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Chapter 17: Snakes, dogs and hexes

Tom watched Nagini from behind steepled fingers. The large snake was making her way in lazy circles around his office hissing to herself occasionally. Tom was greatly amused by his large familiar, despite her intimidating appearance; Nagini was extremely gentle, to those she liked, those she didn't like often made a good snack, or so she said.

What are you doing? Tom finally had to ask, easily slipping into Parseltongue. He had always enjoyed his ability to speak to snakes, as a young child it had made him feel special.

Amusing myself. This place is so boring without the younglings, Nagini responded, moving across the room and carefully winding herself around Tom's chair so she was resting on him lightly, though the chair held the bulk of her weight.

Younglings? You don't normally like children, Tom said, rather surprised. Nagini had avoided a young Draco and any of his friends.

No, but I like the new young one, your godson. He speaks to me sometimes, at night, Nagini responded, causing Tom to startle slightly. His godson? Orion? Was Orion able to speak to Nagini? Or did she just mean the aimless rambling of a younger child? Because yes, to Tom, Orion was a child.

Speaks to you? Like I can speak to you? Tom asked her curiously, gazing intently into the eyes of his snake.

Yes, like you speak to me. We have great conversations. He was scared of me at first, shy, but once we began to speak, we became good friends, Nagini said smugly. Tom resisted the urge to grin, if Nagini was a bird she would have been preening at the moment.

Tom frowned; how was Orion a Parselmouth? As far as he knew the trait did not run in the Malfoy family, however what if something had happened when he had mistakenly attacked Orion as a baby? Had he managed to transfer something to the child? As far as he knew one couldn't transfer power, but if he had transported something else...He mentally trailed off, breath catching in his throat. He needed to speak to Lucius immediately.


Orion grinned at Remus as he lowered his wand. He was getting better at learning to cast spells using his left hand. It was hard work, since he was predominately right handed; plus with wands, they always responded better to the 'wand arm' which he now couldn't use. At least not until his hand was fully healed. However, he was learning and improving and he had just managed to successfully cast a disarming charm, first try, and that was a major victory for him.

"Well done Orion!" Remus praised, clapping the young man gently on the shoulder. Orion was getting better every day, especially since they (his professors and tutors) had learned that he responded better to positive reinforcement, he tended to get stressed when someone admonished him and then he wouldn't preform as well as they knew he was capable of.

"Thanks Uncle Remy," Orion beamed. He was in a private tutoring session with Remus and thus had been given permission to forgo calling him Professor.

"You're definitely getting stronger and your control is much better," Remus added digging in his desk for a hidden bar of Honeydukes chocolate. Carefully snapping it in half, he handed Orion a piece. Grinning, the young teen nibbled the corner of the chocolatey treat.

"I hope so, it seems to be getting easier, using my left hand I mean. It's like everyone said, the more I use it and practice the easier it gets; it just takes forever!" Orion said dramatically. Remus chuckled; it was nice seeing Orion behaving like an average teenager.

"Well as the old adage goes, practice makes perfect," Remus said, finishing off his own chocolate and rubbing his slightly brown fingers on his pants. It was a horrible habit and if his mother had been around she would have smacked him one, but she wasn't and he doubted Orion was going to give him grief about manners. "You best be off to dinner thought, don't let your brother know I fed you chocolate. He's worse then your mother when it comes to your eating," he added, ushering Orion out of his classroom, a grin on his face. Orion just laughed, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand before dashing down the hallway, slowing to a fast walk at Remus' admonishment to be careful at that running in the corridors was not allowed.

Sliding into his seat at the Slytherin table, Orion grinned as he realized he'd beat Draco there. It was rare that he ever beat his older brother to the table, since it seemed Draco had his entire life perfect scheduled around his timetable, but on the odd occasion he did, Orion took particular pleasure in teasing the older blond about it. It was the little things in life that he enjoyed most. Smiling to himself he began to load his plate as the food began to appear on the table.

Finishing his meal, Orion frowned as he realized that Draco had never shown up for dinner, which was really rare-he'd only ever missed a meal once and it was due to a Quidditch injury, but Draco never missed a meal voluntarily. It was, as he said, his chance to catch up with friends as well as check on Orion and see how the day had gone. Plus Draco was a fifteen year old boy, he had a growing appetite.

