This is a poem I had to do for English class. It's called a "Found" poem. You take a passage, choose some words here and there, and arrange them into a poem. I choose the part where Finny and Gene are planning the Winter Carnival. I have the passage, and then my poem. The words I chose are BOLD.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, John Knowles does.

''Only Phineas failed to see what was so depressing. Just as there was no war in his philosophy, there was also no dreary weather. As I have said, all weathers delighted Phineas. "You know what we'd better do next Saturday?" he began in one of his voices, the low-pitched and evenly melodic one which for some reason always reminded me of a Rolls-Royce moving along a highway. "We'd better organize the Winter Carnival."

We were sitting in our room, on either side of the single large window framing a square of featureless gray sky. Phineas was resting his cast, which was a considerably smaller one now, on the desk and thoughtfully pressing designs into it with a pocket knife. "What Winter Carnival?" I asked.

"The Winter Carnival. The Devon Winter Carnival."

"There isn't any Devon Winter Carnival and never has been."

"There is now. We'll have it in that park next to the Naguamsett. The main attraction will be sports, naturally, featuring I expect a ski jump-"

"A ski jump! That park's as flat as a pancake."

"-and some slalom races, and I think a little track. But we've got to have some snow statues too, and a little music, and something to eat. Now, which committee do you want to head?"

I gave him a wintry smile. "The snow statues committee."

"I knew you would. You always were secretly arty, weren't you? I'll organize the sports, Brinker can handle the music and food, and then we need somebody to kind of beautify the place, a few holly wreaths and things like that. Someone good with plants and shrubbery. I know, Leper."

From looking at the star he was imprinting on his cast I looked quickly up at his face. "Leper's gone."

"Oh yeah, so he is. Leper would be gone. Well, somebody else then."''

"The Winter Carnival"

No war in his philosophy,

Also no dreary weather.

All weathers delighted Phineas.

"Organize the Winter Carnival."

"What?" I asked.

"The Devon Winter Carnival."

"There isn't any – never has been."

"There is now – next to the Naguamsett."

"Main attraction, sports, featuring

A ski jump,

Some slalom races,

A little track.

Got to have some

Snow statues,

A little music,

Something to eat."

"Which committee?"

"Snow statues."

"Always secretly arty, weren't you?

I'll organize the sports,

Brinker – music and food,

Somebody to beautify the place,

Good with plants and shrubbery,


"Leper's gone."

"He would be.

Somebody else then."