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Sweat poured off of his forehead. He really couldn't take this anymore.

"Hey kid! Over here!" a vulgar voice called out to a boy with oddly colored hair.

"Ah, yes sir!" the boy responded, quickly shuffling to the grotesque man's side.

Shion really didn't like to say he hated his job… But he really did hate it. So many disgusting males or drunken females came in on a daily basis and were constantly calling out to him. He just wanted to be a waiter in peace. However, that didn't seem possible in a place like The Rough Diamond. Shion was mesmerized by the name. It seemed so classy, yet something everyone could go to. When he stepped in the door, he knew different. Every waiter in the modern styled restaurant was male. They only hired male employees. Most of the waiters wore highly suggestive outfits, and Shion had to step outside for a minute for his embarrassed state to pass over. The only place that was hiring at the time was The Rough Diamond, and he really needed a job. He was trying to go to college, after all. So, that's how he ended up as one of the restaurant's most beloved waiters. And that's how he ended up in a maid's outfit that day.

"What weird hair… Is that wig?" one of the drunken women asked him, reaching out to try to touch his pure white locks.

"Uh… No ma'am… It's my real hair," Shion responded, backing off a step. "May I take your order?"

The rest of the night went as usual. Men and women alike stumbling over each other to have Shion wait on their tables. The restaurant wasn't really known for its food… It was just all of the attractive faculty. In fact, most people ended up just ordering a cocktail and just watching the employees go about their duties.

"Great job today, Shion! Lured in quite a shit ton of people, haha!" Rikiga called. He was the assistant manager of The Rough Diamond.

"Thank you Rikiga…" Shion replied, an annoyed tone unable to stay out of his voice.

Shion changed into his street clothes, consisting of a slightly tight flannel and worn, gray skinny jeans. He couldn't believe he actually or a maid's outfit! What kind of asshole made a bunch of guys run around in a dress? Well, no one knew. The manager came and went, and didn't really care about the employees. She was a mystery, really. Shion shook his head to clear his thoughts before grabbing his car keys and leaving the accursed restaurant. A cool breeze flowed through as he set foot on the sidewalk, cooling him off and ruffling his almost transparent hair. It felt good to leave the crowded restaurant at last. His little Honda sat parked along the curb, and he hit his head as he stepped into the driver's seat.

Shit… he cursed as he turned the key in the ignition.

He violently pulled out of his parking spot and sped down the road towards his apartment. It was eleven o'clock. He couldn't stand working so much, but the job didn't exactly pay terribly… He already saved up a lot for college thanks to the demeaning restaurant. Shion focused on the road, trying not to let his thoughts wander, when a black form tried crossing the road in front of him. Slamming on the breaks, he let out a stream of cuss words and saw the form collapse. The boy quickly got out of his car, thankful the streets were pretty much abandoned at this time of night.

Laying on the ground was a man in a large, black hoodie and fashionable, black jeans with a chain trailing down one side. He seemed to be passed out.

"Oh God what do I do…" Shion mumbled under his breath as he grabbed the man and shook him.

Finally deciding he didn't want to admit the man was dead from being hit by him, he dragged him to his car and shoved him in the passenger's side. Shion ran around to the driver's seat and got in. A groan emitted from his passenger's mouth, relieving Shion of the thought he was dead. Shion's foot slammed down on the gas and he drove 90 all the way back to his apartment.

Once at his shitty apartment, the younger male hoisted the male onto his back and locked his car quickly before practically running up the stairs to his humble abode- apartment 202. Once inside, he hastily closed and locked the door before dropping the heavy mystery man onto his worn, old sofa that released a cloud of dust as soon as anything touched it. The man twitched and let out another groan causing Shion to panic. What if he was seriously injured? What if he was going to die?

"H-hey… Answer me. Are you alive? Come on, man, don't die. I can't afford to face murder charges," Shion said, shaking the man.

