Return of the Doctor's Daughter

By Skye Silverwing

Chapter 1: When things get Timey-Whimey

Jenny smiled as she piloted her ship through the treacherous area of Space Known as the Dead Man's Run, where it was said that every ship to pass through mysteriously vanished.

Honestly, how could she turn down an invitation like that? If there were missing ships, then there was something making the ships disappear. And if something was making ships disappear, who better than Jenny, Daughter of the Doctor, to find out what it was and ensure that it was stopped?

It had taken her weeks to dig up the last freighter to go missing's flight plan, and a lot of flirting, sabotage, and running to get out of the Station with it. Seriously, how was she supposed to know that the alien language on the door said "Authorized personnel only, unauthorized personnel will be shot on sight."? It wasn't like she could read every language in the Universe.

Only most of them.

As she followed the course plotted through the Run, a small light began to blink on the console in front of her. Staring at the light, she tried to recall what the instruction manual had said the light meant.

She might have consulted the manual itself about the problem, but after she and it had had a disagreement about what were appropriate repairs for her to do to damaged parts of the ship, she had decided that the two of them needed to go their separate ways, and jettisoned it into the corona of a class five star.

She thought the light either meant that the sensors were picking up an unusual reading outside, or that her hot pockets were done. She could never remember which.

A quick check of her microwave telling her that there were no hot pockets for her now and therefore, the light must mean to check the sensors, so Jenny pulled down the little screen that the sensors read out on.

She cocked her head slightly. The sensors were showing a massive surge of energy heading right toward her ship. "Well, that won't do at all." She said, "Now for some running."

Turning back to the control panel in front of her, a patchwork of repairs which Jenny had done over the five years since leaving, Jenny took hold of what looked like a fishing pole attached to a lunch box (she had never bothered to actually find the right parts) she deftly piloted the ship around the energy pulse, only to find the pulse altering its course in response.

Jenny pulled down on the Soap-on-a-rope she had replaced her throttle with, increasing her speed to the fastest she could go without engaging the FTL drive. She reached her ships maximum Sub-light velocity, but the Pulse only increased in speed with her, closing at a steady rate.

Jenny grabbed the hockey stick that was embedded in the console. Piloting the ship in a series of high speed maneuvers, she lead the energy pulse on a high speed game of tag, ducking in and around groups of asteroids, through clouds of interstellar gas, and anything else that might save her from it. Unfortunately, the pulse was not slowed in the least by the obstructions, flowing around them as easily as it would through open space.

The Scanners got a reading on the pulse just before impact. It was a surge of Heuon Particles. They were being drawn to the Teleron Radiation being emitted by her FTL drive.

Jenny's mind raced with this revelation. If the Heuon Particles reacted with the Radiation in her FTL drive…

The pulse stuck the back of the ship, traveling through the multi-phasic alloy like it wasn't even there. A moment later, a warning light activated, causing Jenny to reach for the specially programmed Magic 8-ball. "What's happening?" she asked, shaking it.

A moment later, the words began to appear in its little window. "FTL drive has been activated." It said, "Warning, No course Vector set."

The FTL Drive engaged, and Jenny instantly set to several tasks. "Okay, first, scanning space to determine our course." She said, tapping commands into the console, throwing several levers and pushing a few buttons.

A warning siren sounded. A quick glance at the 8-ball told Jenny why. "Warning:" it said, "Current Trajectory analysis indicates immanent collision with class B Star."

Jenny's eyes widened slightly. "Well," she said, "That explains why starships coming through here have been disappearing. I just need to shut my FTL down before I disappear, too."

With that, she began entering the emergency shutdown codes for the FTL drive. Unfortunately the FTL was not responding, so she had only one choice. She keyed in the full shut down for the power for the entire ship. Without decelerating, the FTL dropped back into normal space hitting Space shear and shaking the ship violently, drawing showers of sparks from several of the instrument panels around her.

With the cabin having gone dark, Jenny looked out the window. It seemed that the ship had survived dropping out of FTL. Unfortunately, it was still traveling at high speed and falling directly into the star in front of it.

