer is trying to spell check 'yay'.

TTYL Y'all!


Writing Key:

Bold: My reviews and responses

"Quotations": Speech

Italics: Thoughts

Character Line: Underlines the character's name

Two Peas in a Pod

Hanayu Ashitaba sat in the lonely classroom, staring at the final that Matsuzakai-Sensei had handed back right before the bell rang. In the empty top right corner stood a grade representing stunning success. Alone in red pen, the characters formed a clear number, a '92%'. Her 92. She sat at her desk for what felt like twenty minutes more, stunned. She returned to reality some few minutes later, staring at Hayato Hyuuga. Her Hayato.

"Aw man, Hanayu. Was your grade really that bad? Let me see!" Hyuuga was wondering why Hanayu looked so stunned. He was afraid that they would not be able to work together anymore.

"No, mine was good." Hanayu responded, still not sure what to believe. "How was yours?"

"Well…" Hayato started.

Here we go, Hanayu thought.

"I received a 93% but then sensei realized that he made a mistake and took off half a point. So now I have a 92.5%."

Damn, higher than what I got. Again. And by half a point!

Hayato leaned over the small desk and gave Hanayu a kiss on the cheek, and followed with an "I'm proud of you."

Hanayu grabbed her bag and ran ahead of Hayato, afraid that he would see her blushing. Hayato insisted that they hold hands on their way out of the school. Hanayu was really embarrassed, and the couple won many looks from all of the students leaving for home from their extracurriculars.

Hayato looked her way and smiled playfully. Hanayu did her best to return the smile, only to find herself blushing again.

The lovely couple walked to their part time job, eager to show their parents their success but also longing to stay in the moment forever.