Originally created by Otto Binder for DC comics

Screen play by jman007

Cool storyline by jman007

Imaginary Special effects created by jman007

Directed by jman007

Produced by jman007

And the great civilization known as Krypton is no more…

during the rise of General Zod several Kryptonians fled their home world

when Zod and his followers were defeated these refugees returned home, but

the high council would not allow it and so Zar'El younger brother of

Jor'El lead these refugees to the planet Argos where they built Argo city

And thus Krpton was destroyed and all that remain is Kal'El of earth and refugees of


Argo city in many ways resembles Krypton with its snow and ice atmosphere. In the center of the crystal city lay a dome where the high council of Argo city meet.


Zar'El dressed in his white robes stood before the high council holding a blue crystal

"Members of the council as you know our beloved Krypton is no more…" Some of the members squirmed in their seats when he mentioned Krypton, because there was a deep seated resentment towards their former kinsmen. "…before its destruction my brother Jor'El sent me a message…" He raised a blue crystal high then placed it in white terminal. "I would like to play that message for you now…"
Two rings rose up from a circled symbol on the floor and they began twirling horizontally to each other. A hologram of Jor'El appeared in the rings, "Zor'El my brother… If my calculations are correct then you will receive this message even though I do not know where you have gone… I am glad you spoke up for the refugees… Perhaps a small part of krypton will survive with you and them… Our calculations were correct… Krypton will destroy itself… The council in its arrogance has refused to listen to me… I have sworn to the council that I and Lara will remain here on Krypton… That word did not include our son Kal'El… I have sent him to a primitive world called earth… I ask you my brother to reach out to him and let him know that he is not alone in the universe…" The message ended and as the rings returned to the floor Zor'El removed the blue crystal from the panel.
One of the council members looked at the others who seemed unwilling to speak, "How long have you had this message…"
"I have had it for the past ten years… It is my desire to travel to earth and bring him back here to live among us…"
The council burst into an uproar, "SILENCE!" Council Tal'Sar said.
Council Hyra'Un spoke up, "Does your nephew know of his Kryptonian heritage?"
"He does… The humans know him as Superman… Jor'El chose earth because of the effect their yellow suns have on our molecular structure… Some know him as Clark Kent… The house of Kent raised him… Only his closes allies know him as Kal'El… I have watched him for the past six years… He is an honorable man…"
"As you say… but living with humans could have corrupted him…"
"Not so… He is a beacon of light to the humans… An inspiration to them…"
"I am sorry Zor'El but the answer is no… Your brother stood by silently as the high council denied us access to Krypton…"
"With good reason… You all would be dead had you remained on Krypton…"
Zor'El's longtime friend and colleague jumped up, "I cannot sit still no longer… How can any of you dare deny Zor'El this request… If not for him we would still be wondering this galaxy… and it was he who laid the very foundations upon which Argo city now stands… and when this council was formed he refused to lead it or take a seat… We are an ungrateful people…"
In shame the other council members looked at each other and it was Joa'Xi who spoke. "Your words are true Ner'Ve… Allow us to reconvene later and give you our answer on the morrow…"
"So say one so say all… Dismissed…"
"Thank you my friend…"
"Think nothing of it…"
"Would you join me for lunch at my home… I know Kara would like to see you…"
"I will accompany you but I have business elsewhere in the city…"

The two men walk up some steps to a platform the circle on the floor glows white and a crystal ball surrounds them. The ball takes off through the city towards Zor'El's home.