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"Hi, my name's Liam Payne, I'm eighteen and I'm from Wolverhampton, UK."

"Logan Mitchell, I'm sixteen and I'm from Santa Barbra, California."

"Harry Styles, I'm seventeen and I'm from Cheshire, England."

"Hello, I am Carlos Garcia, I am sixteen and a half, and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida."

"Louis Tomlinson's the name, I'm seventeen years of age, and I hail from Doncaster, Britain."

"Zayn Malik, sixteen, Bradford, England."

"I'm Kendall, I'm eighteen, and I'm from Dallas, Texas."

The seven newly introduced teens were all seated in a semicircle facing the front of the large classroom. There was a large chalkboard, a long teacher's desk and a few filing cabinets scattered across the room. Along one wall were windows that were bolted shut behind closed blinds. The other wall held posters of bible verses, pictures of smiling male campers and a giant list of camp rules and regulations. The door next to the list was locked.

All seven teens were dressed the same; loose fitting bright blue shirts that read "Camp Richard" with their names on the back, khaki shorts, black sneakers, and wore matching facial expressions of nervousness and contempt. The man at the front of the room cleared his throat and all eyes quickly went to him. He was also dressed in the same stupid camp shirt, only on the back his had his name as well as the word counselor. Instead of kakis, he wore black jeans and blue converse. He didn't look much older than the rest of the boys in the circle and if he had shaved, he could have easily passed for one of the campers.

"So," he spoke for the first time, "My name is James, I'm twenty-four, originally from San Francisco, California and I would like to welcome you all to what is going to be a fun summer here at Camp Richard. I am a former Camp Richard camper and this year I will be your advisor, mentor, counselor and anything else you could possibly think of as long as you are on this campus. I highly suggest that you get used to not only seeing my smiling face, but also the faces in this room because not only will you be seeing them for our daily therapy sessions, but you will all be suite mates as well. Can anyone tell me why we're here? Not in this room specifically, but here at this camp in the middle of upstate New York?" Louis' hand was the first one in the air.

"Because we like to have anal sex with other men and this camp is supposed to 'fix us' and make us straight. It's supposed to have the highest success rate in the world. Least that's why my parents sent me here." Liam, Harry and Carlos stared at the boy in shock while Kendall, Logan and Zayn had to bit their lips to keep from laughing. James smiled and nodded.

"In layman's terms, yes Louis. You are here to be made straight. I'm guessing the rest of you were sent here by your parents as well?" The other six nodded. "And our success rate of turning the homosexual back into breeders is reported to be incredibly high, which doesn't surprise me why some of you are from out of the states. This year we had so many apply that we actually had to turn people away due to overcrowding."

"My mum says that the world is slowly being turned homosexual. I blame Glee." Louis interrupted, earning a chuckle from around the circle. "But in all seriousness, whose idea was it to send a bunch of boys who like other boys to a camp in the middle of the woods? And Camp Richard? Isn't Richard another name for dick?" James arched an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"Are you done, Mr. Tomlinson?" Louis let a breath before slowly nodding. "Thank you. Now back to what I was saying, due to overcrowding we've had to make the therapy groups bigger and put more people in suites which is why there are seven of you instead of the usual four or five. As I mentioned earlier we will be meeting every day from 12 to 1:30 to discuss…well anything. For the first discussion today we will discuss why you feel like you do." He walked over to the blackboard and quickly wrote "Turn-Ons". Carlos visibly gulped and Liam slowly crossed his legs. James turned back around to face the teenagers, chalk still in hand.

"Turn-ons," He said. "What is it about boys and men that make your blood pulse and your hearts race in a way that no female ever can?" No one spoke. "Don't be shy. What is it about the male body that you love so much?" The room was silent before Liam timidly spoke up.

"Their smell. I like their natural scent." James nodded and under "turn-ons" he wrote 'scent'.

"Good Liam. Anyone else?"

"When they're scruffy?" Harry asked. "Ya know, when they don't have the full on beard but there's still a good amount of hair on their face and chin?" James nodded and wrote scruffy on the board as well.

"That's fine, Harry. And don't ask it like a question. It's your opinion and it's perfectly fine. Anyone else willing to share?"

"I like muscles." Louis said. "Not like body-builder-with-veins-about-to-pop kind of muscles, but like enough that it looks like you know what you're doing. There's just something really sexy about the fact that I know if he really wanted to, he could use those muscles against me but because he cares about me, he doesn't." James nodded and wrote down muscles. Soon, words were flying from the lips of the seven teens.

"Height. I love tall guys."

"…big feet…"

"A killer smile."

"Wild, sex, hair."

"Dominating your partner..."

"…being dominated."

"Blue eyes."

"Good kisser."

"Althletic. Swimmers especially."

"Musical ability. If they can sing or play the guitar or piano, I will bend myself to their every whim." This went on and on till Louis stepped it up.

"I like when they have a nice ass." He proudly said, not even bothering to remove his gaze from his counselor's backside when he had turned around to write on the board. Once again, Louis' comment had earned him shocked expressions from Liam, Harry and Carlos while the other three had to try to control their laughter. By this point, nearly the entire board was filled with suggestions and James turned back to face them. "So what was your biggest turn-on, James?" Louis asked coolly, the other six teens looking up at their supposed mentor expectantly. James chuckled.

"The obvious and best one. His dick."