Unaware Attraction

Note: Bulma lives in the United States. She is American, and Vegeta looks American too.

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I have recieved a review that asked me to clarify the ages. I had honestly forgot to do so, and am glad this was brought to my attention. In this version, Bulma is 17, but recieves alot of freedom from her parents. Vegeta is about to turn 18.

Chapter Two- Affairs of the Heart

"AHHHHHHHH," Bulma screamed so loud if her parents were home they would have thought she was under attack. Bulma jumped out of her cozy bed, got down on her knees and reached for the kitchen knife before realizing who had woke her up. A horizontal floating Vegeta grinned down at her from her ceiling. She snorted and stood up again; embarrassed he had caught her off guard.

Bulma had woken up to a hand on her arm, and had immediately assumed the worst. She should have known Vegeta would have pulled something; it was in his nature to annoy.

When Bulma had first seen the Sayian Prince, she had thought of only his good looks. But after hearing him talk for a minute or two, she realized he was just a cocky know-it-all who thought he was superior to everyone. His handsome face was marred by the ever present smirk and angry expression. Not once had he ever called her Bulma, only woman or baka. She was fed up with his attitude, but she knew that it was her fault he was here in the first place. If only she hadn't suggested he live with her family…

She was pulled out of her thoughts and into the air by one arm as Vegeta dragged her to the kitchen. "Food, now," he said gruffly.

"What did I say? You weren't supposed to wake me up!" Bulma pouted. He just gave her an impatient look, and she knew better than to try his patience. Against her better judgment, she decided to play a trick on the grumpy prince. While making him his omelets, she added hot pepper powder to them. She grinned as she served him his meal. He consumed the abundance of food in under a minute. She patiently waited for the effect. Suddenly a panicked look came over his face. His eyes bugged out and he ran to the refrigerator. Grabbing the gallon of milk, he drank it in one gulp. But not even that could make a dent in the spicy taste. He jumped up and down and headed for the sink. He turned on the cold water, and stuck his mouth under the faucet.

A minute later he came up for air with a very, very angry look on his face. She backed away quickly, getting ready to run. He flew at her, faster than any person should be able to move. But Bulma was prepared, as he hefted her into the air; she clamped her hands onto his tail, causing him to drop back down to earth. She squeezed even harder and he collapsed onto the floor. Bulma was squashed underneath him and she wished she had had the foresight to move before hurting him. As she gasped for breath, Vegeta was really heavy, her grasp on his tail loosened. He ripped his tail away from her and glared at her, hatred in his eyes. Bulmas face was a perfect mask of dread.

In one fluid motion he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. She struggled and clawed at his back, but his grasp was like iron. He walked out of the Capsule Corporation house and took to the air. They flew in silence for a minute; Bulma had all but stopped struggling.

"Where are you taking me?" Bulma asked in fear. His face was a stony mask and he reached over and chopped her in the neck, then blackness over took her as she passed out.

She woke up near a small stream. She was surrounded by woods. She didn't know where she was, her last memory was that stupid idiot knocking her out. She wandered uphill for a few minutes. All she had were her sleeping clothes and a hair tie. She was also dirty from lying in the mud.

"This isn't funny!" She yelled into the air. Only silences meet her pleas. "Seriously Vegeta, grow up! I was only joking around…." It was then she realized just how much of a predicament she was in. Trapped in a unknown territory with nothing for protection, wait! She suddenly remembered the emergency capsule sewn into all her clothes. Of course, each capsule contained a first aid kit, some other stuff, a clean body suit along with a modified set of Sayian armor. She remembered now.

When Vegeta first came to live with them, he demanded more armor made so he could accurately train. She had improved the armor and found out its scientific properties. The armor was strong; no normal human could break it, well easily that is. Because of her fascination with it, and her wilderness phase she had made replicas to fit her. She had put a capsule in all her clothes in case of a hostile takeover, living with Vegeta had made her paranoid for the first weeks. She had meant to remove them, but she had forgotten, luckily. She quickly ran up to a clearing right beside a crystal blue lake.

She tore the seam away and a capsule fell out of the hem of her shirt. She clicked the capsule and threw it in front of her. Luck was in her favor today. A sky blue bodysuit, a set of brown Sayian armor, a backpack that contained a first aid kit, a belt with two curved swords attached, and a pair of knee high brown leather buckled boots emerged in a cloud of smoke. There was also a bag of necessities (such as makeup, shampoo, soap, etc.) and a few protein bars in the tan Indian style backpack. Bulma quickly jumped in the lake and put her dirty clothes in the now empty capsule and shut it. She washed her hair and scrubbed herself clean. She found a towel in the bottom of the backpack and she dried off. Sliding into the bodysuit and armor, she placed the belt on her waist and put her hair in a braid down her back. She outlined her eyes in kohl and put a tint of red on her lips. Not to ruin her warrior façade, she took the black eyeliner and smudged two lines on each cheek, like Indian markings. She zipped up the oddly comfortable boots and slung the backpack over her shoulder. She devoured a protein bar and was on her way.

Following the lake she noticed a steady rise in terrain. Pretty soon the ground was tilting up and it was harder to walk. But Bulma, priding herself on her physical fitness, continued to trudge up the slope. Finally she saw a collection of huts, almost a town, over the ridge. 'Finally, civilization,' she thought to herself.