Jenny knew she needed to get the impulse drive back online if she wanted to avoid a fiery death, so she began the arduous process of powering the ship back up. With the star looming large in the window, and the ship traveling at just below light speed, she estimated she had only had a few minutes in which to engage the sub-light engines before there would be no avoiding the Star's Corona. This meant cutting a lot of corners in the Twenty-minute start-up procedure.

Jenny grinned. She loved cutting corners.

Without hesitating, she reactivated the power generators. They would take a minute to reach full capacity, but she could initialize other systems while it did. Inertial dampers, life support, scanners, shields, and, finally, the sub-light drive. With time ticking down, Jenny had to move quickly enough to avoid death.

As the Sub-light engines came online, she engaged them, but the scanners reported that her current Velocity was too great for the sub-light engines to stop the ship before impact. They had enough power to roll, and turn into a low orbit and slingshot her out on the other side, though.

Jenny decided that that was the best option, so she engaged the sub-light engines to execute the roll and set the shields to protect the ship from the radiation at that low an orbit. As the orbit stabilized to achieve escape velocity on the other side, Jenny began checking other systems.

A moment later, the warning light she had seen before came back on. "What now?" Jenny asked, checking her 8-ball again.

"Warning. FTL Drive activated." The ball said, "Course Vector set. Warning: Course Vector does not correspond with known dimensional vectors."

Jenny's Eyes widened. "Oh, Shi-"

The FTL engaged, and the world went white.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

It could be said that Dr. Maretha Roan was one of the most skilled Mare Doctors in all of Equestria. She had saved dozens of lives and treated countless diseases and illnesses, making her well known in the Pony community.

What was not so well known about Maretha was that she was, in fact, a former companion of the enigmatic Stallion from another dimension; the one they called "The Doctor".

Maretha had been the one who had found him lying unconscious outside his Mysterious Box nearly ten years ago. Being a Medical Student at the time, she had attempted to administer first aide, and she had been shocked to discover that he had two hearts. It was shortly thereafter that a large number of the local mannequins came to life, and, with Maretha's assistance, the Doctor managed to stop them from hurting anypony.

After that, Maretha and the Doctor had had something of a whirlwind relationship, full of adventures as they traveled in the TARDIS, the doctor's Box, which, it had turned out, was both a starship and a time machine, and was Bigger on the inside.

They had traveled like that for a long time before Maretha realized that, though she loved him, she could not afford to spend her life with the Doctor, and she chose to leave him, and pursue her career.

The Doctor was never alone for long, however. He had four such companions since, though only the most recent, a Pegasus Pony called Derpy Hooves, had actually managed to remain with him for any decent period of time.

Maretha kept in touch, of course. They all did.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

An insistent beeping sound drilled its way into Jenny's unconscious mind, causing her eyes to flutter open. She saw the interior of her ship, but everything that was not bolted, tied or Duct Taped down was floating. This told her that the Gravity systems had been compromised. She placed a hand on a nearby bulkhead in order to right herself, and then pushed off in order to reach the instrument panel. There was a light blinking in time with the beeping. She thought it was there to inform her that the ship was about to crash.

Sure enough, out the window was a big, shining blue, green and brown sphere. A planet obviously. It was being orbited by two moons, one of which seemed to be shining like a sun.

She had little time to ponder this impossibility of nature, though, as with each second, the planet was looming larger in the window, and it appeared that the proximity alarm was the only thing still functional.

She consulted the Magic 8-ball. "Life Support off-line, Shields off-line, graviplating off-line, Sub-light engines off-line, FTL Drive off-line." It said, "Warning: Proximity censors showing imminent impact with atmosphere of M-Class Planet. Countermeasures inoperable. Predict 90% probability of ship incineration. Abandon ship."

Jenny nodded, grabbed her pack for when she was on a planet and floated into the escape pod. She shut the door and gave one last look at the ship that had been her home for the last five years, and then she hit the button to jettison the pod, and the pod shot away.

As the ship struck the atmosphere, its hull lit up with friction and it plummeted wildly through the sky, the stresses tearing it apart.

Inside, the magic 8-ball shook violently. "Hull temperature beyond maximum limits." It said, "It has been an honor to serve you, Miss Jenny. May you find what you seek. Good-bye."

