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"Of all the nights for this damn lock to decide to glitch!" James roared as he keyed in his code for the third time.

"Easy there, you don't want to break it." Shepard slithered in between the closed door and James' body as he fumbled to unlock his apartment. She pressed herself against him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She pressed her cheek against the hard muscle of his chest, feeling the comforting warmth of his body against her. She sighed as she listened to the strong steady beat of his heart. She turned her face, and brushed her lips across the fabric of his thin shirt. He shuddered, and she smiled against his chest. He smelled so good to her, deep and warm, like summer. She opened her mouth and gently scraped her teeth across the hard muscle. A deep rumble vibrated in his chest as he growled, "If you don't stop that, we aren't going to make it inside."

She looked up into his deep hazel eyes and felt the heat of his desire burn into her. "Then you had better get that door open soldier," she said as she clung to him and hooked her legs around his waist. James grunted and with a new found determination punched in the key code to his door. It suddenly whooshed open and James wound his arms under her rear as she crushed her lips to his and they crossed the threshold into the apartment.

They were plunged into darkness as the door closed behind them. James stumbled in the direction of the wall panel controlling the lights. Shepard grunted as she was forced up against the wall, still clinging and wrapped around his body.

"Sorry," he muttered against her lips as he fumbled for the light. His hand searched blindly for the panel, at last he hit the switch and they were cast into dim light. Their lips continued to tangle against each other in near desperate passion. James' fingers found the hem of her shirt, He began to caress the skin in short languid strokes as he continued to kiss her. Slowly his hands traveled up, his fingers leaving hot feathery trails over her ribs. He teased the underside of her breast, running the tips of his nails up the fabric of her bra, before placing his palm against her round flesh. His thumb brushed against the already stiff peak, causing her to arch into him and soliciting a moan from her lips.

Shepard broke their kiss as she gently pushed his hand away. His hazel eyes questioned her as his hot breath sweet huffed on her lips. She sighed and unlocked her legs from his waist. "You promised me whiskey, remember".

"Whiskey, right," he sighed unable to hide the frustration in his voice. He let her go and walked over the bed. "There is a table there by the front door if you would like to remove your sidearm." James reached into one of the pockets of his pants and pulled out a M-5 Phalax. He ejected the heat sink and placed it and the gun in the drawer the small bedside table.

"Thanks, I will." Shepard surveyed the room as she removed her pistol and set it on the small metal table he had pointed out to her. To say his quarters where small was a bit of an understatement. "Damn, when I said I would follow you into a broom closet I didn't think you actually lived in one."

"I warned you," he said with a laugh as he bent down reached under the bed frame, and pulled out a bottle of bourbon, one small glass tumbler perched upside down over the bottle's neck.

"Jim Beam ok with you?" he asked as he set the tumbler down on the small counter top.

"It's perfect," she said as she joined him.

James carefully filled the tumbler. "Sorry I only have the one glass," he said as he handed it to her.

"We can share." She winked at him as she took the drink from him and brought it to her lips. She took a slow sip savoring the rich flavor. She tilted her chin and closed her eyes. "Mmm, tastes like home," she sighed and offered the glass back to him.

"Where is home?" He asked as he accepted the glass from her, and took a drink.

Shepard chuckled. "Where is home? Nowhere in particular. Starships I guess. Dad always kept a bottle of Jim Beam when he could get it. He wasn't a heavy drinker or anything, but it reminds me of him. It's familiar, if that makes sense."

"It does. So you're military brat?" He watched the wry smile on her lips as he passed the glass back to her.

"Yeah," she said as she took another slow drink. "You?"

"My uncle was Alliance, he's why I joined up. He's the one who sent me this." James pointed to the bottle. "It was this year's birthday present."

"Alliance man with a good taste in bourbon? I like him already." Shepard finished off the glass and handed it back to him. "Did he also teach you all of that sexy Spanish?"

James smirked and said, "Si. Him and mi madre. I grew up in California, where Spanglish is the unofficial state language."

"So you can dance, speak Spanish, and bench press a tank." Shepard pursed her lips and gave him a lingering look. "What else can you do?"