She ran as fast as her tired legs could to the town in the distance, maybe a little too fast. She tripped over a root and went rolling down the hill. She landed in a heap at the bottom, and the last thing she saw before passing out was concerned faces towering over her.

She woke up in a bed with a bag of ice on her throbbing forehead. She sat up and saw an older women sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Bulma took in her current surroundings. She was in a small room that consisted of a bed, dresser, a chair and what looked like a round desk. On the floor there was an animal skin rug and the walls were covered with drawings of the wilderness and small squares of exotic animal fur. There was a door that was obviously the front door and an archway that let into a big room. The women rose from her place and moved toward Bulma.

"Konnichiwa" (hello) she said. "Daijoubu," (Are you ok) the women seemed genuine and sincere in her concern.

"Genki desu, dou shita no?" (Im fine, what happened?). Bulma was interrupted when a large bird flew into the room and onto Bulmas head. Bulma screamed, reverting into her best known language, English.

"Get it off me!" She squealed.

"Oh, you speak English?" the woman asked.

"Yes, now can you get this beast off me?" She shrieked. The woman just laughed and picked up the bird. Bulma brushed off her head and stared at the bird with distrust. The woman then heaved the bird out of the window.

"So where am I, and what happened?" Bulma asked.

"You rolled down the hill and hit your head on a rock. You were in pretty bad shape so I took you to my house. And you are in Kagawa, Japan."

"Ekk, I am all the way out here? I am from America, you know, North America, but thank you for helping me."

"Dear, it is my obligation, I am the village elder. Kind of like the mayor. You might want to thank the children who brought you here, though. If it wasn't for them you would be in way worse shape."

"Oh, well, is there a phone or something I can use to get transportation home?" Bulma asked.

"Well," the village elder blushed," we don't exactly have a phone. We are old fashioned here. But you can get some transportation in the city near here. My son can take you in his carriage." Bulma almost gasped. No phone! How did they survive, and a carriage, who in their right mind owns a carriage, what century is it here?

Suddenly a knock on the door interrupted her train of thought. A muscular man walked in accompanied by a pretty woman and three children. The woman had on a long dress with an Indian pattern on it and the children looked between five and ten. Seeing Bulma awake, the smallest child hid behind the woman.

"Here he is," the Village elder said, "my son."

Bulma nodded her head in greeting. The tallest kid, a boy walked up to Bulma.

"You have blue hair, but you are still pretty. What's your name, mine is Ravis? I am eleven, and my sisters are seven and nine. Their names are Karis and Becca. My grandma is Karwabie, it's hard to pronounce. How old are you. You look different than everyone else in my village, and your clothes are weird. Did you make them...?" The kid rambled on.

"I'm Bulma, I am 17 and from America." Bulma replied to the chattering boy.

"America," His eyes widened. "Oh yeah, guess what, I am going with you to the city. I have been there before, twice. It's really big." Dang, this kid talked a lot. And of course, he was going with her.

"Thank you for your kindness," Bulma told the people, "But I have been stuck in the woods all day and really need to get going." Bulma tried to be polite, but she really needed to get home before Vegeta blew up her house.

"Why were you in the woods? And why are you so far from home?" The quiet woman asked her.

Bulma really didn't want to spend a bunch of time talking. Luckily for her, the man stepped in.

"Vearie, I am sure Bulma can tell Ravis and me on the way to the city, and then we will tell you. But we do need to get going before nightfall. You know how dangerous the road can be at night."

"How far away is the city, exactly?" Bulma wondered out loud.

"About 6 hours, and around 65 miles away, with horses," The man replied, and Bulma mentally slapped herself.

"Goodbye son," Karwabie said her goodbyes and gave Bulma, Travis, and her son a sack of fruit and a few bottles of water. The man embraced his wife (?) and children and they were off.

As they rode Bulma told them a modified version of why she was in the woods. Not wanted the people to panic about aliens, she just said she was dropped from a plane into the lake. They also wondered how she had the clothes if she didn't prepare for the woods. That led to her explaining the concept of capsules, which had not yet reached their village. That amazed the simple villagers; they just couldn't grasp the idea. They probably thought she was a witch.

An hour into the trip the man (which she discovered his name was Zed) stopped at a lake to allow the horses to drink. They set off again a few minutes later. She learned about their village ways, and customs. They didn't have electricity or running water, they chose the simple lifestyle. When she commented about their similarities to hippies, they just looked at her confused. Bulma soon fell into a deep sleep, lured by the sound of hooves hitting the path.

When she woke up, she felt well rested. The sun was just about to set. She noticed Zed looked worried.

"What's wrong," she yawned.

"I fear we are not there yet, and it is almost nightfall." He replied in a concerned voice.

"So?" She was confused, what was the big deal.

"At night the bandits look for cars and people to rob. I have been taught since a young age not to travel at night. It is very dangerous." His words worried Bulma. Bandits, she hated bandits.

"How longer until we reach the city?" she asked.

"Arrival in possibly an hour or two." He replied curtly. He looked over at his son, who was asleep in the cargo area of the carriage. Bulma realized he was scared for his son. She glanced at the sky. The sun slipped under the mountains in the distance and the sky gradually darkened. Soon the only light was provided by the full moon. The full moon! Bulma just realized that it was day in America. So when dawn hit here, the moon would be coming out at her house. And Vegeta was there, with his tail, and no control (in this story he can't control himself). She mentally chastised herself. Why did she have to make him mad today?

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