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Chapter 1: Orion Pollux Malfoy

Cornelius Fudge grinned gleefully as he watched Harry Potter being levitated into St. Mungos wizarding hospital. He had finally gotten what he had so desperately wanted for all these years, Harry Potter, supposed Savior of the wizarding world and soon-to-be fifth year student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry was now under Ministry control. Earlier that evening the department for detecting underage magic had received a notification that the trace spell on Potter's wand had gone off. Fudge along with a team of Aurors had immediately responded, deciding that Potter was either causing damage or in the midst of yet another one of his far to frequent, ridiculous adventures. Arriving at Number Four Privet Drive, the aurors, along with Fudge (he couldn't miss this!) discovered Harry Potter being brutally beaten by his whale of an Uncle and walrus of a cousin. The boy's wand had been sending off sparks as his innate magic reacted to the brutal assault, hence why the trace had gone off, or so said Madame Hopkirk, whom Fudge deemed to be an expert on these matters.

Potter's relatives had ben taken into immediate custody by the aurors, and Potter had been rushed to Mungos. Fudge, being the Minister and all, had immediately revoked the Dursleys guardian rights, turning Potter into a ward of the Ministry, where he would reside until a good, respectable wizarding family had adopted him. Of course Dumbledore had arrived the second those damnable wards had gone off, claiming to be Harry's magical guardian and such nonsense, but Fudge had argued, quite eloquently if he did say so himself, that Potter's guardians were clearly unfit, and that Dumbledore, being the one responsible for placing him in such circumstances, was now under investigation himself, which in turn made him an unfit guardian for any wizarding youth, let alone the 'Boy-Who-Lived'.

-Graphic description of injuries-

Once at Mungos, Potter was rushed into surgery, the boy was mangled, he had been beaten, with what looked like a belt, his fingers and hands had been utterly mangled, they were completely disfigured and would need to be regrown completely, his back, buttocks and thighs were covered in welts and contusions, his chest and upper back had long cuts, seemingly inflicted by a serrated knife. Potter also had rather bad burns on his arms and hand, the skin was blackened and blistered, and seemed to just flake off at the touch. The worst however, was Potter's lower back, someone, presumably his Uncle, had carved the word 'Freak' into his skin, seemingly over and over and the wound was highly inflamed, infected and seemed to be permanent, at least according to the healers, They could make it fade, they said, but the outline would always be there, the wound had been carved into the skin over and over, making even the most potent scar remover potions only partially useful.

-End of Description-

It was a good six hours later that Potter was finally resting comfortably, well in a magically induced coma so he wasn't pained by the injuries that had yet to be healed. The healers had managed to get the superficial injuries, such as the welts and cuts, but the burns, the carving and Potter's hands still needed a lot of work. Even with re-growing the bones, Potter had sustained so much nerve damage in the appendages that there was a large chance he'd only regain partial mobility. His right hand was particularly bad, and the healers said, at best, he'd only regain fifty percent of the mobility that he had had before the injury was sustained.

While none of this was good news, Fudge was still overjoyed, he had gained control of Harry Potter, he was out from Dumbledore's thumb, and Fudge was going to keep it that way.


Healer Jennifer Lawrence let out a pained sigh as she bent over her unconscious patient. Harry Potter was horribly wounded, and despite the amount of time she, and other top healers at St. Mungos had spent attempting to fix him up, it was obvious that he was never going to completely heal. Frowning, she cast a diagnostic scan, noticing, not for the first time, a slight irregularity in the scans. They had all noticed this irregularity, however in their (the Healers) frantic race to save Mr. Potter's life, the irregularity had never been a major topic. Now, however, with the young man in a healing coma, Lawrence had time to explore this odd phenomenon. Frowning, the tall, dark haired woman concentrated, trying to figure out what was going on. The answer struck her like a thunderbolt, Harry Potter was wearing a glamour, and very, very complex glamour. She frowned, her mind racing with questions about why he was glamoured, and how someone had preformed such a complex spell on the boy. She could tell the glamour was old and very powerful, but she also knew she had to break it. The glamour magic could potentially mess with Harry's healing and magics the healers might have to preform on the boy. Drawing a deep breath, Healer Lawrence steadied herself before beginning the long, and complex task of removing the glamour. Instead of just banishing the magic, she removed it slowly, working her way through layer after layer of some of the most complex magic she had ever seen.

