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The Maiden of Hope

Chapter One: The Adventure Begins

I woke up in my bed, feeling the softness of the silken sheets in my fingers, the soft Mareep wool blanket on my light blond head. I look at the clock, which had a coo-cooing Pidove on it. I check the time, 10:30. Crap! I got out of bed, and went to the bathroom. After a rushed shower, and putting my Blond hair into a ponytail, I go to my closet. I grab my School Uniform, a Traditional Japanese Sailor Girl outfit, and put it on. I grab my black bag, as I hate pink, absolutely despise it. I ran down stairs, and was greeted by my father

"Good morning Kylie." He tells me

"Good Morning Dad, why didn't you wake me up?" I ask him as I sit down, Simisage greeting me with my usual breakfast, an English muffin with some White Herb Tea.

"Well, I wanted you all rested up for the big day today." He replies as he sits down. His green hair was different than mine. I was always curious why.

"Thanks Dad. I love you!" I respond to him

"I love you too dear. Professor Juniper called and some bad news…." He looks at me, a look of worry in his eyes

"What!" I ask him, almost doing a spit-take with my tea

"It seems that she ran out of Starter Pokémon…" He tells me

"So you mean..."

"Yes, you can't have Oshawott."

"But, I don't want to wait another year!"

"You don't, she has a special Pokémon she wants you to meet. I think you're going to love it, even though most girls won't." He tells me as he takes my china to the sink

I get up, a little shocked, but I soon regain my ground. My dad wished me luck, and I told him I'll call sometime soon. I grabbed my X-transceiver, a few Pokeballs, a couple of Potions, and other supplies I'll need for my journey. I look up at the sky, the sky of the Unova region. I'm greeted by a familiar call. I look at a direction, and see a boy two years older than me. He was wearing a lab coat, his brunette hair trimmed at the side. A red shirt showing from his open coat. I ran towards him, but I fall on a rock

"Damn it!"

He pulled me up, and I looked at him "Are you alright Kylie?" he asked me

"I'm fine Calvin; I just forgot what a Klutz I am."

"Well, you are a Lopunny."

"Not funny!" I shove him

"Good girls play nice." He taunted, giving a nudge back

I bit back a retort, and looked at him. Calvin Juniper, my only friend. He's eighteen, and I'm sixteen. He stays behind at the Lab in Nuvema Town while his mom is away doing field work. HE grabs my hand, and pulls me alone to the lab. It's a small place, and I'm greeted by a watchhog. I pet it, and he leads me to the back room. I see something silver on the table, its little antennae twitching. I see sickness on its face. The silver exoskeleton a light hue of uncut Thallium.

"What's that Pokémon?" I ask, pitying the poor thing

"It's a Durant." He replies

I pick it up, and it looks at me. It has sorrow in its eyes, and it wanted down. I set it down, and gave it a Pecha berry from my bag. It ate it happily.

"No wonder why, how did you know? Steel types can't get poisoned…" Calvin responded

"I just knew, he seemed poisoned, but that's odd, maybe a Pesticide Poison?"

"What kind of monster would do that!" Calvin barked, scarring the Durant

"Well, I don't know, you don't need to go all Primeape about it." I reply. I pick the Durant up, and it rested in my arms

"I want him."

"He's yours." Calvin told me, giving me a pokeball.

"Thank you." I said, and put the pokeball on the Durant. I return it, making it mine, and then sent it out again. He looked happy to be at my side. His steel coat now glistening and his red eyes filled with glee. He looked young, and Roughly Level 5… I ran to the opposite side of the room, and he beat me

"Wow, your certainly fast." I remark, and he looks happy at the praise. I look at Calvin

"Would you like to nickname him?" HE asks me

"Yes." I reply


"Saezer." I reply, and the Durant looked happy, he was letting out a gleeful sound. I run out of the lab, getting my Trainer I.D and my Gym Badge Case. I ran with Saezer to Route One, My Adventure about to unfold…

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