The Windows shattered and the cockpit was suddenly filled with flames for just a moment before it disintegrated entirely.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Twilight Sparkle, the personal student of Princess Celestia, was calmly watching the skies through her telescope. She enjoyed watching the stars as they made their nightly dance across the sky. She found it calming to study them and make notes and record their changes over time.

After her brother's wedding, she really needed calm, so she had been overjoyed the previous evening when she had noticed a new star in the night sky. She had prepared all day and had her dragon friend, Spike, gather many books and scrolls and notebooks so that she could record everything about her new star friend.

She turned her telescope to the sky, searching for the star. Her eyes widened slightly as she found it and realized that it was moving more rapidly across the sky today than it had been the previous night, a sure sign that it was far closer. As she watched, she used her magic to take notes and make observations about the object. It was moving too quickly to be a star, or a planet, for that matter, perhaps it was an asteroid?

The mysterious object in the night sky suddenly illuminated as it became engulfed in flames. Twilight smiled brightly. It had to be an asteroid, burning up in the atmosphere, and she would be watching to observe and make notes, and maybe even compare her notes with Princess Luna, who was also an avid stargazer.

She watched as a smaller object- probably a piece of the asteroid- suddenly broke off from the flaming object as it passed overhead. She had little time to note this event, however, because the main part of the object suddenly exploded in a blast the likes of which she had never seen.

Twilight looked on in horror as the enormous detonation lit up the night sky, its down blast flattening a huge portion of the Everfree Forest, and it produced a shock wave that shook Ponyville like a violent Earthquake. All over Ponyville windows shattered, trees were knocked over, and animals fled in terror.

Twilight ran from the Library as the books fell from the walls and several vases and other items fell and shattered on the floor with Spike close on her heels.

Outside, all was devastation and disarray. Several structures had collapsed, and dozens of ponies that had not been awake were now in the streets trying to figure out what had happened.

This made it that much worse when the fire started raining from the sky. Several houses, sporting thatched roofs, had ignited immediately, making taking shelter inside impossible.

Emergency Response Ponies were already fanning out through the streets, doing their best to protect the ponies in the street from the falling flames, prevent mass hysteria, dowse the fires that were starting on the buildings, and save those that were trapped.

Twilight knew that she was needed, but her eyes were drawn to the sky one last time as a streak of light shot down from the sky. It had to be the piece of the asteroid coming down. It shot over the Everfree Forest, impacting with a deep thud. Twilight made note of its direction. She would hunt it down later. She had work to do now.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Jenny knew she was in trouble when she saw that the ship was already deep into the atmosphere, and was burning up even as the escape pod let loose. She used the pods thrusters to attempt to put some distance between herself and the ship, but she had less than thirty seconds before the ship's antimatter reactor went up.

The resulting Explosion produced a shockwave that had knocked out the attitude controls on the pod, as well as several other systems she was sure she was going to need if she was going to land this thing safely. She was lucky that the pod still had one functioning maneuvering thruster. As the pod plummeted down onto whatever planet this was, she had the thruster fire when she could to avoid impacting anything big enough to smash the pod to pieces, and steer toward what looked like a wild area of forest. As she came in, however, the thruster finally burnt out.

Bracing herself, Jenny closed her eyes as her capsule slammed into the ground at high speed, crumpling the hull like a tin can around her and slamming Jenny hard into the bulkhead.

Jenny opened her eyes, certain that her body was broken, but she still found the strength to drag herself from the remains of the pod and make her way up the crater, stopping at a certain point and pulling herself to her knees. She looked down at her hands, confirming that they were, in fact, glowing golden as her regenerative power began to take hold. She wondered who she would become.

With that thought as the last one to enter her mind, Jenny threw her head back and screamed as the Golden light burst from her flesh, rewriting and renewing her, and collapsing the earth around the pod, burying it under the forest floor before Jenny finally collapsed in a heap.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

The EMPs were skilled professionals, Twilight knew, but there were simply not enough of them to go around, so she hurried to the outskirts of town, where her help would be most needed, leaving Spike at the library to offer assistance to those in need and write to Celestia for aid.