Since the hood still covered the stranger's face, Shion couldn't really tell what he looked like. He had to admit, even in this situation he really wanted to know what kind of person he had brought into his home. What could he say? He was a curious little boy. Shion's strange scarlet eyes skimmed over the man shamelessly as he wondered where he had come from. Slowly, he reached out a small, pale hand to pull the hood off of his head. Shion gasped. Now uncovered was a smooth skinned beautiful male with perfect, thick eyelashes and extremely long, dark locks of a navy color. The hair looked like it had missed a day of grooming, but it was still gorgeous. Shion backed off a little once he noticed the older male's eye twitch as if he was going to wake up. A sigh emitted from his perfectly shaped lips before his eyes finally fluttered open, revealing the most spectacular pair of eyes Shion had ever seen. They were beautiful, gray pools. Not like the freaky gray you see on a blind person, but gray eyes full of life. Shion could tell the man wasn't blind by the way he curiously took in his surroundings.

Shion smiled in relief. "Oh whew! You're alive. I thought I was a murderer here for a-"

The man suddenly grabbed Shion's white locks and forced their lips to meet in an unwilling kiss. Shion thought his eyes were going to pop right out of his skull.

When the man finally let go, Shion gasped out, "What the fuck man! What the hell was that?"

"Dunno. You looked kissable, so I kissed you. Do you have a problem with it?" the man replied, looking matter-of-factly back at Shion, who was blushing furiously.

The younger boy was infuriated by the superior tone that tainted the stranger's words. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Nezumi. Or you might know me as Eve, the model and star of the stage," the man replied, giving his un-groomed locks a luxurious swish.

"Maybe you should look in a mirror. You look like a homeless guy to me," Shion said, rolling his eyes. He didn't really pay attention to current news and all that. Of course he wouldn't know who this "Nezumi" is.

"Maybe you should look in a mirror. Do you even see what you're wearing? You look like a bum. Scratch that, a faggot. Or both," the "model" retorted.

Shion stood up rigidly, rage coursing through him. What right did this ass have to start insulting the person who brought him so kindly into their home? Who was this guy anyway? Well, according to him he was some "model" and an actor. Though how such a hobo became a model, Shion didn't know. Okay, maybe he had the most gorgeous fucking eyes he'd ever seen. And maybe he was oozing sex, even though he was rocking the guy who just got hit by a lawn mower and rolled down a mountain look. Whatever. Shion definitely wasn't admitting that to his face.

Nezumi stuck his tongue out, screwing his face up in a disgusted look. "I taste makeup. You put a lot of makeup on?"

Shion's eyes widened and he quickly took off to the bathroom, practically slamming into the mirror as he looked at himself. A sigh of relief escaped him as he made sure his makeup hadn't been rubbed off. Taking his thumb, he smudged the stuff off of his cheek, revealing a red band that curled around the left side of his face. It was a burn mark he'd received long ago that Rikiga told him to cover up if he wanted to work at The Rough Diamond. Nezumi appeared behind him, a sort of curious, yet I-don't-give-a-fuck look plastered on his face.

"What's the matter cutie?" he said like it was nothing.

"Cutie? What are you talking about?" Shion said, whirling around with a furious look in his eyes.

"What? I was just wondering why you ran off so quick. Was it to fix your makeup?" the beautiful man mocked, smirking slightly.

"Hell no. I just rubbed it off, in fact," Shion said, crossing his arms.

"That's quite the scar you got there. Makes you even more sexy, I think," Nezumi remarked.

Shion rolled his eyes. "Thank you so very much. Anyway, why don't you tell me how you ended up almost being ran over by me?"

Nezumi's face turned expressionless. "Is that any of your business, pretty boy?"

"Pretty boy? Okay listen, fuck you. You've just been insulting me this entire time! I potentially saved your life! Of course its my business!" Shion shouted, losing his temper.

"You almost murdered me, too. Can't forget that," he replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Shit, you're driving me nuts. I'm going to let my dog out of her cage. I'll be right back. Don't steal anything!" Shion called over his shoulder as he walked over to a large cage that contained a gorgeous silver and black dog. It was his precious Australian Shepherd, Light.