Meanwhile, in the Headmaster's quarters at Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore was disturbed from his reading by one of his silver instruments going insane. The device had begun to whirl rather wildly, emitting puffs of silver and green smoke which quickly began to fill the room. Letting out a pained sigh, Albus waved his wand, banishing the smoke while he stared at the device his blue eyes hard as he realized what this meant.

In Mungos, Healer Lawrence had finally succeeded in removing the complex glamour that covered Harry Potter. Before her very eyes the teen, once a replica of James Potter had changed dramatically. Dirty blond hair covered his head, not at all curly, but instead slightly wavy and extremely soft to the touch. His skin had lightened, his seemingly customary tan was gone, replaced with creamy white skin, unblemished except for the scars inflicted by Vernon Dursley. The famous lightning bolt scar remained, however it was hidden by a strand of blond bangs. His features had changed too, instead of round cheeks, and soft features, Harry had sharp, high cheek bones, the plains of his face now angular instead of round. He looked decidedly aristocratic, taking on the features of a very recognizable family and the features of a boy she had thought dead for fourteen years. Lawrence sucked in a breath as her mind unwillingly pulled her back fourteen years, back to a decidedly awful day for her, and Mungos hospital.

-Flash Back-

"Are you ready Madame Malfoy?" A much younger Jennifer Lawrence asked, a grin on her face a she stood, proudly, in the private rooms of the Malfoy family in the famed Wizarding hospital.

"Yes" The blonde woman growled, her hand clutching her husband's tightly as the blond tried not to wince. A greasy, dark haired man stood in the corner, a one year old boy clutched in his arms, the boy was wiggling about, as if trying to see something interesting. The man, one Severus Snape was holding the boy tightly, muttering under his breath, though his eyes gave away his excited state.

"Alright, I need you to push" Lawrence said, stepping to her customary place between the woman's legs, where she was prepared to do the job she had been trained to do. With an almighty shriek, Narcissa did as she was told, and soon a small, blond boy was nestled in her arms.

"Do you have a name for him?" Lawrence asked as a nurse brought over a birth certificate, her wand poised on the sheet.

"Yes" Lucius Malfoy said, unable to tear his eyes off his young son.

"Orion, Orion Pollux Malfoy"

-End Flash Back-

Lawrence shivered, the memories of that night and the days following would haunt her forever. Orion had had a bit of trouble breathing so she had decided to keep the young boy for observation. She had thought she was doing the right thing, now, more then anything, she wished she had let the Malfoys take their son home. On the night of August seventh, just two days after his birth, Orion Malfoy had gone missing and had never been found, until now. She glanced down at the boy, yes he was older, but his image was burned into her mind from those memories and she knew she would recognize him anywhere.

How though had he come to resemble James Potter? Become Harry Potter? She knew James and Lily had a son, he had been born a year before Orion, though the family had gone into hiding and very few people had seen the baby. The Healer who had assisted in the Potter birth had retired almost immediately after the birth and as far as she knew was living on the French Coast, a recluse. She frowned, worrying her bottom lip, a habit she had never been able to break, something was not adding up.

Sighing, she shook her head, it was a mystery, yes, but now she had some people to talk to about what to do.


Lucius Malfoy frowned as he stepped through the fire into Minister Fudge's office. The man had sent him a rather startling owl that morning, requesting an audience immediately, which was rare. Fudge normally only spoke to Malfoy when he needed money, or to keep up appearances, which was fine by Lucius. Glancing up, the man was mildly surprised to see both Fredrick Molen, the president of St. Mungos hospital and Healer Jennifer Lawrence seated by Fudge's desk.

