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The Maiden of Hope

Chapter 5: A Smashing Family reunion

I leisurely stroll into Straiton City, seeing the hustle and bustle of the crowds. I gently walk over to see what's happening, and my jaw almost drops at what I see. I see the Virbank Leader Roxie performing a concert, attracting the fans to her ear-piercing but catch beats and lyrics. Saezer seems to nudge me, and I remember my task, and hugged Paltina tighter in me grasp. He hastily made our way over to the Pokémon center, trying to heal our new friend. We did some training, and I fear she got an infected scratch.

"Nurse Joy!" I exclaim with such a rush my hair almost falls out of its ponytail.

"What is it?" She asks, lifting her head up from the book she's reading. I can tell business has been slow, as most start in Aspertia city.

"M-my Mantyke… Can you do anything for her?" I ask in a slightly girlish voice, a side I forgot I had.

"Yes dear, just wait a little bit. Maybe visit the Café, or listen to the concert."

"I was meaning to see my uncle…" I said with a slight hint of sadness

"Hmm, I most likely know him… What's his name?" She asked with kind eyes

"Chili" I bluntly told her

"You mean… That Chili!" She asked with shock

"Yes..." I replied, slightly embarrassed.

"Well then, you might want to wait here, it'll be better, and you won't be trampled by fans…" She replied with a soft giggle as I sit down reading magazines.

/) (\

I walk inside the café and the soft delicate smells of tea and food great my nose. The light beige walls and the cookie pattern invites people in gracefully, and the monkey Pokémon serving dishes just adds a hint of cuteness to the refined room.

A giant red furred one with a derpish expression lights up and then smiles to great me. He puts down the food he's carrying, and then walks over and gives me a hug. A small smile reaches my face, and I rub his head

"Hello old friend, it's good to see you're still in good shape after all these years…" I say with a hint of nostalgia of when I was younger, playing with Honey Pots as a way to attract customers, and it worked well.

"Sear! Sim, sim, Simisear." He responded as a Dewott patted up behind him

"Hello Aqua."

"Dew…" He replied with a bow, and then latched protectively onto Sear.

"Don't worry, we won't get into trouble." I replied with a kind tone, but he didn't look like he was convinced

"Do you want to meet my new friends?" I asked the two Pokémon, and the both nodded their heads. Saezer looked cautiously from behind my legs as Paltina happily squeaked, jumping into my arms.

"Sear, Aqua, meet Saezer and Paltina." I said with a kind voice, as the four Pokémon got acquainted. Aqua suddenly appeared at the Café one day, and it seems he and Sear got attached, but we were all fine with it. Though strict Arceists don't really approve, no one can disagree they aren't cute. Also, it heavily increased the Café's female customer rate, which seemed to be a good thing, as they order a lot more.

"Kylie!" I hear a familiar voice call out.

"Uncle!" I exclaim as I run to hug him. He still had that fiery look in his eyes, but can be shown he has aged quite a bit. He, like my father, is in his late thirties, but that doesn't stop him from acting like a total klutz at times or a kid too. Maybe his charisma and child-like demeanor makes him so popular with the guests.

"So, I guess Cilan finally let you take the reins into your own hands."

"Yes, father has…" I said, a little nervous.

"Hmm, A Durant and a Mantyke… Interesting. Do you plan on fighting Roxie?" He asks me, but I detect a hint of something that… I can't quite put my fingers on. Was it supposed to sound, so… Double-Edged?

"Yes Uncle, but do you mind if I-"

"Nope, relax, stay a while."

/) (\

I stand on the stage, the music ponding in my ears; my heart beating just a little bit faster, the screams of the fans makes the perfect tempo. In front of me is Roxie, gym leader of Virbank city.

"So kid, you want a battle do you? Then I'll gives you one!" She exclaimed, pounding onto her guitar. I stand too nervous to reply, the only motion that starts the battle is me pointing my finger, with Saezer jumping from my head onto the field. The young woman in front of me sends out a Koffing.

"Saezer, Jump and use Thunder Fang!' I ordered as the little ant jumps onto the drummer's drums, and uses them as a catapult, and then nosedives at the Koffing.

"Koffing, spin around and use Smog to disappear!" She orders, and the Pokémon spins around, trapping Saezer in the cloud. I know it doesn't faze the ant, but I can't help what wonder how she'll beat me. Seazer came out of the smog, a weak look in his eyes. Maybe he inhales some, whatever the reason; he looked fazed by it, maybe a different tactic…

"Saezer, Thunder Fang that wire!" I ordered as he redid the same maneuver, cutting the wire above the koffing.

"What is that girl doing?" Roxie muttered as the wire connected to the Koffing, sending sparks and explosions throughout the area

"Finish it up with Bite!" I order as the little ant crushed the Smoke Ball under its jaws.

"How! That's very cleaver of you young girl, but you can't break our beat!" Roxie exclaimed, starting a guitar solo. Saezer strongly stood, waiting for the women to get the next Pokémon out, I however just silently listened to the noise.

"Go, Grimer! Use Mud-Slap!" She exclaimed as a pile of sludge appeared and sent Mud towards Saezer. It got into his eyes, but he seemed fine.

"Use Vice Grip!"

"Counter with Mud Slap!"

The ant went and tried to bite the Sludge, only for it to swallow some mud. The two, Sludge and Ant, continued this little act, until they both couldn't fight no more. It seemed to me that Saezer was weakened after all, so I returned him while she did the Sludge.

"Go, Paltina!" I yelled as the little manta ray floated down gracefully. She twirled around, instantly charming the crowd.

"Go, Whirlipede! Let's rock them to the end!" Roxie yelled, as the music changed to a very fast-paced and intense tune. Paltina started to dance to it, infatuating the crowd even more. I was impressed by her, my dear Manta Ray.

"Wing Attack, let's go!" I say as she play fully swatted the bug with her Wing, and he retaliated in return with a Venoshock. Paltina instantly played with the purple orbs, swatting them around to make well timed explosions. I heard sounds of impressment coming from the Audience.

"Now let's rock 'em!" Roxie ordered as Whirlipede started to use Rollout, it connected the first time, sending Paltina flying into the air

"Bubblebeam let's go!" I yell as she does a flip and pelts the bug with bubbles. The bug retaliates with a more forceful roll, but I quickly maneuver so that Paltina floats up ad fires a bubblebeam at the wire. The Stage becomes enveloped in electricity, creating a barrier. The bug unfortunately hits the electrical fence, and stops cold in its tracks. I hear the sound of sizzling, and know it's done for.

"Good job kid. Here" Roxie tells me as I catch the badge, I give a tilt nod of my head, and walk off the stage. Being swarmed with people, I simply ignore them, until I bump into someone

"Hey, good job, for a newbie anyways" The familiar voice strikes a dagger of disgust in my heart

"Caine… You're here to mock me?" I say with a certain annoyance

"No, I'm here to congratulate you, most newbs don't think of using the battlefield like that." He replies, having that same cocky smile on his face, I look at him shocked, with little color reaching my cheeks.

"Just you wait…" I mutter under my breath as I head towards the Pokémon center, healing my two friends

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