"Theo?" Orion asked the teen sitting across from him, nose buried in a book much like Hermione's normally was.

"Hm?" The studious Slytherin glanced up, closing his book as he saw Orion's worried expression. "What?"

"Where's Draco?" Orion asked worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Draco? I haven't seen him since Transfiguration," Theo responded. "I had to go to the library after class and I don't know where he went. Blaise was with him though," he added, looking down the table to see if the Italian teen was present. "Blaise isn't here either. We should ask Professor Snape where they are after dinner, he tends to know where all his snakes are." He looked pointedly at Orion's half-eaten meal. Draco would kill him if he didn't make sure Orion ate a full meal, especially if Orion was worrying needlessly.

"Okay." Orion agreed, though he only picked at his food, not at all hungry. He was worried, what if something had happened to Draco? What if Dumbledore had gotten to his brother and was currently pouring truth potion down his throat? He thought, more and more elaborate, horrible scenarios forming as the meal continued. Finally dinner was over and both Theo and Orion headed down to the Slytherin common room, knowing Severus would be headed there after dinner. It was something he did once a week, to make sure his students were doing okay both emotionally and academically.

Bursting into his room, Orion let out a horrified yelp as he saw Draco and Blaise intertwined on his older brother's bed. Blushing beet-red and stammering incoherently, Orion rushed out of the room, still clutching his bag.

"Don't need to talk to Professor Snape!" Orion squeaked, cheeks still stained crimson. At Theo's questioning look, he just shook his head and settled on the couch next to an amused Pansy (she had pieced together what was happening) to begin his homework.

Moments later a disheveled Draco burst into the Common Room, a very smug looking Blaise following close behind. Watching the pair, Theo's own cheeks coloured as he put the puzzle together.

"You know how worried we we're about you two?" Theo said, frowning at the pair. "And you two were canoodling in Draco's bedroom? How disappointing," he added, flipping his book open and resuming his reading.

Orion coloured again, brightly, at Theo's use of the word canoodling. He couldn't believe what he had just seen his older brother and Blaise doing. No he didn't care that Draco and Blaise seemed to favour their own gender, love was love after all. But no younger sibling wanted to see what his older brother had been up to. Wrinkling his nose at the thought, he glanced up to Draco whose cheeks and pinked slightly as he hurried to straighten his shirt. He looked sheepishly at Orion.

"I didn't realize we'd missed dinner," Draco said in way of explanation. "But it won't happen again, I'm sorry," he added, squeezing onto the couch next to Orion and giving his brother a squeeze.

"Apology accepted," Orion squeaked, completely unable to look Draco in the eye. Blaise just laughed, rubbing a hand across Draco's shoulders before disappearing down the corridor which lead to his own dorm room, the one he shared with Theo, Vince and Greg.

"How long have you two been...together?" Orion asked, looking at his still disheveled brother. He couldn't wait to see how Draco reacted once he realized how mussed up he was at the moment.

Draco sighed, raking his fingers through his messy hair. He and Blaise had only just started seeing one another a few weeks ago. He wasn't sure how long it would last though he did like the other teen and he knew that Blaise liked him as well. After all, it had been Blaise that had asked him out-not the other way around.

"We've been seeing each other for a few weeks. He asked me out when we got back from Christmas holidays," Draco explained. "We didn't tell anyone because we weren't really sure what was going on with us. That was the last way I wanted you to find out, I did want to tell you, properly," he added softly, pulling his brother against him again.

"I know Draco, well I didn't know, but I guess I mean to say I understand. I'm not mad at you," Orion babbled, "Just don't let me catch you two again, cause that was icky!" He added, wrinkling his nose. Draco snorted, rolling his eyes at his younger brother. He couldn't wait till Orion started dating. Scratch that, Orion was never allowed to date, nope, never.


"So you think something happened? That night?" Lucius asked, eyeing Tom warily for a moment. Tom sighed, running his fingers through his already mussed up hair.

