A/N: This is the Original Stream prologue that I hope will clear up a few things in the first few chapters that have been posted.

A cloaked man stared intently at a computer screen as a scientist wearing a lab coat typed rapidly on a keyboard. What looked like a DNA strand slowly spiraled in a rectangular box as what looked like only a piece of DNA tried to merge with it. A red "X" suddenly appeared over it.

"I told you it wouldn't work," the scientist said, running a hand through his hair to relieve some of the stress.

"It has to. Is there a way to stabilize modified Pokemon DNA?"

"Yes, and even if it does work in the simulation it may not in real life," he typed some more and a green check-mark appeared.

"Of course it will. There's a better chance of this working than finding a Groudon."

"I have a different plan and it will succeed. Who said I couldn't just create one? You also never told me why you want to do this."

"Because human-turned Pokemon are powerful. I just need to find the right test subjects." Now all I have to do is create a Pokeball that will hold them and make them stronger. Of course will be be at the cost of their sanity….

A large, snake-like Pokemon made of rocks dove into the ground. Its opponent, a large, white seel-like Pokemon, waited until the last minute before using its tail to jump out of the way, evading the Dig attack and at the same time using a beam of multiple, soft colors to take the Onix out, ending the battle between the Elite Four members Prima and Bruno. The Elite Four of Indigo Plateau were holding a round-robin-style tournament to see who would get to battle the current Champion, Lance.

Because she lived in a small town nearby, Kara knew a lot more about the Elite Four –including knowing the members personally- than most people. Having been the final battle, the scores came up on a large, screen. A Ghost/Poison-type user, Agatha, had won twice. It was common for her to be the victor of the monthly tournaments.

This time, though, there wouldn't be another battle. A voice came over the speaker system, announcing that Lance had to leave on short-notice due to a Team Rocket raid in a town somewhat far away. Kara sighed and shook her head. Even with a voice-changer it was still possible for those who knew him well to recognize that as Lance. He only ever did that when either a) he was bored and didn't feel like battling, b) half the time it was either be did or didn't want to battle Prima or c) he really did have to go on a mission of some sort and wanted to announce it himself. In exchange for this, those who came got to speak with the Elite Four and got free tickets for the next tournament.

Everyone that had been watching dispersed, a lot of them going to talk with the other Elite Four members. Kara got up and walked out of the stadium. A lot of people were walking around the city, many of them having a Pokemon or two out. Kara walked over towards a small shop that had souvenirs and even candy that could only be found there. The person working there looked up. "The Rage Candy bars are sold out again. I didn't know they would be so popular here."

"Bruno is addicted to them. Is it really that surprising he'd demand a new kind of them to be made here and then buy all of them when he can? I'm here to get jellybeans."

"True. You're lucky, there's one bag left," he got it out from behind the counter.

"Again?" Kara paid for the candy.

"Yup," his attention was turned to several other customers.

Kara left and walked over to a bench that was near a fountain and sat down. She opened the bag of jellybeans and was just about to eat a couple when a whoosh came from behind, followed by a soft thud.

A Dragonite looked at her and the candy before stretching out one of its hands. Kara gave it a small handful, smiling that the Pokemon's enthusiastic nod of thanks.

"Dragonite!" Lance ran up to it. "You shouldn't go around and beg for candy like that. You're spoiled," he turned to Kara, who was offering him to take some of the candy. He paused before taking a handful. Dragonite rolled its eyes.

Lance sat down next to Kara, slowly eating the candy.

"How come you haven't started training yet? You've always talked excitedly about it."

"Everytime I get a change the Starters are always already picked."

"If there were Starters left, which would you choose?"

"Either Squirtle or Totodile; depending on where I'm going to train."

"None of the others?"

Kara shook her head.

"Do you know that you can have any Pokemon for a Starter?"


"I know someone that should be able to get a Water-type for you."


Lance laughed lightly at how she asked and her expression. "We'll have to fly there."

"Okay… Shouldn't you tell the others…?"

"Because of my job I have to leave unexpectedly a lot. Agatha takes over for me then," he helped Kara onto Dragonite's back before climbing on behind her. Dragonite ran a few steps before taking off.