Twilight reached the home of her friend Fluttershy, and gasped in shock. The big tree that grew next to the little cottage had fallen, crushing the side wall of the building.

Twilight ran over to the ruined structure. "Fluttershy!" she cried, concern filling her voice.

"Twilight!" came the response from within.

Twilight's heart leapt as she peered into the ruins, spotting her Pegasus friend stuck in the space formed by the fallen debris and her couch. "Are you alright?" she asked.

Fluttershy looked out at her, her eyes swimming with tears. "I- I'm alright…"she replied between sobs, "But- but Angel… He… He saved me."

Twilight's heart dropped into her hooves as she spotted the still form of the brave little bunny, crushed under the tree. Firming her resolve, she looked at her friend. "We can mourn him later." She said, "For now, there are ponies that need our help. I'm going to get you out of there."

Twilight flared the magic, surrounding the debris that held her friend in light, and levitated it up, freeing her.

Fluttershy, drawing strength from Twilight's resolve, pulled herself from the rubble and scuttled free of her house. The yellow pony shifted her wings slightly as Twilight checked her over. She was only sporting a few scratches and bruises, so she did a quick glance around to see how the rest of her animals were, confirming that they were mostly safe.

Fluttershy took one last look at her shattered home. "Alright, Twilight." she said, firmly for her own benefit, "Let's go save everypony."

Twilight nodded, glad that she was managing to appear so cool in this situation, in spite of being terrified. As they walked toward Sweet Apple Acres, she could not help be wonder what she would have done if she had found Fluttershy dead under that tree. Silently, she thanked Angel for his sacrifice.

The smoke that was rising in the direction of the Apple Family's farm was not a good sign, but Fluttershy suddenly gasped and ran ahead. "Rainbow Dash!" she cried.

Twilight ran after her and her heart nearly stopped when she saw the Rainbow haired Pegasus lying in the middle of the road, unmoving. A quick glance to the sky showed Twilight what had happened. The shockwave had destroyed Rainbow's cloud house completely, leaving the Pegasus in mid-air, falling through the chaotic winds that had followed.

Rainbow's left wing lay at an unnatural angle, and as Twilight approached, Fluttershy checked her for a pulse. "She's alive!" the Yellow pony announced, "But she is hurt pretty bad." She turned to the Violet unicorn. "Twilight, you go on to see if you can help Applejack at the Farm." She said, "I will take Rainbow Dash to the hospital immediately."

Twilight nodded, so proud that Fluttershy was able to function so well in this situation. With Rainbow's life on the line, she was glad her other friend was able to keep it together.

Twilight gave Fluttershy a quick farewell, and hurried on.

It took her a few minutes to round the bend and bring Sweet Apple Acres into view. It was a picture of devastation. The closest part of Ponyville to Everfree, The bulk of the Trees in the orchard had been uprooted or simply flattened. The house, the barn, and several of the outbuildings were on fire, and in the yard, Big Macintosh and Applejack tried desperately to extinguish the flames.

Seeing her approach, Applejack looked plaintively at Twilight. "Twilight!" she cried, "The house is on fire, and it's too hot to get inside! Applebloom and Granny Smith are still in there!"

Twilight nodded, her horn flaring surrounding herself and the orange earth pony in light. "This should protect us from the heat." She said, "Come on!"

Applejack nodded, and the two magic-shrouded ponies entered the inferno.

The two of them hurried up the stairs to the bedrooms. "Applebloom!" Applejack cried, "Where are you?"

A voice carried from Granny Smith's room. "Applejack!" Applebloom cried, coughing. "I'm in here! Granny Smith won't wake up! Help us!"

Applejack delivered a kick to the door, revealing the terrified filly and the utterly still form of Ponyville's oldest citizen. "Granny Smith!" Applejack cried in horror. "No…" Her voice wavered slightly, and she began to tremble, unable to contain her grief.

Twilight heard a heavy support beam in the roof groan with the loss of strength from the fire burning through it. "Applejack!" she cried, "There's no time! We have to get out! There is nothing we can do for her, but we can still get ourselves and Applebloom out. But we've got to go now!"