"Yes," The Dark Lord said. "I need to check Orion, but I think something may have happened. It might explain why the killing curse rebounded off of him," he added, glancing at Nagini whom was dosing in front of the fire.

"What do you mean?" Lucius asked, reclining slightly in his chair. He didn't enjoy talking about this; neither did Tom judging by how tensely his friend was sitting.

"Well if Orion had been the real Harry Potter, odds are my killing curse would have worked, however, Orion is my godson. We did a ritual to ensure that, the magic we evoked that night Lucius was extremely powerful and ancient protection magic. I couldn't hurt Orion. Even though I didn't recognize him that night my magic and our ritual did, rebounding my own spell. I think that because of the power, the anger that I put into the spell something happened when the curse rebounded. I'm not sure what, but I do have my suspicions," Tom said sipping at tea that he had had the house elves deliver when Lucius had arrived.

"What do you suspect happened?" Lucius asked.

"You know how in my past I dabbled in dark magic? Horcrux magic? I managed to create horcruxes Lucius. Four of them," Tom explained. "It was how I survived the curse rebounding, though I had to live as that spirit using that incompetent fool of course. Though you and Wormtail managed to resurrect me properly," he added, smiling at his friend.

Lucius frowned. "You have horcruxes? Four of them? Tom!" The man groaned.

"Well I suspect I have three now," Tom said, "that diary I gave you was one of them and it was destroyed using Salazar Slytherin's own familiar."

Lucius' eyes widened; he had inadvertently destroyed one of Tom's horcruxes? Tom just grinned, yes he had been angry when it had happened but he didn't blame Lucius any longer.

"So what do horcruxes have to do with Orion and that night?" Lucius asked, getting back to the subject at hand.

"I'm not sure yet," Tom sighed. "I suspect however, and my suspicious are usually right, that when I attacked Orion that night some of my soul slipped through the cracks, embedding itself inside Orion creating a fifth horcrux-an unintentional one." He winced as he saw the fury on Lucius' face.

"You put a horcrux inside my son? My son has a piece of your soul inside him?" The man hissed, tea cup shattering as it fell from his grip.

"I suspect so Lucius. I am terribly sorry of course and I'll remove it, as soon as possible," Tom said, bowing his head.

"Will it hurt him? Kill him?" Lucius asked, sagging back into his chair. As angry as he was with his friend, there was nothing he could do to prevent what had happened and Orion came first.

"The horcrux? No, it shouldn't cause him any harm. If we were still enemies I imagine it might cause some problems. It shouldn't be hard to remove, though it might take some time. We'll do it during the summer time," he added firmly, though the horcrux wasn't causing problems now; who knew what the soul fragment would do over long periods of time.

"Okay," Lucius sighed, "you know Narcissa is going to kill you?"

"I'm aware," Tom said wryly. He knew the witch would have a few choice hexes for him once she learned.

"How will you tell Orion?" Lucius asked.

"In person, this summer when he and Draco are home. He's doing better in school and things have calmed down for the time being; he doesn't need this thrust upon him," Tom said. Lucius nodded, sipping his rapidly cooling tea as he stared at his friend.

"So," he grinned, "tell me how things are with Sirius?"


Severus Snape walked slowly into the Slytherin Common Room mentally preparing himself to be swamped by his students, all asking him questions about homework and of course dealing with some homesick first years.

He was not, however, prepared for walking in and seeing a very disheveled Draco Malfoy sitting on the couches laughing with his younger brother and their mutual friends. Orion had few friends that were his own; of course he had Dominick Warrington, but the younger Warrington also had another group of friends in Slytherin which Orion wasn't friends with. Not for lack of wanting to be, but Orion was still a very shy young man and didn't make friends easily.

Stepping deeper into the Common Room, he merely arched an eyebrow at Draco, watching the teen regard him confusedly for a moment before he paled dramatically and took off running towards his own room. Heaven forbid a Malfoy was less then perfect in public. Orion watched Draco go before bursting into peals of laughter. He had known Draco's reaction would be priceless and that was perfect.