"Cornelius, I received your owl and came immediately" Lucius said, sweeping elegantly into the room, his face a cool mask, though internally he was very confused.

"Ah yes Lucius" Fudge said, moistening his lips with a darting tongue and dabbing at the sweat streaking his face. Lucius resisted the urge to sneer, what a disgusting little man.

"President Molen and Healer Lawrence came to my office this morning with some, err, rather startling news" The Minister began, clearly incapable of making small talk. Lucius frowned, tapping his cane lightly as he glanced at the two other people in the room.

"As you know, Harry Potter was retrieved from his relatives house on July twelfth, nearly four days ago" Fudge began, mopping his brow again nervously. Lucius merely nodded, he recalled being informed about the boy's state.

"Well, last evening Healer Lawrence was preforming a diagnostic charm on the boy when she discovered an irregularity in the readings" Here the minister glanced at Lawrence who cleared her throat.

"When I examined the irregularities further, I realized that Mr. Potter was wearing a very old and extensive glamour. Knowing the repercussions the glamour could have on his healing, I carefully began to remove it" She murmured. "When I was done" Here, she paused, looking pained. Lucius frowned.

"What?" He asked, "What did you discover? Is the golden boy not so golden? He sneered, wondering why the hell he had been called to this meeting.

"When I was done, I discovered that Harry Potter was not Harry Potter, but.." Here she trailed off, opening a file and handing Lucius a picture.

Taking it, Lucius glanced down, his expression annoyed, until he saw the face staring back at him. The teen in the picture was unconscious,but Lucius recognized him immediately. The blond hair, the aristocratic features, the pale skin.

"Orion?" He breathed, fingering the picture before snapping his eyes up. "Are you sure?" He demanded. Molen nodded, producing another document, it was a DNA test, the boy was Orion Malfoy.

"Oh gods, we thought he was dead" Lucius breathed, the horror of the day his youngest son had been kidnapped still fresh in his mind. He shuddered, all composure lost for the time being as he dealt with a turmoil of emotion.

"So did the world" Lawrence muttered angrily, while Fudge fretted.

"As you can see Lucius, this is very disturbing news. We still don't know what fully occurred, Harry Potter was, after all, a year older then your son. Something must have happened" Fudge shrugged.

"I will find out what happened Minister, mark my words" Lucius said, still fingering the picture carefully. "When can I see him?" He murmured, looking up.

Lawrence sighed, biting her lip lightly.

"He's still in bad condition Mr. Malfoy, the injuries Orion received at the hands of Vernon Dursley are devastating. We've healed as much as we can at this point, and he's in a healing coma in order to let his body rest. You can see him, but I feel you should be warned of the severity of his condition"

Lucius' hands tightened, his chest tugging painfully at the thought of what his youngest son had had to endure.

"I'd like to see him" Lucius murmured, standing and nodding to Molen. Fudge licked his lips again, looking anxious.

"Lucius, there is still the small matter of your son being Harry Potter"

"My son is not Harry Potter, Cornelius, nor will he be treated as such. When he has recovered from his injuries he will come to Malfoy Manor, he will resume his rightful role within my family and he will be allowed to live whatever life he so chooses. He is no longer the saviour of the wizarding world but my child" Lucius hissed, "And he will be treated as such" He glanced at the Healers.

"I want him moved to the Malfoy rooms in Mungos, I want the best healers that you have and I want Severus Snape to brew all his potions" He snapped.

"Of course Mr. Malfoy" Molen murmured, nodding his head to Lawrence. With that, the trio flooed to Mungos, leaving a very agitated and worried Cornelius Fudge sitting at his desk.

"Well damn"


"Is it really him?" Narcissa demanded, having just been filled in on everything that had occurred by her husband.

"Yes, they have done DNA tests to prove it" Lucius murmured to his wife, while Draco sat, stunned on the couch. He was horrified, his baby brother was alive, had always been alive, had always been right there. Draco shuddered, remembering how horribly he had treated Potter his entire school career. Gods he hoped he could make things better, he had too.

