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Author's Note: To give you an idea about what Jewel's McKnight looks like she had middle back length brown hair that she mostly keeps in a braid an ice blue eyes.

The day started off like any other, it was sunny and perfect. But nothing stays that way. The zoo was busy as always, with people looking at the animals. The only difference on this day was a elementary school group who was having a private tour by a zookeeper.

Jewels McKnight loved doing demonstrations especially for children. She could help from laughing as a little five year old boy put up his hand and jumped up and down.

"Yes… Lucas" she read his name tag.

"What was your name?"

She laughed again. "I am Jewels McKnight.. You can call me Jewels… Now you guys ready to see something cool?"

They jumped up and down excited. She lead them to the next enclosure and the teachers had everyone lined them up as she walked inside.

"Can anyone tell me what animal this is?"

A couple raised thier hands she pointerd to a cute little blond girl who's name tag said Lucy.

"Yes Lucky."

"A Komodo Dwagon!"

"That is correct. Can anyone tell me what kind of animal he is?"

More hands. "Yes William."

"He's a reptile like a snake."

"Correct." She crouched over the komodo." Now never aproach any animal without a grown-ups permission. Now the komodo dragon is the heaviest lizard in the entire world it can weight up to 150 pounds and can get up to 10 feet long. They are only found in Indonesia." She placed her hand on the dragon's back gently rubbing it.

"Miss Jewels?"

"Yes Hilary."

"How come he isn't hurting you?"

"You see Rex here is special trained. I can touch him but no one else."

There was some oh's and ah's from the kids.

"The Komodo's can eat up to 80 percent of thier body weight in a single meal that is 240 pounds of food for a 300 pound dragon. Like Rex here he is 7 feet long and 130 pounds he can eat a 100 pounds of food when we feed him."

Wow's hummed across the children... Jewels patted Rex then stepped out of the enclosure. "Now to something a little more cudly and it is something you will be able to touch. She headed on to the Koala enclosure...

She enjoyed teaching children and when they left at 2 she was tired and her feet was starting to hurt... But she had some more job to do. She walked to the nocturnal building and walked in. It was enpty adn closed off the visitors she was the only employer allowed in there.. As she walked in she opened her bookbag she carried with her inside were her zords. There was an Armidillo,Hawk, Komodo Dragon, and an Orca. She had a special container for her Orca cause she liked to swim. As she handled the flying foxes her Komodo Dragon climed up the back of her legs to rest on her shoulder. She always paid attetnion to her zords whenever she could. They were all she had left in life other then ehr animals there at the zoo.

As she finished she heard screams coming from oyside. She peeked out the door and saw somne freaky monster holding one of the kids from the family who had attached to her school group. She turned back to her zords... "Guys we got work to do." Making sure no one saw her she pulled out her morpher. "Samuraizer Go Go Samuri." She drew her symbol in the air and in the next second she was in her ranger uniform it was Crimson and silver. She put her Katana in its holster. She ran back outside in time to see the nighlok to knock other rangers to the ground. She watched as they all demorphed into thier civilian selves.

Following instinct she ran forward and flipped over the Nighlock adn lifting her Katana she swiped down causing him to back up.

"What another ranger... How is that possible?"

She could hear the same question coming from the rangers on the ground. Liftin her Katana she yelled. "Samurai Naginata!" She Katana changed and she swiped it up. "Tsunami swipe." She brought her blade down. "Hey Nighlock how about a little flood." She watched as her attack hit him adn he fell to the ground. As he got up she saw his body starting to turn grey. The Nighlock growled.

"This isn't over Crimson ranger." He jumped and slipped through a crack in the building.

Jewels turned to the rangers. "Are you six okay?"

The one in red walked up. "Yes and thank you... I'm Jayden by the way. This is Mia, Kevin, Emily, Mike, Antonio."

Jewels nodded and demorphed." You six should leave this business to the professional. This isn't some junior Power Ranger class!"

Picking up her backpack she turned and left. Jayden looked after her. He felt like he had seen ehr before but couldn't place where he had..

Kevin tilted his head. "Man who was she... She sure did have an attitude."

Emily picked soemthing was Jewels's badge. "It says her name is Jewels McKnight and she is a keeper here and she works wih demonstrations."

Jayden looked to the direction she went to. "They have them everyday what say we attend them tomorrow. We need to talk to her."

They agreed and headed back to Samurai corp.

Hope you enjoyed this it was my first attemp to Power Rangers so please be gentle.