Fifteen minutes later a much more well-groomed Draco Malfoy appeared, carrying his book bag. It seemed he had a few homework questions he wanted to ask his godfather while he was available. Of course Severus had office hours every other day after class, but those were for all students, though the Slytherins and Ravenclaws were the only ones to use them.

Sitting down in his usual chair, Severus allowed himself to relax slightly as each student who needed help or perhaps just some intelligent conversation approached him.


Remus stepped through Dumbledore's floo into his own home. It was the weekend and as per the agreement he had made with Dumbledore, weekends were for him.

He laughed as a familiar large, black, rather hairy dog bounded down the hallway and leapt on him.

"Yes, yes I missed you too Padfoot," Remus said with a laugh. He felt ten times better being at home, especially since his last confrontation with Dumbledore had been less then pleasant.

Rubbing the dog one more time behind the ears, Remus got to his feet smiling as Sirius shifted back into his human form.

"How was it? How are the boys? Do they miss me? Did you miss me?" Sirius rattled as he shoved Remus into a chair and forced a cup of tea on the man. Laughing, Remus waited with an exasperated smile for Sirius to stop his blabbering. Finally when he took a breath, Remus quickly answered the questions the dog animagus had asked so far.

"It was fine, minus Dumbledore, the boys are good, yes they miss you and of course I missed you, you great silly dog," Remus said, taking a sip of tea. It was surprisingly drinkable which meant that Sirius had had no hand in making it; even after a few years on the run the man still couldn't cook to save his life. Hell the last time he had made tea, he had added salt, thinking it was sugar.

"How have things been? I know you and Tom went out last night, you two are getting awfully serious," Remus said, waggling his eyebrows at his best friend.

"Things have been rather boring without you around here," Sirius admitted. He didn't do well on his own and with Remus gone and Tom only being able to come by sporadically, Sirius was decidedly bored. "The date went well though," he said with a slight blush, "things are definitely getting more intense." It was a mark of how much he had grown that he refrained from making his typical 'serious, sirius' remark.

"Intense how?" Remus asked with a wicked grin.

"Remy!" Sirius blushed, looking scandalized. "I'm not giving you details on that."

"You know once upon a time I couldn't get you to shut up about those details," Remus groused. "Remy, Remy you should have seen Alice Turner last night, she's got a huge chest that just bounces away when we..." he trailed off with a laugh. Sirius had been rather open about his sex life during Hogwarts.

Sirius blushed again, glowering at his best friend.

"That never happened, her name was Alicia," he said snootily, though he soon began to giggle rather hysterically.

Remus felt his face break into a grin and soon he was laughing away with his friend, both of them caught up in memories of their Hogwarts days.

The floo flared, startling both men as Tom came shooting out, blood dripping down one cheek.

"Tom!" Sirius yelped, leaping out of his chair, his tea cup crashing on the floor as he rushed to help his lover (boyfriend sounded to ridiculous).

"What happened?" Remus asked as Sirius fussed over Tom, gently cleaning his cheek with some antiseptic that he had had a house elf get for him. "Order of the Phoenix?" He guessed.

"Narcissa," Tom said, smiling appreciatively at Sirius.

"Malfoy? As in my cousin? Why would she attack you?" Sirius said, hand pausing in front of Tom's face, giving the man time to grab it and press a gentle kiss to his palm. Sirius blushed lightly, but he smiled appreciating the attention.

"Yes, she found out something and didn't react to it favorably," Tom said, leaning back in the chair and sighing. "I knew she would," he added as Sirius opened his mouth once again.

Remus frowned but Tom offered no more information and neither man seemed inclined to press the Dark Lord of all people for information.

"So are you staying here?" Sirius asked curiously.

"If you and Remus are amenable," Tom said. "I figure if I stay out of Narcissa's way for a few days things will smooth over."

"Of course Tom, you're always welcome here," Sirius said, shooting a pleading glance at Remus. He grinned and nodded.

"Of course you know he's always welcome here. I'll just be in my room, I need to shower before dinner anyway," The werewolf said, setting down his empty mug (Sirius' shattered one having already been cleaned up by one of their elves), and retreating down the hallway.

Sirius watched his friend go before he glanced up at Tom again.