Far away in a base in a different region, a young man wearing a red and black uniform was watching two Blaziken spar, the slightly larger one teaching the other various techniques, as it was older. When they paused for a break he walked over to the more experienced Pokemon, taking out something out of his pocket. Now he just had to-

"What the $*# do you think you're doing?"

He cringed and turned to see an older member of the team he belonged to. A Raichu stood at his side. "I need some Blaziken DNA for my project and yours is powerful."

"You're not getting any."

"Why not?"

"Because I know you. You're going to get a clone of it created so you have a powerful Pokemon right away."

"That's not exactly true. I have a different plan in mind and it will only work with your Blaziken."

"If you touch it I'll-" his attention was turned to one of his Pokeballs that rocked slightly. His demeanor instantly changed. "Fine," he gave his Pokemon a nod and it plucked a few, loose feathers and gave them to the younger member.

"Just don't do anything stupid, okay Ventus?" a female member around the age seventeen wearing the same uniform walked over and patted her Blaziken. "Did you learn a lot?" Her Pokemon nodded.

"That reminds me. There's something from a distant region I need to get," Ventus put his arm around her shoulders. "You'll help me, right Natalie?"

"Remove the arm or I'll ask Blaze to break it off."

Ventus slowly looked up at the older, Admin-ranked member that was leaning against a wall now. The look on his face said he'd gladly do it even if he wasn't asked.


Ventus stepped away. "His rank is higher than yours, he won't listen to you!" He hoped those words were true.

"And my rank is higher than yours. Go ask Pyro or someone to help you. Brodie is an expert at theft, you could ask him, too."

"He and Galen are still on their mission," Blaze said. "Pyro is still recovering from that idiotic idea of raiding Team Aqua by himself."

"Even he should have known better than to attack Shelly from behind. He's lucky he got out of there without serious injuries unlike the last time."

Feeling ignored as they continued to talk, Ventus walked away. He would just go and capture the Target himself.

Dragonite landed outside of the Cerulean City Gym. Lance got off before Kara to help her slide off. "Thanks Dragonite. Take a good rest," he recalled it. He turned to Kara. "I know the Gym Leader here. She's an expert on Water-types." Kara followed him into the Gym. Misty was standing next to a large pool what multiple Water-types were swimming in. She looked over, greeting Lance.

"This is Kara. She's going to start training soon and I thought you could help find a Water-type for her."

Misty was immediately in front of Kara. "You're interested in Water-types, too? How much do you know? What kind are you hoping to train?"

"Out of all the Starters I would get one of the Water-types; I know a good amount, and a cute one?"

"There are a lot of cute Water-types. This time of year the Tentacool are migrating, so getting one will be easy." A pink and white coral-like Pokemon walked up to her. A small, white Pokemon covered in red and blue triangles rode on its back. Misty picked up the small Pokemon. Kara stared curiously at the other.

"Corosola, a Water and Rock-type," Lance explained. "I did hear they're appearing near the Cape."


"Yes. We could stay there for a few days."

Misty nodded eagerly. "Just let me go pack a few things." She ran off.

"If another Pokémon chooses you for its Trainer, you won't be too upset, right? Sometimes a Pokémon chooses who it wants."
"I didn't know Pokémon did that."

"Dragonite chose me when it was a Dratini."

Misty came running back. "C'mon let's go!"

As they walked out of the Gym Lance looked around.

"Is something wrong?" Kara asked.

"No, I just remembered right now it might be a bit dangerous because its Gyarados mating season," Misty cringed at that, "so it might be a good idea to leave Togepi here. Dragonite can take care of it."

"Isn't that your strongest Pokémon?" Misty began to look nervous.

"I have others," he sent out his Pokémon. "Its taken care of baby Pokémon before."

The Dragon-type nodded. Misty reluctantly set Togepi in its hands. "I'll be back in a few days, okay?"

Togepi nodded.

"And no teaching it new moves." Dragonite hung its head in disappointment. "I know you."

A cloaked figure stood on top of a building, watching and waiting. Three humans walked out of the Gym, the two females having black and orange hair, and the male having spikey, red hair. The Champion? Perfect, and with two to go with him. The Champion sent out his best Pokémon and after a few moments the humans began to leave. The Dragon waved and walked back into the Gym, carrying something in its hands.