"Hello Lighty-bear!" Shion cooed as he released the dog from her jail. She wiggled her little stump of a tail as she ran around the apartment freely. He couldn't remember how thankful he had been once he found out that the apartment was fine with pets. There was no way he would leave his baby behind at his parent's house. Turning back to Nezumi, Shion sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"It's late, okay? So just… Sleep on the couch. I don't have work tomorrow, because I have Sundays off. We can talk it out then. Light is vicious, so don't try to run off with anything," Shion threatened before heading over to his room to grab some extra pillows and blankets.

"Why would I steal any of this? I could have anything I wanted. I don't need a poor boy's treasures," Nezumi sneered.

Shion chucked a pillow and fleece blanket at the actor and model before muttering angrily, "Good night."

"Sweet dreams!" Nezumi called in a voice very much like a housewife calling to her husband.

Shion mumbled a few things under his breath before storming off to his room and slamming the door.

Nezumi smiled, amusement flickering in his gray eyes. He's interesting…

Sleep refused to come to Nezumi that night. It wasn't as if he was uncomfortable- he just felt curious. What kind of boy was Shion? He acted pretty tough, but Nezumi easily saw through his defense. Shion was an innocent little boy. The thought caused Nezumi to chuckle quietly as he pulled the blanket Shion had given him off of his skinny, yet muscular frame. He frowned at himself in the mirror on the wall. He really didn't look like an actor and definitely not a model. No wonder Shion didn't believe his words so easily. A picture of his rescuer flashed in his mind- beautiful, pure white hair. Scarlet eyes lit up with defiance. Long, thick eyelashes that curled up beautifully. Nezumi licked his lips. All of the emotion was turning into lust as he strolled towards Shion's bedroom. It was two in the morning almost. Of course Shion would be asleep. Turning the doorknob to the room carefully, he pushed the rickety old door open and stepped inside, shedding his hoodie which revealed a dull, yellow shirt underneath. His gray eyes were shining as he glued them to the sleeping figure of Shion, curled up on the edge of his bed as if inviting Nezumi over to lay on the other side. The older male slid into the bed on his knees and leaned over Shion's face, his eagerness growing once he caught sight of the cute sleeping face the boy made. Nezumi tilted Shion's face towards his own and captured his lips in a lingering kiss, prying the boy's lips apart slightly so he could sneak his tongue ever so slightly inside. Shion let out quiet, breathy moan which sent chills running down Nezumi's spine and causing his cock to grow harder than it had already been. Nezumi released Shion's lips and began kissing lightly down the boy's neck and stopping to suck and bite at one spot. Shion gasped slightly and his eyes began to open slowly. Once he caught sight of Nezumi, confusion filled his gaze until he realized what was happening.

"What the FUCK!" Shion shouted, jolting upright and clasping a hand over the spot Nezumi had been marking on his neck.

Nezumi smirked and sat back. "Morning, princess."

"You…What…What were you doing?" Shion babbled.

Rolling his eyes, Nezumi responded, "What do you think I was doing?"

"You were molesting me!" Shion yelled indignantly.

"I was most certainly not! You were enjoying it! Those little noises you were making… Mm.." Nezumi said seductively, purring into Shion's ear.

Shion's face turned a bright shade of red and he shut his eyes as he clasped his hands over his ears trying to block out Nezumi. "I…I was not! I was asleep…"

Nezumi's index finger traced the scar along Shion's face and curved under his chin, tilting his head up slightly. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed."

The boy smacked Nezumi's hand away. "Why are you doing this? You're a complete stranger!"

"Hey now, we've known each other for a couple hours," Nezumi said, pouting.

Shion took a deep breath and laid back against the wall. "Whatever… Just never pull that kind of shit again."

"No promises," Nezumi said, smiling.

Shion glared angrily back at the man before continuing, "So, you've never explained to me how the hell you ended up in front of my car in the middle of the road."

"Is it necessary to know?" the man asked.

"Yes it is."