"I can do lots of things," he said in a low husky voice. "Would you like for me to show you?" He asked as he set the empty glass in the sink. He closed the distance between them. He stared at her in silence, drinking in the heat of the moment. He licked his lips and in a low voice said, "No more interruptions." He reached for her hips and he pulled her to him. "No more distractions." His eyes locked on hers hungry and full of desire. "Let me make love to you."

"Yes," she whispered as she rested her hands on his shoulders.

"Tell me you want it," he growled, wrapping his arms around her crushing her to his hard body.

His sudden intensity aroused and excited her. "Yes, I want you," she moaned. "I want you to make love to me."

"Good." He lowered his head to her throat and began to place soft hot kisses across her collar bone. She squeezed his shoulders as she sighed with pleasure. His kisses began to travel up her neck and her breath started to come in short puffs as he began to suck gently at her pulse point. She moved her hands down his strong arms and slid her fingers under the short sleeves of his t-shirt, running her hands up again and over the warm skin of his shoulders. He released her neck, and they locked eyes briefly before he captured her lips in a slow, fevered kiss.


She tasted warm and sweet. Her tongue mingled with his, flicking and twisting languidly together. God she felt so perfect, warm and flush against him. It felt so right, holding her in his arms, no awkwardness between them as they kissed and writhed against each other. He felt her hands leave him as she broke their kiss. He watched as she grasped the hem of her blouse and slowly removed it. She gave him a sultry smile as she twirled it around and playfully dropped it to her side.

"Are you going to put on a show for me?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow as he gazed at her creamy skin.

"I'm no professional, but I can give you a show. If that is what you want," she teased.

"Yes. Show me. Strip for me." He said gruffly and he took a step back to get a better look at her.

James watched as she turned from him and bent slowly at the waist to untie her boots. She made quick work of the laces and removed them along with her socks. She tucked the socks inside, and nudged the boots aside with her bare foot as she straightened. She turned to face him again. Slowly, she ran her hands from her thighs, over her hips, and up the bare sides of her torso. As her hands reached her ribs, she rotated her palms out, running the backs of her nails against the sides of her breasts, up and over her shoulders, and gently across her collar bone. Her hands traveled to the back of her neck and she lifted and tossed her long red hair, causing it to cascade over her milky shoulders.

Her hands drifted down to her belt and her delicate fingers deftly unfastened the clasp. She removed the belt from her hips, running it through her hands before casting it aside. James swallowed at a lump in his throat as he watched her unbutton the fly of her tight black pants and slowly drag the zipper down. She placed a hand on either side of the open waist band and slowly pulled the fabric apart, revealing just a hint of her black cotton panties. A tiny satin bow peaked out at him from between the silver teeth of the zipper.

Her eyes twinkled seductively and she bit her lip as she turned from him again. She teasingly slid her hands down her hips and over the round flesh of her ass, as they journeyed towards the waist band of her slacks. She looked at him over her shoulder just as she began to slowly push her pants down. She bent over, giving him a magnificent view as she continued to work the black fabric over her bottom and down her thighs, exposing even more of her beautiful, creamy skin. She pushed the pants past her knees, stepped out of them and nudged them aside to join the rest of her discarded clothing. She turned back to face him, a hint of apprehension in her gaze as she stood before him, clad only in her thin black bra and panties. James decided then and there that his new favorite color was black. Or was it topaz blue, or the warm red orange of her hair, or the sandy pink of her skin? Fuck it, his new favorite color was her.

"You are perfect," he whispered as he took a step towards her. She smiled, but raised a hand in a gesture to stop him.

"I'm not done, yet," she purred, "why don't you go sit down, and make yourself more comfortable."

James nodded, and strode to the bed, sat down, kicked off his own boots and pulled off his socks, never once taking his eyes off of her.

She took in a deep breath and sighed as she lifted the thick curtain of her hair, and let it slowly fall behind her shoulders. She turned a bit, giving him her right shoulder as her fingers teasingly slipped under her bra strap, flicking it off her shoulder, causing it to loosely hang on her arm. She turned to give him her left shoulder and repeated the tease, glancing up at him as she manipulated the strap. She pivoted to face away from him and shifted her weight to her right leg, popping her hip out slightly, accentuating the curve of her beautiful toned ass. Her hands fluttered to the clasp of her bra which she deftly released. The band hung slack exposing the entirety of her trim defined back.

