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After he saved the world from the Disasteroid, Danny Fenton/Phantom, his parents (who accept him), and his friends Sam Mansion and Tucker Folie (how do you spell that?) worked together to protect the world from ghost attacks. Team Phantom, as they called themselves, became world famous. Danni (Danny's young, Female clone) stopped by from time to time, but refused the offer to join. Speaking of Danni, her evil fruit loop creator, Vlad, was hiding in the mountains of Colorado. For three years, everything was almost perfect… But nothing good lasts. Danny lost everything close to him in a freak accident (you'll find out when TT do). Now, homeless and alone, Danny was on the run from his past and his future.

Chapter 1

Two months later

Danny sat down on a bench to eat his chilly dog. This would be his last day in Gotham City. He had to keep moving before his fans found him. He stood up and walked into an ally. After looking around, he transformed into Danny Phantom and started flying south to Jump City. As he was leaving, he saw a strange light in the sky that resembled a bat. Oh well. Its none of my business. I'm leaving any way.

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Danny woke up on a bench in Jump city and started walking. Time to get a job. This was the first time he would try to join society sense he lost everything. He walked to a pizza shop with a "Help Wanted" sing. I bet you know where this is going! He really wanted to work in the kitchen, away from people, but the only open spot was a waiter. Oh well, I need the cash, and it can't hurt to take a few orders. He had no idea how wrong he was.

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