When Applejack failed to respond, Twilight was about to try again, but the beam over the hall outside groaned again and then broke with loud crack and collapsed, blocking the door.

Unwilling to let anyone else die here, Twilight flung magical energies around the three of them and hurled them through the nearby window, a huge blast of fire erupting behind them as they did. "NO!" Screamed Applejack, "GRANNY SMITH!"

The Orange Pony struggled against Twilight's magic, clearly intending to run back into the house in a vain attempt to save her already dead relative. Twilight bound her friend in magic, to stop her from endangering herself further. Applebloom, on the other hand, had passed out from the stress. Twilight deposited the Filly gently on the ground as Big Macintosh approached.

The Purple unicorn turned to Applejacks big brother, who seemed sullen, but resolute. "I am sorry about Granny Smith, Big Mac." She said, "But I need you to keep AJ and Applebloom out of trouble until they are not in danger anymore. Can you handle that?"

Big Macintosh simply nodded, aware that both of his sisters were going to test his resolution. "Eeyup." He said sadly.

Twilight nodded. "Good." She said, "I need to go check on the rest of the town."

With that, she took off down the road, Heading for Ponyville. She hoped against hope that her other friends were alright and that she would not have to see anyone else suffer such loss today.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Maretha rushed around Ponyville General Hospital as more wounded began to filter in. She and the other Doctors hurried to save those that they could. The disaster was unprecedented in Equestria's recorded history, so the Medical professionals instantly found themselves out of their depth.

Maretha winced as the sound of crying babies reached her. She turned to see a pink coated Pony with a pair of foals. Maretha instantly recognized them as Pinkie Pie and the Cake twins, Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake.

Seeing the Doctor, Pinkie rushed over to her. "Oh, Maretha Roan!" she said, worry painting her voice, "Have you seen Mr. and Mrs. Cake? The blast knocked down Sugar Cube Corner while I was foalsitting. I haven't been able to find them yet."

Maretha gasped. "You weren't inside when it happened, were you?" she asked, attempting to ascertain if the Pink Pony was injured.

Pinkie shook her head. "My Pinkie sense warned me something bad was about to happen, so I took the foals outside." She said. "I hope Mr. and Mrs. Cake are ok. Have they been here?"

Maretha shook her head. "They have not been here, but if I see them, I will let them know you are looking for them." She said, "Why don't you take the little ones over to the Library? I hear that Cheerilee and Spike have set up a shelter there."

Suddenly, the door behind them burst open. "I need help!" The yellow coated Pegasus cried as she entered, carrying a limp blue Pegasus on her back.

Maretha gasped and hurried over, but Pinkie reached them first. "Oh, no!" the Pink Pony cried, "Fluttershy, what happened to Rainbow Dash?"

Fluttershy shivered slightly. "It looked like her cloud house was destroyed by the blast." She said. "The cloud itself was blown away."

The Implication was staggering. The city of Cloudsdale was built on similar clouds.

Maretha's eyes widened, then she took a breath and put on a professional face. "We don't have time to worry about the implications of that." She said, "Let's get Rainbow into the exam room. Once we have saved those we can reach, then we can worry about those we can't."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Twilight Sparkle entered the Town and was shocked to see the devastation that the explosion had wrought on the town she had come to think of as her home. She gave a long shudder when she saw the ruins of City Hall. She truly hoped that there was no one in there when it collapsed. She asked one of the EMPs where she could help, and they pointed her toward Rarity's.

When she reached the Carrousel Boutique, she stared in shock. The flimsy glass and supports structure had been flattened as well. Rarity's livelihood was destroyed, but more importantly, there were cries for help coming from within the rubble.

Twilight brought her magic to bear and began flinging beams and broken glass aside. She shifted a large chunk of rubble to the side and revealed her purple-maned unicorn friend, her usually pristine white mane stained with blood. But she was not the problem. Cradled in her hooves, lay the unmoving form of Sweetie Belle. The Filly was covered in a combination of her own and her sister's blood.

Rarity looked up at her friend plaintively. "T-Twilight…" she struggled out, "Sweetie Belle… She's–"

Twilight closed her eyes and her horn began to emit a soft light, the light enveloping Rarity's sister, and lifting her gently from the rubble. The Filly hung limply within the field of energy, not responding at all, but she was still breathing.