"What happened? Why did Narcissa attack you?" Sirius asked, unlike Remus, he wasn't scared of Tom, well at least not anymore.

"I had my suspicions about the night Orion was attacked. I was, am a dark wizard Sirius, I have dabbled in magic even you cannot imagine," Tom said softly, pinching the bridge of his nose. "When I attacked Orion that night, I fear I may have left a piece of my soul in him." Sirius gaped.

"Tom, wha? You? Horcrux?" Sirius garbled out, pulling away from his lover. He wasn't sure why this surprised him so much, Tom was Lord Voldemort after all, but it was a bit more real hearing it from the man himself.

"Yes." Tom was beyond sugar-coating now; it had been a very trying day and as much as he wished to deliver this news in a kinder fashion, he just couldn't bring himself to be kinder.

"Oh Tom," Sirius groaned raking his fingers through his hair and falling into Remus' abandoned chair. "I guess I should have suspected something." He sighed. Did he care? Was he upset about Tom having done this to himself? Taking a few moments to accept things, to work them through he finally offered the man before him a smile.

"You plan to take it out of Orion? Accept the soul piece back into your own obviously very beat up soul?" He asked.

"Yes of course, I plan to eventually do it with all of them. I don't need them anymore," Tom said softly.

"Okay then," Sirius smiled, rising out of the chair and moving to straddle Tom's lap. "It's all good then." He kissed the man lightly before moving away once again. Sirius could never sit still. Tom heaved a sigh of relief, after Narcissa he had been worried that Sirius would hate him and after opening himself up to the man he wasn't sure if he could have handled his anger or his rejection.

"I guess I should make up a spare room, or..." Sirius trailed off, beginning to walk down the hallway, "would you like to share with me?" He asked salaciously.

Tom was out of the chair and following Sirius down the hallway within seconds. One could have sworn he used super speed.


Orion shouldered his bag as the strap slipped down; it had been an odd day. It was the weekend of course but that didn't mean that school work did itself. He had been alone in the library when Dumbledore approached him. Shuddering at the memory, he shoved the bag higher on his shoulder, rushing down the corridor wanting to speak to both his uncle and his brother about what had just happened.

Reaching Severus' office in record time, he quickly whispered the password that would enable him entrance. He only hoped his Uncle was inside though if he wasn't, Sev's quarters would allow him a safe place to rest while he calmed down.

Stepping inside, he shed his shoes and dumped his bag in the quarter before making his way over to the couch. Pulling down the blanket draped over the top and wrapped it around himself. Severus clearly wasn't here or the man would have come out of where he was hiding the moment he felt his wards shifting to allow Orion's entry.

Severus entered his quarters just after dinner time; neither of his godsons had been at dinner though he wasn't worried, students tended to take some time for themselves and avoid their professors as much as they could.

Stopping, Severus glanced around realizing something wasn't right. Stepping on one of Orion's shoes, he grinned-his godson was somewhere in his quarters. Not even bothering to check around, he headed immediately for the sitting area, knowing Orion was most likely curled up on his couch, probably napping.

Grinning to himself as he saw the sleeping teen, Severus made himself a cup of coffee and sat down opposite Orion, reading a potion's manual he had received in the post that morning. Draco would be along eventually he had the uncanny ability of being able to find his brother no matter where he seemed to be.

After about half an hour, Orion woke to the sound of flipping pages. Scrubbing his eyes, he rolled himself into a sitting position and smiled as he saw Severus sitting across from him, reading, though the man laid down the his book when he saw Orion was awake.

"So what drove you to the sanctity of my quarters?" Severus asked, summoning an elf to bring Orion some juice.

"Dumbledore," Orion said with a sigh, "cornered me in the library."

"What?" Severus asked shifting in his seat so he was leaning forward; elbows rested on his knees his hands steepled in front of him.

"Yea, when I was studying in the library," Orion explained. "I was sitting by myself when suddenly he was there. He just came up and started talking to me. Ranting almost about my duty to the wizarding world and how I need to destroy Uncle Tom. He accused me of having no loyalty to the Potters all while calling me Harry," he murmured, shuddering lightly. "It wasn't scary so much as it was insane. He was just ranting at me though, that was it. He didn't touch me or anything. He was adamant that I destroy Uncle Tom and the way he talked about the Potters, it was like he knew exactly what happened back then Uncle Sev," Orion finished, raking his fingers through his sleep mussed hair.

