It had been 3 days since Deker had taken Jewels, and during that time Jayden had been on a short fuse. He walked into the training area. He looked at Antonio.


"Sorry Jayden, nothing."

Jayden slammed his fist into the wall. "Then where is she?"

Mentor walked up. "Don't worry Jayden we will find her."

Jayden didn't listen he walked away and into Jewels' room he sat on her bed and held her pillow in his hand. Slowly lifting to his face he took a small whiff of her scent that was still on the pillow. What the other rangers didn't know was that he hasn't really slept much in the 3 days when he did he stayed in her room. He hated this he had just found her again and now he was going crazy because Deker took her away from him….

Beep beep beep…..

He ran back to the training room to Mentor.

"The nighlock is in the city center. Go I'll continue to look for Jewels."

Jayden nodded. "Ready rangers."


"Samuraizer. Go. Go. Samurai."

In the city center they stopped when they saw the monster. Antonio pulled out his sword.

"Anyone have any rolled up newspaper."

They fought against the monster the creature turned and fought back. He was very powerful. With a mighty howl he shot the rangers and they fell to the ground. The nighlock stood over them laughing.

"I am wolfbane and I am your doom rangers." As he stepped closer to them a lightning strike hit his square in the chest sending him flying into a wall. He got up.

"Who did that?"

The crimson ranger walked through the smoke her Samurai Naginata in her hand as she faced the wolf. "Bad dog someone should put you down."

Jayden looked up and laughed. "Jewels!"

She ran forward and attacked the monster. "Samurai Naginata Tornado Spin."

Her attack got him and he was destroyed. The weird thing in this fight was that he didn't grow big.

Jewels demorphed and went to the other rangers who did the same.


"Jayden!" She ran into his arms and hugged him tightly. He pulled back just far enough to kiss her.

"Deker didn't hurt you did he?"

"No I am okay he didn't hurt me he healed me."

He wrapped his arms around her again. "Well lets get back I know Mentor has been missing you too."

They went back to Shiba house Mentor sighed in relief when he saw Jewels. "Jewels are you okay?"

"Yes mentor I am fine." She walked up and hugged him. "Everything is fine now."

Mentor sat her down. "Tell us everything that happened after Deker took you."

Jayden sat down and put his arm around her. "Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yes I am fine sorry I didn't come home sooner I couldn't really walk I was so weak."

Mia sat across from her. "So tell us."

Jewels told them everything from when she woke up in the cave with Deker to leaving the cave this morning heading home.

That night Jewels was in her room she had changed into her pajamas shorts and a tank top and was cleaning up a little. She knew someone was behind her and she knew who it was so she didn't turn around. Sure enough Jayden walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder…

"Please don't ever scare me like that again."

Jewels turned around and wrapped her arms around Jayden. "I am sorry I really am."

His hands cupped her face. "I know it isn't your fault…."

He settled his forehead against hers and sighed. "Everything is perfect now."

She smiled. "I have you back in my life and I have a new family."

Jayden smiled back at her. "Together forever…" With that he deeply kissed her….


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