"Oh gods" Narcissa said, tears spilling down her cheeks as she traced a line over the photograph, staring at her son. "When can we see him?" She asked, looking at Lucius with wide eyes.

"Tomorrow love, he's still in a coma however" He murmured, "But we can see him"

"Oh gods, my baby!" Narcissa wailed, clutching the picture to her chest as more tears spilled down her delicate cheeks. Lucius quickly pulled her tightly into his arms, rubbing her back soothingly, though he also felt ready to snap emotionally. How were they going to fix this? Harry Potter had been an enemy to their family since that disastrous day on the train to Hogwarts were Draco had managed to make the boy utterly detest them. Then there was also the small matter of Lucius and the Dark Lord's diary and the grave yard adventure just that June. The boy was going to hate them, did hate them! He was their son, but he hadn't been their son for fourteen years, how were they going to make this work. Gods knew he wanted everything to work out, everything to be fine, but he knew that was a naive thought.

The Malfoy family sat in quiet, just the occasional popping of wood burning in the fire interrupting their pensive thoughts. Each had their own fears, own concerns about Orion, but most of all they wanted their son, their brother back and would do anything, everything to make him happy and healthy and loved.


It was a long week before Healer Lawrence felt it safe to begin to revive Orion. She, and the other staff, had begun to immediately refer to the boy by his proper name. She had a psychologist friend on stand by, ready to help the young teen cope with not only his mental status but the news he would be receiving shortly. It had been decided that Lawrence herself would reveal this information to the teen, letting him absorb the news before he was confronted with his family. She, along with the staff and Malfoy family, knew this was going to be very, very difficult, but hopefully rewarding. At the Dursleys, Orion had suffered not only abuse but neglect and they all hoped that despite the previous issues Harry had had with the Malfoys, the offering of a family, a real one, would pave the way for healing.

"Right, here we go" Lawrence muttered, a medi-witch was with her, along with few nurses, just in case. Pointing her wand at Orion's unconscious form, she began to chant a long, complicated string of latin phrases, watching critically as a purple glow began to surrounded Orion, fluctuating occasionally before finally disappearing.

Healer and staff alike waited with bated breath as Orion's eyes, once green now a deep silver-blue colour flickered open.


Harry Potter was staring dejectedly at the wall across from him in his private room in St. Mungos. Tear tracks were running freely down the teen's cheeks that he didn't have the strength to wipe away. Everything he knew, his entire life was a bloody lie. He had woken up yesterday morning after after ascertaining his mental stability, his Healer had dumped the biggest news of his life on him. He wasn't Harry Potter, he had never been Harry Potter, oh and he was also a Malfoy, the youngest Malfoy. He shuddered, still not sure how to handle that information. He had spent that morning talking to his shrink, oh god he had shrink. She had explained that it was natural to be confused about all this and some other psychological medical babble. Shaking his head, he winced lightly, he still hurt like hell from everything Un-no Dursley had done to him. He was propped up carefully, pillows holding him up to alleviate the pressure on his lower back. The knife wound there hadn't been completely healed, though the doctor's had done their best, but the scar would remain and the skin around the area was still sore and tender, hence the not wanting to lie on it. His hands were both heavily bandaged, resting at his sides, and he knew he'd never have full control or mobility of his right hand, his wand hand, again.