James had to shift himself as his erection throbbed and strained against his pants. He watched her slowly remove her bra, sliding it down her long arms and delicately grasping it between her thumb and index finger, extending it out to her side, and dropping it with a flick of her wrist. She turned towards him again, her hands covering the round flesh of her chest. Her lips parted and she locked eyes with him as she gently fondled herself, pressing her breasts together and gliding her fingers over her rosy pink peaks. James released a strangled grunt as he watched her pinch and pull slightly on her nipples before releasing them, causing the flesh to bounce and jiggle deliciously. He dug his fingers into the sides the mattress to keep himself seated.

She tentatively ran her fingers across the skin of her tight belly. She blinked at him as her fingers dipped into the waist band of her panties. She bent as she pushed them down the complete length of her long legs. She stepped out of them, one foot at a time and rose, still grasping the black fabric in her hands. She stood before him, in her completely nude glory, glowing in the dim light of his dingy apartment. The corner of her mouth quirked into a playful smile as she stretched the elastic band between her fingers and shot the panties across the room. He deftly caught them, but was unable to break his gaze away from her.

James ran his eyes over her body taking in every seductive curve, every beautifully strong angle, and every tiny perfect detail. The small, sculpted nest of auburn curls between her legs made his throat go dry. His chest heaved as he fought his body's barely restrained arousal. She began to walk towards him, slowly and seductively running her fingers over her bare skin. She positioned herself in front of him and gently placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Your turn," she whispered.

As James slowly rose from the bed, her hands slid down his chest and rested on his hips. He obediently removed his shirt and cast it aside. He sighed as he felt her warm hands caressing up his torso and over his chest. He caught the smile on her lips as one of her fingers began to tease along the trail of hair that ran from under his belly button, down his stomach, towards his groin. She reached for his belt and in one firm tug released it. She looked up at him as she unfastened his fly. Together they worked his pants down past his hips, and he kicked them off as the fabric pooled around his feet. James groaned as he caught the wicked glint in her eye just before she grasped the waist band of his tented boxers and pulled them down, releasing his throbbing erection. She worked them down his legs and he stepped out of them. She stood, and looked up at him. He was locked in her heated gaze, her blue eyes hypnotized him, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed, just her.

For a moment they just stood there, each of them locked in the other's gravity.

"What do you want?" She purred as she ran a finger down his stomach.

"I want you," James replied as he wrapped his arms around her and captured her lips in a kiss. His feet moved of their own volition and in two steps he had her pressed up against the wall opposite his bed.

He began to trail hot kisses down her neck and across her chest. He bent his head to her breast placing a wet kiss against the stiff pink tip. She moaned as he teased her with his lips, lightly tracing them across her nipple before flicking and rolling his tongue over the pert nub. As he worked one breast with his mouth he placed his palm against the other, squeezing gently and rubbing his thumb across the tip. He switched sides and repeated his actions. She gasped and sighed at his ministrations, running her hands feverishly over every part of him she could reach.

He resumed his journey down her body, nibbling at the soft skin of her stomach, and running his teeth gently against her. He moved lower and she moaned as his lips brushed over her soft curls. He settled himself on his knees as he ran his hands up her thighs and urged one of her legs, over his shoulder, opening her up to him. She was already glistening and pink with hot desire, her bud seemed to throb under his gaze. She began to pant as his large thumbs spread her further and he placed a slow tender kiss against her sex. She cried out in pleasure as he gave her a long lazy lick, tasting and savoring her arousal. He felt her nails dig into his shoulders as he teased her slowly, exploring every inch of her hot wet sex. Her hips began to writhe as he rolled his tongue against her sensitive nub.

He looked up at her as he continued to work her. Her eyes met his, dark with pleasure and desire. Her lips were parted as her breath came in huffs. He watched her as he slid his fingers down and began to tease at her slick folds. "Yes," she moaned and he slid one thick finger into her as he continued to lick and tease her with his tongue. Her eyes clamped shut as she groaned and bit her lip. He felt the leg she was standing on go weak and she leaned on him for support as her moans of pleasure increased. "Don't stop," she panted. The sound of her voice urging him on made his groin throb, and he moaned against her as he increased the pace of his tongue. "More," she moaned, and he gently plunged a second finger into her soft flesh. "Oh god yes," she cried out as he pumped her slowly. Her hips began to buck and he increased the pressure of his tongue against her. Short softly pitched yelps were escaping her mouth with every increasing gasping breath and he felt her begin to tighten around his fingers.

