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Fall of Dormin

In the time when the world was young, and man still toiled in hardship to carve out a meager existence, Dormin, the sixteen who are one, came to the young people. Dormin spoke to them of the greatness man would yet achieve. They told man of great towers, plentiful food, and of the near immortality. Man was eager for relief from the trappings of their hard life and in haste and naïveté asked for Dormin's gifts. So, Dormin brought to them knowledge of the future achievements of men, of great architecture, cultivation, and medicine. Men now grew old and lived good lives. Dormin would even bring back the souls of those who passed beyond at too early an age. Through all this Dormin made man dependent on their miracles, and the sixteen who are one, laid out their dark plan.

Dormin told man to build for him a grand temple for them to better speak with him. And built it they did. Dormin told them to build idols for each of the sixteen faces. And they took great stones from the land and built the idols. And for a time there was peace. Then Dormin spoke to them once more and revealed his black heart. Dormin demanded of them sixteen sacrifices, one for each month of prosperity, one maiden for each face of Dormin, but man refused at first. Dormin having indebted them to itself, took from them the gifts. Their crops failed, buildings crumbled, sickness plagued them, and the dead were once again lost. And so with great sorrow, the first sacrifice was offered. Dormin relented the curse and once again there was peace.

But man never forgot the cruelty of Dormin and turned their renewed knowledge to destroy the faux deity. In secret the shaman-priests found Dormin's weakness. Dormin's sixteen entities split themselves in order to receive the sacrifices and weakened greatly when they did so. The priests devised a spell to capture the pieces of Dormin into vessels. On the night of the next sacrifice, the shaman waited in the shadows as the maidens stood in front of the idols. Dormin appeared, a giant beast black as night itself and split itself into sixteen dark figures. The figures came upon the maidens, ready to consume the pure souls. In that moment the shaman wove their spell and the idols glowed with a brilliant light and drew the pieces into them. But before they were sealed, the sixteen pieces of Dormin spoke as one.

"Thy longevity, I take from thee," it said.

And the leader of the shaman priests thrust his sword into the air and cried, "Silence! Thy power is naught and thy reign ended. Slumber now oh demon and let none disturb thee."

And with a flash of light from the sword, Dormin was sealed inside the very idols used for worship, but their final curse had taken hold and man had become mortal once more.

After Dormin was sealed, man left the land of his temple to ensure none would unleash his tyranny. But it is said that if the sword is taken to that unholy temple in the forbidden land that Dormin may perform a miracle to those desperate enough to seek for it and willing to pay his price.