Twilight looked at Rarity. "She's still alive!" she told her. "Let me get you out, and then we can get the two of you to the Hospital."

Rarity shook her head. "Leave me." She said, "My… my rear legs are broken. I will only slow you down… Get Sweetie to safety."

Twilight stared at her friend in disbelief for a moment, but a cry from behind her stopped her from needing to respond.

"Oh, no, Sweetie Belle!"

Twilight turned to see a red Pegasus Filly standing not far from wear Sweetie Belle hovered, safe in the cocoon of magical light.

"Scootaloo." Twilight said, taking in the sight of the Filly and her ever-present scooter, "You should not be here. You need to get home as quick as you can. It is dangerous out here with all the debris."

The blank-flanked youth set herself defiantly. "But I want to help!" she declared, "Sweetie Belle is my friend. I can't leave her now."

Twilight was touched by the conviction in the Filly's voice. Then she had an idea. "Scootaloo, you have your Scooter." she said, "Do you think that with the wagon over there, you could get Sweetie Belle to the hospital without hurting her?"

Scootaloo's eyes widened for a moment, and then she looked at the wagon and her friend, and the look on her face became one of sure resolve. "I will do it." She said firmly. "I won't leave my friend. I will get her there safely."

With that, Scootaloo began attaching the wagon to the scooter, and Twilight turned back to the pile of rubble. "Rarity, I am going to get you out." She said firmly. "I won't leave MY friend behind anymore than Scootaloo will hers."

Rarity attempted to protest, but found herself enveloped in Twilight's magic and lifted gently from the ruins of her business. Twilight carefully placed Sweetie Belle's unconscious form on the wagon, securing her as best she could, and then nodded to Scootaloo, who began to flap her wings, creating thrust as she navigated the streets, casting an occasional worried glance back at her injured friend.

Twilight followed at a slower pace, using her magic to hold Rarity's legs still and off the ground, while steadying her and helping her follow the younger ones to the Hospital.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Maretha Roan was talking quietly with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy about Rainbow Dash's condition in the Lobby of the hospital while Pound and Pumpkin slept. The Rainbow-maned Pegasus had been lucky. She had suffered a few broken bones and had some major bruising, but all evidence showed that she would be able to pull through after a little while of bed rest.

They all turned when the front door burst open and Scootaloo rode into the Lobby, being carefully mindful of a seriously injured Sweetie Belle in the wagon towed behind her scooter. "Doctor!" the young Pegasus cried, "She needs a Doctor!"

Maretha leapt to her feet and rushed to the Unicorn's side, checking Sweetie's vitals and confirming that she was badly injured. Fluttershy, following the Doctor, gasped when she saw the state of the filly, her face becoming a mask of grim resolve.

The yellow Pegasus turned to the Filly that had conveyed the wounded. "What happened?" she asked, knowing that the answer could affect how Maretha chose to treat Sweetie's injuries.

Scootaloo looked from the Pegasus to the Doctor to her friend. "She was in her sister's shop when the blast hit." She replied. "The whole place collapsed. I was looking for my friends and Twilight Sparkle had just pulled Sweetie Belle from the rubble. She suggested using my scooter to bring Sweetie here while she stayed behind to get Rarity out. They should be here soon."

Fluttershy was about to inquire into Rarity's condition when she was cut off by a groan. Sweetie Belle was coming around.

The lavender maned Unicorn shifted slightly and then opened her eyes. "Oooh…" she moaned, "What happened?"

Maretha firmly kept her from trying to sit up. "Careful, Sweetie Belle." The Pony Doctor said, "You got caught up in a disaster, and you are injured. You were lucky you survived."

Sweetie Belled shuddered slightly. "Is my sister okay?" she asked in a small voice.

Scootaloo stepped up and smiled slightly at her friend. "Twilight Sparkle is bringing her." She said, "I used my scooter to get you here faster."

Sweetie smiled at the sight of her friend, reassured, but then her eyes widened. "Scootaloo!" she cried, pausing to wince slightly as the effort aggravated her injuries, "Y-your Cutie Mark!"