"Come for me," he said against her before he took her clit into his lips and began to suck her into ecstasy.


Her orgasm hit her hard, really fucking hard. She cried out and slumped forward, clinging to his shoulders as the first wave crashed over her. "Oh fuck yes!" She screamed as she rode the currents of pleasure that coursed through her body. She nearly collapsed when the final spasm subsided leaving her dizzy and limp. She felt him guide her leg down from his shoulder. She was still helplessly slumped against him, unable to support her own weight. He wrapped his strong arms around her as he rose from his knees, holding her as she panted against him.

"You okay?" he asked has his hands trailed delicately up and down her spine.

"Yeah, just give me a minute," she gasped, "That was fucking incredible."

He chuckled "I'm glad you liked it. You tasted incredible, you felt incredible, and I can't wait to find out how incredible you feel as I fuck you," he whispered, teasing her ear with his hot lips. She moaned as his words sent new bolts of desire through her body. She grasped his head and pressed her lips to his. His tongue hungrily parted her lips and she could taste the remnants of her climax as their tongues mingled in her mouth.

She began to guide him back towards the bed. When his legs bumped against the side of the mattress she broke the kiss, pushed him down and urged him back onto the bed. She slowly crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. She felt his long hard length brushing gently at her rear, as she bent herself over his chest, to kiss one of his nipples. She teased at one, the then the other reveling in the strangled groans and grunts coming from his throat. She rose to her knees and looked down at him. His lips were parted and his eyes were dark with lust. He looked at her with a reverence that sent sparks through her core.

"Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you are?" he asked in a heated whisper.

"I can get even sexier," she said in a low purr as she reached behind her and grasped his cock. He moaned loudly as she gently squeezed and stroked him. She had to release him to shift herself back. She positioned her hips above his before taking him in her hand again and rubbing her slick wet sex against the length of his shaft coating him in her juices. She gasped when her clit flicked across the hard ridge of his head as she rubbed against him. His hips buck into her and she locked eyes with him.

She smiled devilishly as she guided him to her hot wet entrance and parted her folds with his tip. They both moaned loudly as she slowly eased down his hard length. She threw her head back and arched her body as she basked in the exquisite feeling of being thoroughly filled. She gasped as he suddenly thrust into her, reaching even deeper into her core. She growled as she braced herself against his chest and began to ride him. His hands firmly grasped her hips as he thrust in rhythm with her. She heard herself gasp and moan with each undulation, of their hips. She didn't remember being as vocal last time she did this. But then again, the last time she did this, it didn't feel this fucking amazing.

"Your cock feels amazing," she moaned as she raised her hips, and slammed them back down against him.

"You feel so fucking good," he growled as he thrust into her.

She was losing herself in the amazing sensations when she felt him shift. He grasped her around the waist as he sat forward. She responded by wrapping her legs tightly around him. His mouth was on her breasts, licking and sucking at her pebbled nipples. She threw her arms back for support and planted her feet on the bed behind him moaning as they continued to bump and thrust into each other. One of his thick hands snaked between them and found her pulsing bud. He began to rub her into fits of gasps, moans, and yelps as she felt the growing heat of her second orgasm building in her core. His own thrusts hit her faster and deeper and his breaths came in harsh huffs.

She wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders as she began to lose control. She bucked against him eagerly as his fingers worked in rapid circles around her clit. His other arm clung to her as he tilted her forward and down against the bed positioning her under him. She wrapped her legs around him, keeping his hard length buried deep inside her. He filled her even more fully from this new angle. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned wantonly as his deep thrusts and attentive fingers drove her to edge. She gasped as her orgasm hit her and he crushed his lips to hers capturing the cries of her climax in a hungry kiss. His hips pumped into her harder and faster, his rhythm becoming erratic. She broke the kiss and fisted her fingers into his short hair, her breathing still labored and uneven.

"Fuck me," she growled. "Fuck me harder."