That was strange, he never left it behind. This would be easier than expected. The figure sent out a black Charizard, climbing onto it to follow the Trainers.

It wasn't until sunset they decided to stop for the night.

"We should get there in two days," Misty said.

"That's good," Kara looked over at Lance. He had been acting strangely since they left and at any sound he nearly sent one of his other Pokémon out. "Is something wrong?"

"I guess it's been a while since I've been here," he immediately gripped again at the sound of flapping wings. A Murkrow flew overhead, crying out. "Or maybe I'm a little paranoid. I'm going to get some firewood." He got up and left.

"I'll get any that's nearby," Misty said. "If you want anything along with the Mystery Soup tonight you can get it out." She walked a short distance away, already finding a branch lying on the ground.

After several moments Lance returned, dropping the wood he collected on the ground. Something about how he was acting showed he was uncomfortable and worried about something.

Misty brought over what she collected. "Is something wrong?"

Something flew through the air and it hit her in the shoulder, causing her to cry out in surprise. There wasn't much time to worry about it. Two more of what had just come flew through the air and Lance pushed Kara out of the way to get one of the things in his arm and the other in his leg. He collapsed to the ground. "Whoever it was is gone now."

"Is that what you were worried about?"

"Yeah… I encountered him before…"

"Are those tranquilizers?" Kara asked, her eyes widening at the darts.

Misty took hers out. "My arm is numb, but that's it."

"What about you, Lance?"

His words came out in a jumbled mess and he continued to speak although it was difficult to understand him. Kara quickly removed the darts, finding that they were empty. She set her hand against Lance's forehead, causing him to flinch. "He's got fever!" he winced at that, too.

"Let's move him over to the shade," Misty said, helping Kara move Lance. They could do little more than drag him, although he didn't seem to register that fact. "We need to get his temperature down."

"I'll worry about that. One of the darts was intended for me. I have some canned soup in my backpack. That'll be quicker than making it from scratch."

Misty sent out a starfish-like Pokémon with a jewel in the center of its body. "Staryu, help Kara with whatever she needs." The Pokémon bowed slightly, the only way it could nod.

Kara set a damp cloth on Lance's forehead. He continued to mumble incoherently and wince at the pain.

"How are you feeling?"

"I've been better. I'll be fine in the morning," Misty said.

Misty had begun to show signs of a slight fever and ached a little, but it could be ignored. Interestingly enough just before they decided to go to sleep Lance's fever had gone down enough they didn't have to worry about him. Even so, Kara fell into an uneasy sleep.

Kara was woken up by screaming the next morning. Not from fear, but from joy…. A Vaporeon was examining itself before looking into a puddle.


The Vaporeon nodded. "THIS IS AMAZING!" All though she spoke in Pokémon, it was easy to tell what she said.

"So that guy only wanted to turn you into a Pokémon?"

She shrugged and began poking herself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

Kara looked over in Lance's direction, seeing he had turned into a Blaziken. He was still sleeping until Misty hit him with a Water Gun. He stared at her and then at his hands. He looked back at Kara, knowing she wouldn't be able to understand him. He got up and walked over to the bag he had brought and dug through it before finding what he wanted: an ear piece. He tossed it to Kara, motioning for her to put it on and spoke after she did.

"It allows you to understand Pokémon. Silph Co. wanted me to test it but I thought it would be put to a better use if a new Trainer gets to use it."

"Do you like being a Pokémon? Misty loves it." Misty was creating a fountain with Water Gun.

"Well…." Lance created a fireball between his hands, making it smaller by closing them and making it bigger by spreading them. As he did this multiple times he mouthed "bigger smaller bigger smaller BIIIGGER SMAAALLER biggersmaller!"

"I take that as a yes. Why would that guy turn you into a Pokémon?"

"I don't' know. It's amazing he hasn't come back for us yet."

Misty stopped using the attack and walked over to her bag, trying to open it in search of food.

Ventus returned to the base, pleased with how his plan had turned out.

"I didn't need your help after all, Natalie. I got her by myself."

"Congratulations," Natalie said sarcastically, her voice coming over the speaker system, "you just outsmarted a seven-year-old." At hearing that everyone in the room turned and stared.

"How…?" He glared at Raichu. "You did this…." The Pokémon nodded.