The assembled ponies looked at Scootaloo, who, blushing slightly under the attention, also looked at her own flank. There, nestled in the red fur, was a clear image of Scootaloo's Scooter, with a stylized red medical cross above it.

Pinkie Pie smiled broadly. "It looks like your special talent is the transport and protection of the wounded." She said, "You are going to be a great ambulance driver, and a wonderful addition to the ranks of Ponyville's EMPs."

Scootaloo's blush was hidden by her red fur, though she was clearly uncomfortable in the spotlight. She looked at Sweetie Belle, her face suddenly becoming more firm, and addressed the concern she saw there. "I may have my Cutie Mark now, but that does not mean I am done being a Crusader." She said, "We still have to get you and Applebloom your Cutie Marks. After you get better, of course."

Sweetie Belle smiled at her friend's allaying of her unspoken fear. She was about to thank her for that when the door behind her burst open once again, revealing Twilight Sparkle and a now unconscious Rarity.

Twilight rushed the badly wounded Unicorn over to the Doctor. "Doctor Roan!" she cried, "Rarity needs your help, Right Now!"

Maretha, having ensured that none of Sweetie Belle's injuries were life-threatening, turned to look at the little one's sister.

It was immediately apparent that Rarity's injuries were far worse than those of her sister. In fact, if Maretha did not manage to perform a remarkable miracle of medical science very quickly, the bearer of the Element of Generosity would die very soon. "Nurse!" she cried, "Prep the ER! Get me every pair of hooves you can find gloved up and in there NOW!"

Twilight and the others looked on as the Nurses rushed to make the necessary preparations. "What can we do?" The Purple unicorn asked at the Doctor's retreating back.

Maretha did not pause, but gave a serious glance backward. "You can pray." She said.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

Zecora the Zebra groaned as he dragged herself from the pile of kindling that had once been her hut. She had been lucky that her home had not been built of tougher stuff, and it had not hurt her badly when it collapsed on her. She looked at the surrounding forest, shocked to see trees that had stood for as long as she could remember felled by the same force that had devastated her hut.

She picked her way carefully through the fallen trees, trying to make her way back to civilization. Clearly the damage had spread, far and wide, so it was possible the Pony Townsfolk would need her help.

She had been going for a short time when she came upon a deep gouge in the forest floor. She was surprised to see it here, but she was more surprised to see a young, blond haired light brown-coated Filly lying at the edge of it.

Zecora approached the Filly carefully. "How odd to find a Pony child, this far out into the wild." Zecora rhymed as she checked on the Filly, "This filly girl is caked with dirt, but does not appear to be hurt."

She looked the Filly over once more and a wisp of some kind of golden mist drifted from the young one's lips, causing her to flinch back. "Inside the forest I have seen a range, but even for me this counts as strange." She said, "If something strange has laid her low, I must take her to the Ponies. They should know."

With that, the Zebra hoisted the Pony child onto her back and carried her in the direction of Ponyville.

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

The rhythmic beeping of the monitor suddenly cut off and was replaced by a steady keening. Everypony in the room reacted immediately.

"She's coding!" cried one, "Get the paddles up here!"

Another brought the Crash Cart over, charging it as she stepped forward, and announced. "CLEAR!"

All of the ponies working on the pony on the table pulled back, and the one with the defibrillator pressed the paddles to the pony's chest, sending voltage through her body with a loud thump. The ponies watched the monitor for a moment hoping it would normalize. The keening continued.

"Again!" called the surgeon.

The Defibrillator Pony stepped forward again. "CLEAR!" Again the ponies pulled back; again the paddles pressed to the dying pony's chest, again the voltage flowed through her.

They waited once more, and then one of the Doctors shook her head. "I'm calling it." She said, "She is dead."

.o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o. .o0o.

A.N. This has turned out far different than I envisioned it to begin with. It was not originally supposed to be a disaster fiction. Things got out of my control and now it is what it is. I tried not to have any explicitly gory scenes, though there were a fair number of deaths in this.

I want people's opinions of this one. Seriously. I am not sure how I feel about how it turned out, and if I don't get some opinions, suggestions and such, I may not continue it.