James felt the world dissolve as his climax hit him harder than he had ever felt before. He cried out in a series of incoherent curses in both English and Spanish as he buried himself into her exquisite depths one last time. He gazed down at the woman below him. The blue fire of her eyes glistened as she looked up at him, her magnificent red hair splayed across the blanket, her lips swollen and pink, her chest heaving as she attempted to catch her breath. He wanted to remember this image forever.

"Holy hell, that was incredible," she said in-between her huffing breaths.

"You are incredible," he panted as he lowered his head to kiss her tenderly.

They kissed for several long moments, enjoying the taste and feel of each other as they came down from their passion induced euphoria. She released the hold she had on him with her legs and James finally had to roll to his side as he slipped out of her.

"Hey, something is wrong here," she chuckled, "how did we end up upside down?"

"What? Oh I see," James said has he noticed that in fact they were laying the wrong way across the bed. "No worries." He kicked at the pillow, flipping it up, and catching it. He brought it under their heads, and pulled her close to his body. She twined her limps around his and settled against him, placing a tender kiss against his chest. They lay there, wrapped in each other's warmth, their steady breathing the only sound in the room as they let the tendrils of sleep drift over them.

"Thank you," she whispered against his chest.

"For what?" He asked his voice raspy and drowsy.

"For making me feel like a woman again."

He wasn't quite sure what she meant, but his foggy mind did not question it further.

"You're welcome." He hugged her tighter and placed a kiss atop her head, breathing in her spicy warm scent. One last question floated in his mind just before sleep took him. "What's your name?" He asked softly.

"Anna," she whispered sleepily.

"Anna," he repeated. "That's pretty," he muttered before he was swept into a blissful unconsciousness.


Shepard awoke still draped across his chest. A few inches from her eyes the light glinted off of his sliver dog tags as he breathed steadily in his sleep. Careful not to wake him, she grasped the little silver plates and examined them. Lieutenant James Vega, Alliance Marines was stamped neatly across the cool metal.

"James," she whispered. James Vega. It suits him, she decided. Strong and straight forward, uncomplicated, just like him. "James," she sighed against him and closed her eyes. She felt like she could stay here forever tucked against his warm body, safe and sound. Of course she wasn't the kind of girl who needed protecting, but the feeling was still comforting. But she couldn't stay here forever. In fact, couldn't stay here at all. She frowned as reality crept up on her. How long had she been asleep? Gingerly she sat up. He shifted in his sleep as she lifted herself from his chest. She checked her omni, almost 0500. She sighed, no use in prolonging the inevitable. She rose from the bed and quietly crept to the pile of her clothing. Where are my panties? She wondered as she poked through the pile. Visions of his face as she flung them at him flashed in her mind and she smiled.

"Commander," EDI's voice pierced the silence of the room. Shepard jumped as she hit the silence button on her omni tool. She jerked her head towards the bed, he was still fast asleep his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. Satisfied he hadn't been awakened, she adjusted the volume down as and spoke in a low whisper.

"Yes EDI?"

"I am sorry to disturb you, but Admiral Hackett is requesting to speak with you immediately.

"Hackett?" Shepard gasped.

"Yes. He insisted to speak to you directly."

"That's alright EDI, thank you. I'll be on board ASAP. Is there anyone still on Omega?"

"Just you Commander. Everyone else has boarded."

"Thank you EDI. Please prepare the ship for departure," she quickly whispered. " We may need to leave Omega this morning."

"Understood Commander. We await your orders."

Shepard dressed hastily. Whatever it was Hackett wanted it must be important. She fastened her belt while striding to the small table where her gun lay. She checked the heatsink and holstered it with a click at the hip. Her mind was racing with the possibilities of what it was Hackett wanted from her. She may have been frustrated with the Alliance, but she still respected the Admiral. She was immediately grateful she was not feeling any adverse side effects from the previous night, and hoped her crew would be functional in case they had to jump to action.

