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Danny P.O.V.

I woke up with a start. What just happened? "Oh, just a bad dream." What a lie to tell myself. In truth it was a memory. The day my parents died. Ok, let me give you a brief recap. After saving the world from the disasteroid, my parents joined me, Sam, and Tucker to defend the town. It was the best my life had been since the portal incident, but it didn't last. Two years later, my parents, Sam and, Tucker died at the Nasty Burger in a fight. Two more years latter and I ended up in Jump City. If you did the math you know I'm 18, but for some reason. I still look 16. Ok, that's about it.

I heard the door open and took a fighting stance. "Calm down. We're not going to hurt you," Said Robin. "I'm Robin this is…" that's where I cut him off. "Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beastboy. I've seen you on the news. What I want to know…" This time I got cutoff by Star. "Who are you? Where are you from? How did you get here? What is your favorite color? Do you want to be my friend?" For a second I just stood there, shocked she said that I three seconds. "Danny, Amity Park, flew, blue, Shure." With that Starfire squealed and hugged me. "hello new friend Danny!" wow, she's strong. Good thing Raven spoke up. "Star, you need to let him breath." Starfire let go a blushed. She was going to apologize, but Beastboy beat here to it. "did you say Amity Park? Did you ever meet Phantom?" Crap. This will make it a lot harder to keep my secret. "I meet him once." Just then a Defining siren went off.

Robbin's P.O.V.

We all rushed to the op-center. "what's happening?" asked BB. "some guy is wreaking havoc downtown. Titans, GO!" with that we all started running to the exit. Until, the door opened, and I ran right into Danny. After the others helped us up, I realized we almost left him in the tower alone. "Beastboy, I need you to stay here with Danny. Keep him out of trouble." With that, we ran out the door.

Danny's P.O.V.

Fifteen minutes after the other titans left, me and BB were playing video games. It took him six minutes of non-stop begging, but I finally caved in. "dude! How did you do that!" oh ya. I forgot to mention, I was totally kicking his butt. "I want a rematch!" before I could respond, our game was replaced by a picture of Robin. "Beastboy, we need your help! He got Star!" now I was just confused. "who got Starfire?" I asked. The camera panned left until a floating blue man was in the center. I couldn't believe it! It was the box ghost. But, he looked different. More like his future self. But a little smaller. "Worthless Titans! I don't have time for you! My master gave me one task. Phantom, come out and fight, or the alien pays!" shouted boxy as a giant concrete block floated over an unconscious Starfire. "I'm on my way!" said BB as he ran to the door.

After a long debate, I was flying to the fight, fallowing the trail of destruction. As soon as I saw the titans, I could tell they were defeated and that they knew it. "Times up!" shouted the box ghost and the brick began to fall at Starfire. "STOP!" I shouted. Instantly the brick stopped and the box ghost turned to look at me. "ah, the halfa returns!" the look in his eyes was scary. It was the look of a man who had gone mad with power. "What do you want Boxy?" I asked. "no. I am no longer the pathetic Box ghost you defeated so many times. Now, I am the Box Knight! Master of everything square! My master gave me one task in exchange for my new power. Kill Phantom!" with that he launched the concrete brick at me, but I phased through it. Unfortunately, I was hit with what looked to be a cube-shaped ecto-ray. I felt a serg of electricity and fell to the ground in pain. The pain continued and I watched helplessly as the white rings appeared and changed me back to Danny Fenton.

"Titans, GO!" shouted Robin, and the titans attacked as one. But before any of the attacks could hit their mark, a voice shouted "TIME OUT!" and time stood still. All I could do is watch as an old man in a red robe walked out from the shadows. A hood covered his head and he carried a staff that looked similar to the one owned by Clockwork. "master, why have you come?" asked boxy as he bent down on one knee. "There has been a change in plan. Your services are no longer needed." With that he waved his staff and boxy returned to normal. "now be gone and do not return." A portal opened up and the box ghost was sucked through. "TIME IN!" the titans all looked at the new comer. "who are you?" shouted Robin. The figure dropped his Robes and I recognized him. He wore a purple cape, black gloves, and a shirt with a clock in the center. He had black hair that was carelessly pushed to one side and a pair of black sunglasses. "I am Nico, master of time." He said with a bow. "and I need your help to stop the end of time as we know it."

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