"He is getting more and more erratic these days," Severus murmured as he watched Orion sip his juice. "I have no doubt he knows what happened back then Orion. James and Lily while smart, were not evil nor where they powerful enough to pull off a kidnapping from St. Mungos," he explained. "He had to have a hand in it; we don't know how yet, nor do we even know what happened exactly, but we are trying to find out. Your Father is trying very hard to uncover the truth."

"I know," Orion sighed. "I do want to know what happened back then but at the same time I'm scared of knowing what really occurred." He sighed, looking at his Uncle with sad eyes.

"The truth can be incredibly scary," Severus said softly, "but you are better for it, better knowing the truth."

"If Dumbledore tries to approach you again please contact me or your brother immediately. If we're not available Remus is someone else you should speak to," he said sternly. "There's no knowing how delusional Dumbledore has gotten lately; he won't talk to any of us staff anymore beyond perhaps Minerva about her deputy duties and anyone he does talk to in the Order won't talk to me of course," Severus sighed. "Just steer clear of him Orion, if he does talk to you, come find one of us," he reiterated.

Orion nodded. He wasn't about to face off against Dumbledore; the man may be insane but he was also one of the most powerful wizards of the age and Orion wasn't delusional enough to think he could fight him off.

"Good," Severus said. He'd have to talk to Lucius as soon as possible; he'd need to know that Dumbledore was trying to corner Orion, even if it was just to rant at the teen. Dumbledore clearly hadn't lost his mind completely; he knew better then to try anything with the teen while he was in school, at least right now. There was no telling how desperate Dumbledore might get as the war progressed and Tom gained more power.


"You really are ruining my scary reputation brat," Severus said as he carried Orion into the Slytherin Common Room, heading straight for the boy's room. Draco had never come to collect his younger brother which was odd yet not alarming; Draco did have other things going on his life beyond Orion, but his inability to show up had left it to Severus to put the sleeping teen to bed. After their conversation and a few more glasses of juice, Orion had fallen asleep on the couch once again. Severus had continued to read for awhile but soon it was late and Orion needed to sleep in a proper place.

Pushing open the door to Draco and Orion's quarters he let out a loud curse as he almost dropped the slumbering teen.

"Draco?" He gasped backing out of the room still clutching Orion. A moment later a blushing, half-naked Zabini ran past Severus, disappearing into his own quarters just down the hallway.

"Uncle Sev!" Draco squeaked from inside the doorway, blankets wrapped around him as he looked up at his godfather.

"I can't believe you Draco!" Severus grumbled as he carefully put Orion in bed before leveling a glower at Draco. "You know I don't care about whom you sleep with Draco but what if Orion had seen you? I certainly don't enjoy walking in on you and Zabini doing unspeakable things and I doubt your brother would enjoy it."

"He already has," Draco admitted, blushing furiously.

"He has, has he? And?" Severus asked, fighting to keep his voice under control.

"He was, ah, rather surprised," Draco said, still red in the face.

"I expect you to have more self-control Draco. If you cannot be trusted with your own room then perhaps you should join a few of your fellow fifth years in a dorm. Why can't you and Zabini use a broom closet like everyone else?" He asked.

"See that this does not happen again Draco, or I will be forced to take action. I don't care who you date, just be discrete for Salazar's sake!" The man hissed before disappearing out of the room, leaving one very embarrassed godson behind.

"Kill me now," Draco groaned as he fell back on the bed, pulling his sheets up to cover his face.

A/N: And there we have it! A lovely mix of horcruxes, insane Dumbledore, frusturated Severus and of course adorable Orion. Hope you guys like Blaise and Draco, I just couldn't resist! As for why the Malfoys weren't more angry with Tom (barring Narcissa of course), well they've been friends for years. What happened with Orion and Tom on that faithful night was an accident, a horrible one yes, but an accident all the same. As long as Orion is happy and relatively healthy Lucius doesn't care.