She moved towards the door but stopped short when she heard him sigh softly from the bed. She turned to look at him. He was still asleep, peaceful and unawares. She felt an ache in her chest as she realized she may never see him again. This is why you can't get involved. She said to herself. Tali was right. She of all people should know that to a marine, duty would always have come first. There wasn't a place for this man in Commander Shepard's life. She wondered briefly if she should wake him to say goodbye. No. It would be better this way. Waking him would only complicate the situation. She wasn't sure if her resolve was strong enough to withstand him if he were to protest her abrupt exit. She turned and hit the panel. The door opened with a beep and a whoosh. Shepard took one step before she paused and looked back over her shoulder at his sleeping body one last time.

"Goodbye James," she whispered and in two more steps she was gone, the door sliding shut behind her.


It was mid morning before James awoke. Shit, I've gotten too used to sleeping in, he thought to himself as he stretched his arms over his head. Something was missing. He bolted upright when he realized she was gone. "Shit," he cursed as he stood and looked around the room. He peaked into the bathroom. It was of course, empty. "Shit," he repeated again. Why didn't she wake me up? He wondered. He growled in frustration and paced the floor of his tiny apartment. He cursed himself for letting her go. He cursed her for not waking him. He cursed and stormed and punched the wall, leaving a sizable fist shaped dent.

He didn't even know who she was. Anna, he remembered her saying her name was Anna. Yes, her name was Anna and she was on a Cerberus, no, Ex Cerberus ship. She was a soldier and she had given him the most amazing night of his life. That's what he knew and it wasn't much. He collapsed back on to the bed and buried his face into the pillow. It still smelled like her. Warm and crisp like citrus and something spicy

He had to find her. Vemia might have information on what ship she was on and if she didn't Aria sure did. Maybe her ship was still docked. He sprang to action, hunting down his clothes, fully prepared to make fool of himself like some love sick Romeo shouting at the doors of her ship. He scrambled into his pants and shirt and bent to retrieve his boots, one of which had been shoved under the bed at some point. He kneeled and blindly reached under the bed. His fingers brushed against a small piece of cotton fabric and he grabbed it thinking it was his sock. He found his boot and drug them both out from under the bed. It wasn't his sock he had pulled out. He examined the crumpled up bit of black fabric in his fist. He dropped his boot as he realized what he was clutching. Her little black panties, with their little satin bow. He smoothed out the fabric and noticed the neatly embroidered yellow letters scrolled across the inside back of the narrow waist band. The words: Property of Commander Anna Shepard stared up at him against the deep black of the garment.

"Commander….Shepard," the words fell from his lips and he felt his head start to swim. How the hell did I not recognize Commander fucking Shepard? His mind screamed. He tried to recall all the vids he had seen about the infamous Commander. His vision of the warrior woman was one of a force of nature clad in N7 armor. Had she always worn a helmet during interviews? The vision of beauty in his bed last night was not the vision he had of the Commander and it made his head hurt as he tried to reconcile the two images. He slumped back, wincing as he inadvertently banged his skull against the metal wall. "Fuck," he grunted as he closed his eyes against the throbbing pain of this new reality. Are you really surprised? He asked himself, who the hell else could be as fucking amazing as her?

James was not a man to over think any situation. He was a man of action and reaction, but the only reaction he could manage right now was shock. Part of him felt used, the other part of him felt damn proud. Commander Shepard had been in his bed. He had tasted her, brought her to the point of ecstasy. She had kissed him so tenderly afterwards, and had clung to him tightly as they drifted off to sleep.

It was too much for him to handle. He lay down, stretching out over the bed. He blinked up at the ceiling as he reached over to his bedside table and opened the small drawer. He blindly pushed the spare heatsink aside and deposited her underwear. He closed the drawer and let his arm fall to the side of the bed. This was it, he was done for. He decided it was as good a fate as any to die right here, to just waste away into nothingness. What was the point? He would never be able to be with another woman again. How the hell could he top that? And even if he could get his shit together and go back to the Alliance, she wouldn't want him for who he really was. A grunt marine, and a failed Lieutenant unable to face his past. He shot out of bed and took the two wide steps to the counter top where the bottle of whiskey sat. He grabbed the tumbler from the sink and slammed it on to the counter surface. He filled the glass and raised it to his lips, throwing his head back to down the liquid in one swallow. "Yep, death by Commander Shepard." Chuckling sardonically he thought, Just add me to your list sweetheart.

And thus ends Jimmy Vega's Illustrious Stripping Career...tear*

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