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"Well, at least we won't starve."

Peter stared at Neal incredulously. "We won't starve?! We're trapped in the back of a pastry truck in the middle of nowhere and all you can say is 'at least we won't starve'!"

Neal rolled his eyes at Peter's outburst and pulled a jellied donut out of a nearby box. Seating himself comfortably on a crate of lady s fingers, he proceeded to eat, making exaggerated sounds of enjoyment.

Throwing up his hands in disgust, Peter grabbed a donut and sat down on a crate of macaroons. He couldn't help smiling as he took a bite. "I suppose it's better than being stuck in a slaughter house truck."

Neal made a face as he pulled out an clair. "Don't ruin my enjoyment."

Peter shrugged, licking icing off his fingers. "Too bad we don't have any coffee."

Neal wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Can you get any more cop clich ?"

Peter passed Neal a box of tiramisu. "Here, try these. There are no cop clich s about them."

Neal appeared mollified as he ate the small confections.

When Diana and Jones found them two hours later, they were both rather sticky and slightly sick, but otherwise unharmed.