Nezumi sighed deeply. "Okay then. I told you yesterday, I'm Eve. The famous model and stage actor. I perform in Broadway shows and all that. Haven't you heard of me?" Shion shook his head. "What the hell is with that. Weirdo. Anyways, it's quite a suffocating life, you know? So, I ran off. Disguised myself in commoner clothing and went off to live free. It was a good idea at the time, until I realized I can't take care of myself worth a damn. Finally, you found me and ever so kindly brought me to this… gorgeous home."

"Wow you sound like a prick," Shion laughed.

"Wow you look like a fag, but does that bother me? Nah."

Shion scowled. "Fuck you. You should go back to your luxurious lifestyle, don't you think? It seems like you've wandered enough."

"You see… That's what I thought to until you just happened to almost hit me with that shitty little Honda," Nezumi purred, leaning closer to Shion causing the boy to press his back up against the wall.

"You're saying you want to stay here?..." Shion questioned glaring defiantly into those gorgeous, gray orbs.


"No. Fucking. Way," Shion said, turning his head to the side like a stubborn child.

Nezumi laughed and leaned back once again. "I'm staying anyway. So where do you work?"

"The Rough Diamond."

Nezumi raised an eyebrow in question. "What's that? A strip club?"

Might as well be. "No. It's a restaurant."

"Ah, classy," Nezumi said, "I'll have to visit sometime."

Shion hastily grabbed Nezumi's arm. "No no no no… It's… It's not anything that good… No one likes the food anyway…"

Nezumi smiled devilishly. "Just by the way you're telling me not to go, I know you're hiding something. I'm going."

Shit. Shion turned away from Nezumi, trying to think of a way to keep the nuisance out of his workplace, when the man suddenly grabbed Shion's head and yanked it in his direction. Shion was about to shout out when Nezumi's lip clashed with his, the older male's tongue pressing forcefully into Shion's mouth. Shion squeezed his eyes shut and tried to pull away, but Nezumi had his hand pushing Shion's head against his own. Finally, Nezumi broke the kiss only for an instant before pressing their lips together again. Shion felt his heart racing and his mind began to get foggy. What's wrong with me?... The boy felt a hand slither up his loose-fitting night shirt, roaming all along his back before sliding down into his pants.

Nezumi broke the kiss once again and Shion panted, "S..Stop. I feel.. Weird.."

Nezumi slid his tongue along the scar that marred Shion's perfect face and then down his neck before he yanked the boy's shirt up and over his head. He began licking at the boy's nipples harshly as he forced his way in between Shion's legs, rubbing his groin slightly against the other. Shion let out a moan that turned into a pitiful whine. His breathing became ragged as Nezumi began purposely rubbing his erection against Shion's growing cock.

"Ne-Nezumi! Stop! Something's.. ah!.. Wrong!" Shion breathed.

Nezumi smirked and didn't bother responding as he grinded even harder against the boy, seeking the friction that it created. Shion reached around Nezumi's neck and dug his fingers into the man's back, letting out little moans. The boy's breath hitched as Nezumi roughly pressed against him. Nezumi pressed their lips back together in a very sloppy kiss as he slid his tongue around Shion's mouth and Shion finally responded, pressing his heated muscle against Nezumi's. This turned Nezumi on even more and he let out a low growl as he grinded against the boy even harder, causing the bed to creak below them. Shion had lost all rationality as he sought out pleasure from Nezumi's movements. He lifted his hips against Nezumi, desperate for some kind of release.

Nezumi released Shion's lips and groaned, "Shion… Shit.. You're gonna make me come…"

Shion responded with a stream of incoherent words, all muddled as his senses became overwhelmed and his scarlet eyes glazed over in pleasure. Nezumi panted harshly, moving faster and harder as his lust grew. Shion finally let out a loud moan and came, Nezumi following short after. Shion lay limp, panting, as Nezumi collapsed on top of him. The boy seemed to be enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss before he looked down at the man and realized what had just happened.

Shion's eyes widened as he squeaked, "What… Why…"

Nezumi had fallen asleep in Shion's lap, a smile plastered on his face.

Shion leaned his head back and sighed. "What the hell…"

After sitting there for a few minutes, the boy followed Nezumi's example and fell into a slumber while leaning against the wall, not bothering to move the man off of his body.

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