Warning: The usual, if you don't know what that is by now… yeah.

Chapter 11:

Clessa almost fell when she first stepped off the bike, her legs fully uncooperative. She turned her head with a murderous stare after hearing the man responsible for her current state let out a soft chuckle. Once she regained her footing, she turned to him just as he was stepping off the vehicle himself, raised her hand and swung with all of her might. Black Hat easily caught her hand and used her momentum to spin her around, trapping her against him. He didn't let go of her hand and used his other to press her hips against his. She could easily feel his straining erection through his pants and he pressed her to him and ground himself against her.

"I am not done with you yet, pet." She cringed at the name he used for her and at the obvious promise she knew he would undoubtedly keep. The sound of the other bike shutting down made Clessa tense. "Try that again and I won't be so concerned with discretion any longer. Do you understand me?" He breathed against her neck.

"Yes." She hissed out through clenched teeth. She felt his teeth barely pierce her before he moistened the tiny pinpricks of wounds away once more. She felt the heat travel through her neck and straight to other portions of her anatomy that made her want to curl in on herself the moment the burst of arousal hit her. He chuckled again.

"Such an easy thing." He seemed to say more to himself than to her as he released her. He turned to the familiar and the little girl. "Come." With that, he moved toward the towering monstrosity that was Sola Mira. The vampires and their young queen were already ahead of them, climbing effortlessly up the steep hive walls to the openings cut into the side. Once the human-esque group reached the base, Clessa suddenly found herself thrown like a sack of potatoes over the human vampire's shoulder before he bounded up the edge, following the same path his pure cousins had taken only moments before. She saw the familiar grab Anne in the same way and though more slowly, moved up as well.

Even though her eyesight was already adjusted for low light, she couldn't make out anything in the inky blackness of the hive and was actually thankful that she was being carried. Even though she knew that no vampire, save the queen, could actually hurt her, she couldn't help the suffocating terror she felt at being inside of this place knowing what dwelt within. She found herself clinging to his back where her hands could find purchase against his duster. He must have enjoyed that for some reason because moments later, one of the hands that before had kept her firmly in place, gripped the waist of her pants and pulled them easily over the swell of her backside.

"Stop." She whispered out.


For all intents and purposes, she was bare to the hallway in front of them but within a population without eyes, it shouldn't matter. What did matter was the hand that started to caress her exposed flesh, first one cheek and then the other. It didn't dwell on the less intimate flesh for long before he started to lightly touch the part of her sex that peeked between her closed thighs. She couldn't help her moan when he did so. He'd dosed her twice in such a short amount of time that her gut clenched almost painfully in an erotic sort of way every time he did anything even remotely sexual. She felt him pick up his pace the moment one of his fingers slid between her slickened lips.

Clessa couldn't be sure how long it took to reach their destination since she quickly became lost to the chemically induced lust that overtook her body. She was breathing heavily when he set her down and spun her around. She dazedly saw a rounded opening which he pushed her towards. It was like a window to the outside world, the dim light of the stars penetrating slightly into the room she was now standing in. He pushed her forward once more until she was only a couple of feet away. He stopped her and then held her hip while pressing forward on her shoulders, forcing her to bend over and catch herself with her hands on the ledge of the opening. Dimly she realized that her pants were gone, not even around her ankles. She wondered when that happened when she heard the sound of a belt unbuckling.

"How do you like your new accommodations?" She heard him ask. She looked from side to side, automatically looking around though not seeing anything through the darkness or her drug hazed mind. "Shall we christen it?" She didn't really know what he meant and just laughed slightly when she thought of a bottle and the bow of a boat. For some reason she found the incongruity amusing. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while leaning over her bent over form. "Would you like me to fuck you now?"

"Yes." She moaned. And she did. She couldn't remember wanting anything so badly in her entire life. She pressed her hips back when she felt the head of his cock at her ready entrance. She heard him chuckle and she groaned in frustration when he just moved the blunt head up and down her slit instead of doing as he'd asked her.

"Impatient. I like that."

"Please." She begged.

"Please what, my pet? Tell me what you want." Clessa didn't even hesitate; she knew exactly what she wanted.

"Please, I want you inside of me. Fuck me please." He was already sliding deeply inside with one powerful thrust before she'd finished her begged sentence.

"With pleasure." He groaned. Through the haze of pleasure, Clessa could hear and feel his belt as it bounced against her thigh. She could hear the wet sounds they made as he pressed forward and she pressed back. Soon, his movements became too strong and her arms started to buckle against his unrelenting assault. She didn't complain when one of his hands snaked across her front to tightly grip her opposite shoulder, effectively anchoring her in place. She allowed herself to just feel what he was doing to her, no longer able to keep up with his frenzied pace.

She felt his mouth against her neck and though she distinctly and clearly felt his teeth penetrate her flesh, she found that once more it didn't hurt. If anything, it became as intensely pleasurable as what he was doing to her womanly parts below. She moaned out in renewed ecstasy as she literally felt him drawing life out of her body through the connection of his mouth and her neck. Not long after, his thrusts became erratic as he slammed into her a few more times before coming inside of her.

"Fuck." He huffed into her neck, breathing heavily. Slowly Clessa started to come back to herself. She didn't know if somehow sexual release drained away some of the drugged feelings or if the way she already felt sore between her legs had anything to do with it but she suddenly didn't want him pressed inside of her any longer.

"Are you done?" Yet another chuckle.

"So you've returned once more." He said as he stood and then pulled out of her. Clessa actually dropped to her knees, not realizing how heavily she'd been relying on his grip around her waist to keep her upright.

"Where are my pants?" She asked, her voice filled with self-loathing. She felt the cloth more than saw it when it landed next to her legs. Pulling herself up, she struggled slightly with the oversized garment. When she looked up, she saw him standing right next to her. He gripped her chin and pulled her eyes up to meet his.

"You will remain here in Sola Mira until I return. If you require anything, my familiar will remain here in order to provide for you. Is that understood?" She looked at him with as much hate as she could possibly muster before nodding, wanting to be rid of him as soon as possible. She squeaked when he suddenly lifted her off the ground and pulled her into the black interior of the room before setting her onto was what obviously a bed though she could not see it. "Rest." He then walked away, his boots echoing off the cavernous walls of the hive. Not too much later, Clessa heard the distinct sounds of little feet moving against the ground and the warm little body of Anne as she crawled onto the bed with her, nestling against her before they both fell asleep.


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