The Times, They Are A'Changin'

Disclaimer: Castiel, Dean, and Supernatural in general are not mine. If they were, trust me, slashiness would abound and the current season would piss me off A LOT less! *sigh*

Warning: I'm throwing up a warning for some good ole Dean/Castiel slash. Nothing too hot and heavy though. And, of course, some bad language. Cuz I can! Lol! Enjoy!

He hated New Castiel.

He had thought he had hated the first New Castiel. The Castiel that had lied to him, that had eaten all the souls from Purgatory like it was a Super-Sized Big Mac meal, and then helped turn Sam into a drooling crazy person.

But this Castiel… this Castiel was even worse. At least was the other Castiel, Dean could just be pissed off at him. He could cling to that rage and anger for all the stupid crap Castiel had pulled. The anger was like a cruel balm to the open, jagged wound the angel had left on Dean, though the hunter would die before he could admit it. But the anger had sustained him. Made him push onward, even though his heart had been torn to shreds.

But this Castiel… Dean had almost puked when he saw how adoringly Castiel looked at that demon skank, Meg. Dean had been white-knuckled, gripping the steering wheel of the piece of shit car he was stuck driving while he listened to Meg gently talk to Castiel on the phone and guide him to their location.

That was his angel. He was the one Castiel should be calling.

Well, not that Castiel was ever really his. A couple drunken make out sessions in the back of the Impala that had led to a couple blowjobs didn't exactly cement a relationship.

It wasn't right. God, this was just so not right. But what the hell could he do about it? To busy saving the world… again.

Times a'changin'. Castiel just was ready to change along with it. And Dean wasn't.

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