Hello! Ready for a new chapter? Sorry for not updating soon, but I am also writing another story, that I'm planning on publishing soon. It's not from Tokyo mew mew though…Anyways, it's Pudding's birthday and you are all invited! A special visitor comes to the party. Will everything go well? Read on to find out! REVIEW! I DO NOT OWN TOKYO MEW MEW !


(Jumps on top of Ichigo.)

"Wake Up kitty cat! Or we will miss the party!"

(Ichigo wakes up kicking Kisshu against the wall.)


"OUCH! I'm sorry Kitty Cat, but that object keeps on ringing and I don't know how to stop it. That's when I remembered about the monkey's birthday."


(Ichigo stands up and pushes Kisshu out the door into the kitchen.)

(Kisshu all of a sudden gives Ichigo a tight hug from the back.)

"Hey Kitty cat, what about we stay and sleep together?"

(Ichigo tackles Kisshu to the floor with anger.)

"No! Now teleport us to her house."

"Well I can't if you are on top of me!"

(Ichigo gets off and holds is arm tightly. After a while of enduring the pain from Ichigo's nails, Kisshu teleports in front of Pudding's home. There are balloons outside and all of the mew mews are just getting in.)

"Kisshu, I can't have you go in there or they will try to fight you off. Put on this hat and this sweater."

(Kisshu wears what is given to him. Then, they both enter the house.)

Hmph…making me wear these strange garments. I think I look rather handsome in my own clothing. Ichigo doesn't know a handsome cyniclon when she sees one. Wait a minute…what is Taruto and Pai doing here?

(He takes off the sweater and hat, then walks over towards them.)

"What are you two doing here?"

(Taruto smirks then replies.) "We are here because we were personally invited by Pudding to her birthday celebration."

(Pai then replies.) "Indeed, and I was asked by Lettuce if I could join her as a companion."

Well if both of them don't have to dress up, I'm going in there like this.

(Pudding comes out wearing a sleeveless, short, yellow, frilly dress, and a her hair with small curls.)

"na-no-da! I'm glad you all came! Even the villains arrived! This is going to be so much fun!"

(Ichigo notices Kisshu, Pai, and Taruto. She shivers at the fact that they all came invited, and not to ruin the party. After a while of a lot of 'happy birthday' speeches, Pudding invites them inside. It's well decorated and joyful music. Then Minto takes notice that Pudding's little siblings aren't there.)

Minto: "Pudding, where are all your little siblings?"

Pudding: "Oh, they' re all at summer camp. They won't be coming here until two weeks."

Zakuro: "at least it's going to be more appropriate for us to have some REAL fun." (Zakuro takes out two bottles of the most finest and expensive wine.)

Ichigo: "Nya! We are going to have so much fun!"

Kisshu: (whispering to Ichigo.) "Are you sure it's fine to drink that? It says, A-L-C-O-H-O-L. What I remembered was that once you drank that and started to act strange."

Ichigo: (slightly blushing.) "I'm just going to drink a cup…or two."

Pudding: "nanoda! Can I drink that stuff too?"

Minto: "of course you can't! It's much too strong for you."

Zakuro: "she can get at least a sip or two. I don't want anybody to miss out on the fun." (Starts to pour in cups and hands one to everybody.)

(Everybody got a taste of it, and they all liked it except for Kisshu. He was staring at how much Ichigo was drinking of it.)

I don't see how they find this drink delicious. It's disgusting! I wonder how Pai and Taruto don't mind the horrible taste. Everybody is acting weird…especially Ichigo.

Ichigo: (leans over Taruto's shoulder and in a drunken voice starts to laugh at him.) "A runt like you…shouldn't *hiccup* be drinking!"

Taruto: (Also in a drunken voice.) "blah! You old hag! I am no runt! And for your information! I took only..uhm (starts to lazily count with his fingers) two-ish…three-ish..sips. Unlike you! Who almost finished one whole bottle."

Pudding: " How about we all play a game?"

Minto: "yea!" (they all sit around in a circle.)

Pudding: "Let's play this game I saw in T.V., it's called 7 minutes in heaven."

Lettuce: "I've read that *hiccup* in a manga…it seems fun…hey Pai-san, let's play…"

Pai: "yes…let us enjoy this time…"

What's going on? What's 7 minutes in heaven? Even Pai and Taruto seem to know what it is about!

Zakuro: "shouldn't we wait for Akasaka and Shirogane?" (Everybody nodded and then the doorbell rings. Shirogane comes in like if he was in his own home.)

Pudding: (Pulling him to sit down with the rest.) "Ok, first of all! They are all drunk, second of all, those aliens, are invited so don't ruin my party, third of all, we are going to play 7 minutes in heaven, and lastly, drink this." (Hands him a cup of wine.)

Shirogane: (slowly sipping the wine.) "I don't see why those three creatures have to be here…but for you, I won't do anything. Oh and Akasaka has a date with his girlfriend so he couldn't make it."

Ugh! My instincts are telling me to kill the blonde one.

Ichigo: "Kisshu! Why are yooou sooo quiet? C'mon! have some fun!"

Kisshu: "whatever you say…"

Pudding: "ok! Who wants to go first?"

Ichigo: "I DO! I DO!" (grabs the bottle and spins it. It points to Kisshu who is staring at everyone."

What do I do? The bottle is pointing towards me! What's going to happen?

Pudding: (leads them to a small closet away from everyone and shoves them in there.) "I'll see you two in seven minutes!"

Kisshu: "Wait! Monkey mew! What am I supposed to do?"

Pudding: (whispering in his ear.) "You know! Hehehe…I won't open the door until seven minutes have passed!"(The door closes and is locked.)

Kisshu: "It's sort of small in her isn't it?"

Ichigo: "Why did I have to get stuck with you?"

Kisshu: "It's fate! We are meant to be together. But, what is supposed to happen?"

Ichigo: *sighs* "in 7 minutes in heaven, the bottles choses two people to get stuck in a closet like this…to…so they can…kiss and stuff *hiccup*"

Kisshu: (slightly blushing.) "Oh really? Well I like this game now…" (Starts to kiss her neck, and nibbling her ear. Then gently kisses her on the lips.) "I'm glad you don't have to change into a cat anymore…"

Ichigo: (blushing) "This isn't that bad…it could have been worse…let me try something…"(leans towards Kisshu's face, but then Pudding opens the door.)

Pudding: "OK! Seven minutes are up!"

(Kisshu and Ichigo come out with red faces then sit down.)

Minto: "I think you both enjoyed those seven minutes together…"

(The doorbell rings.)

Lettuce: "oh..uhm…I'll get it!"

(At the door, Ron is there. He was the one who defeated Pudding and would have to marry her, but he decided that it could get canceled. So, they are just friends.)

Pudding: "Oh! Ron! I'm glad you came! Come sit down, we are playing 7 minutes in heaven!"

Ron: "Miss Pudding, your father wishes you a Happy Birthday. Oh, that sounds like fun. Who's up?"

(Taruto starts to give Ron an evil stare. He started to feel jealous that he was sitting next to Pudding, but he was glad that Ron and Pudding wouldn't get married.)

So, that's all for now. I want to save the rest of the game for the next chapter because it's going to combine with some other events. I hope you all liked it though! In the next chapter, the game continues…and feelings are going to be revealed! PLEASE REVIEW! I DO NOT OWN TOKYO MEW MEW!