"Of course it did. It hates you," Blaze said.

"It can't be smarter than me."

Natalie spoke up. "I can set up an IQ test for you."

All of the other members found that amusing and began to agree.

"After I complete my plan. I'm going to meet up with someone." He quickly left.

Blaze smirked. "Coward."

It had been two days since Lance and Misty got turned into Pokémon and Misty continued to find more and more things to love about it. Kara as sure Lance was enjoying it a lot more than he was saying. He sat comfortably against a tree, watching Misty play in a stream.

"Kara, do you have any more jellybeans?"

"Sorry, no. You've been craving them a lot lately."

"They're good. A Pokémon is your best friend once you give it jellybeans, you know."

"Just because you are one right now doesn't mean you can act like it."

"I can have a little bit of fun, can't I?"

Misty climbed out of the stream, joining them. "I always wanted to be a Water-type. I'm going to be sad when it's over."

"Getting to experience once is better than not at all," Lance said.

"You're just upset because Pokémon don't need sunblock," Kara said. "Admit it."

"I'm… allergic to sunlight," he smiled.

"No you're not. Redheads burn easily and you're just happy that you won't."

"I-!" Lance stood up, scanning the skies.

"What's wrong?"

A stream of fire came down from the sky. Lance picked up both Kara and Misty and jumped out of the way. A black Charizard descended and the cloaked figure jumped off.

"I finally found you," he said. "It's useless to resist. Just come peacefully."

"They'd never to that!" Kara shouted.

"They don't have much of a choice," he took out a pitch black Pokeball, "see this? It can capture any Pokémon and make it stronger. Now only if those fools in Orre would have waited to begin their project. Now some kid is capturing their Shadow Pokémon. I'll be able to recreate it in Hoenn!"

"Shadow Pokémon?"

"Pokémon that have been turned evil," Lance explained.


A small sphere appeared in front of Misty and floated to the sky, causing rain to fall. For a moment she turned semi-transparent, attempting and failing at an attack. The cloaked man threw the black Pokeball at her. The sphere opened even before it hit, capturing her…

"MISTY!" Lance shouted as the sphere returned to its owner. He growled and sprang forward. An electric attack came down on him, making him collapse. He shook slightly from the paralyzing effects of it.

The cloaked man turned to see someone wearing a similar cloak. "You came to help me!"

"I came to make sure you didn't do anything stupid." A Raichu stood next to him, flicking its tail.

"Just let me get the Blaziken."

"The Vaporeon will be enough."

"I'm not leaving until I get the other one. OW!" He glared at Raichu as it threatened to poke him with its tail again.

"You can either come back peacefully or I can have Raichu knock you out and drag you back."

Raichu's expression seemed to say "gladly" as electricity cracked between its paws. The figure paused before climbing back on his Pokémon. Kara was at Lance's side, asking if he was okay. This distraction prevented her from seeing where the two men went.



"Find… Cheri Berries… they look like cherries."

Kara nodded and ran off. She looked around frantically but even after searching for over an hour she couldn't find anything. She stared to head back, and half-way there, resting on a stump, were several, cherry-like berries….

Kara looked around, finding no sign of anyone nearby. She waited around for a little longer before taking the berries, leaving a note apologizing, explaining why she needed them and some money in exchange.

Kara crushed the berries inside of a bowl and mixed it with water before helping Lance drink by tipping the bowl a little. That's when she noticed another dart in his shoulder.

"Where did that come from?"

"We can worry about that later," Lance said. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Kara unpacked a blanket and pulled it around him. She crawled into her sleeping bag and dozed off.

She awoke the next morning to find that Lance had woken before her and there wasn't any sign of him. A Jolteon sat near the river's edge, staring at nothing. He turned into a Jolteon…? Kara walked over to him. "Lance?"

He looked up at her. "It's my fault. I should have been able to do something. I shouldn't have even asked her to come…!"

"Lance, it's alright. We can save her."

Lance just stared up at her and let out a soft sigh, setting his head on his paws.

Unable to think of anything else, Kara said the first thing that came to her mind: her vacation plans. Capturing a Pokémon now wouldn't be right considering what just happened.

"I'm going to Hoenn for a while."

Lance lifted his head. "You are? Than I'm coming with you."

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