His mind wandered aimlessly, moving back to his new problem, being a Malfoy. It was like being offered the one thing he wanted but the promise was buried in a jar filled with salt and barb wire and he had to dig through it, bare handed, to get it. It was a good metaphor for what Harry was going through. He wanted a family, more then anything and he was being offered one, but the family was the Malfoy family and he didn't know what to make of that. His psychologist had said that the family would be coming tomorrow, she'd be there of course, and they'd talk. He could see what the family was like, examine his own feelings with new information and insight and hopefully things would work out. He sighed, chewing his lip lightly as he continued to stare at the wall. Did he want this? Did he really want to be a Malfoy? Well he was a Malfoy, so did he want to accept being a Malfoy. He had to admit he was disgusted and horrified by what the Potters had done to the Malfoys, stealing a baby sickened him. Everything he knew about Lily and James Potter was shattered with that revelation, he had always placed his parents on some pedestal, the whole wizarding world had. To know that they had done something so sick and so dark had changed his opinion of them completely. He didn't know why the Potters had taken him, but he didn't really care. It was unforgivable what they had done, at least in his mind. He knew that even if he didn't accept the Malfoy family as his own, he'd never go back to being James and Lily's son.

That was what this all boiled down too he supposed. Was he going to accept the Malfoys and everything they had to offer? Despite their past? Or was he going to refuse? And if he did refuse what would he do? He knew he couldn't go back to just being Harry Potter, to letting everything go back to how it was before. He sighed, wishing he could do something more then stare at the wall, he wanted to lash out, to rage, to break something but he couldn't, he was stuck. A frustrated sob tore from his throat, a low keening noise erupting from him. Misery rolling off of him in waves. He shuddered, tears rushing down his face in a torrent, splashing onto the sheets as he sobbed.

Lucius Malfoy stood in the hallway, his heart breaking as he listened to his son cry. It wasn't soft sobbing like Narcissa did occasionally, but a full out wail, he could hear the anguish, the pain Orion was experiencing and it was killing him. He knew he wasn't supposed to approach Orion until tomorrow when the Psychologist that Healer Lawrence suggested to them was there, but he couldn't take this. Sucking in a sharp breath, he pushed into the room, immediately going over to the bed and carefully enveloping his son in a tight hug. He felt Orion stiffen before the boy fell into him sobbing against his starched suit.

"Shh Ori" He murmured, the nickname for his son coming unconsciously to him. He continued to rub the boy's back carefully, cooing lightly at him as one would a baby. Ori cuddled against him, needing the support, the love he was offering and it warmed his heart. It hurt him, more then anything seeing that his son was in this much pain, but the fact that Ori was letting him touch him, be near him was exhilarating.

When Harry finally stopped crying, he shifted, looking up to see Lucius Malfoy with his arms wrapped around him. He stiffened again but he looked at Lucius, the man who was his father, as he held him, whispered reassuring things to him and felt warmed. Yes, he still had a lot to deal with, especially in his previous interactions with the Malfoys, but Lucius' gesture just now made him realize he knew very little about the actual family. He sighed, nodding his head lightly, he'd work through this, through all his troubles with them, because he wanted a family. He wanted someone to hold him and comfort him and tell him everything would be okay, like Lucius was doing now. He wanted the unconditional love and support he'd seen at the Weasleys and the pride at his achievements. He wanted the big brother to protect him, even though that big brother would be Draco Malfoy, and he wanted a mother to fuss over him, like Molly Weasley did her children. He wanted it all and he wanted it desperately. He wanted to be Orion Malfoy.

Lucius felt Orion sag against him, felt the small nod of his head and smiled. In that moment, he understood, yes they had a hell of a lot of stuff to work through, but he also knew that, in time, everything would work out. He sighed, smiling lightly as Orion's soft hair tickled his nose, it was still baby soft, just like it had been when he was a baby, yes, everything was going to be okay.

Finally, the pair broke apart and Lucius stared at his son, seeing him awake for the first time in a long time. He hesitantly reached out to touch Orion's cheek, the boy stiffened, but allowed the touch, though it was clear to Lucius that he wasn't used to being touched in a kind manner. Carefully Lucius traced Orion's cheek, smiling as he saw the mix of him and Narcissa staring back at him. Draco took after Lucius noticeably, having very little of his mother in him, Orion was different, he was a mix between the two.

"Thank you" Orion whispered, his voice hoarse as he looked up at his father, silver-blue eyes shiny from his tears.

"Anytime son" Lucius whispered, "Anytime"

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