"Please? I-I'll do anything! Just...please!"

There was a sigh, very frustrated. "What part of 'Go away' don't you understand?" The boy before her was very persistent, even though she could tell how terrified he was. The black haired boy stood straighter, as if he was trying to match his (hopefully) new sensei's height. Or at least look slightly intimidating. "I understand, but...I want to get stronger! You can help right?"

"Are you that desperate?" The boy blushed. "I-I wouldn't say desperate..." She smiled inwardly. He was amusing."I would." The blush deepened, and his embarassed expression turned into a depressed looking one. "Oh...heh..." He turned away and it started raining. He just sat in the middle of the almost non-existent path. That had been his last chance to get stronger so others wouldn't have to protect him, and he blew it. At least that was what he thought, until the rain stopped suddenly. He looked up to see the strange stained glass pattern that spread across the magnificent being's shredded wings.

Her crystalline blue eyes watched in amusement as he reached up to touch it. It was funny how he hesitated. "They will not tear more than they have already. Not even your strongest captain's weapon can pierce it." The look she got was one of suprise, though she understood. "I used to take pride in my wings, but they were torn like this during our war with the shinigami. They blamed us for what the true enemy did." The boy looked to her and smiled. "I can heal your wings for you, but you have to help me. Deal?"

"Whatever kid, but if I'm to be your teacher I will not be to kind. And you are not my student. Like the others, you are an assistant. You may refer to me as Tikoga-sama or Tikoga-sensei." The boy nodded in response. " I live farther up the mountain. Continue along this path, and follow the purple cacti once it disappears. You will know my lair once you see it. Try to spot any mysteries along the way. There are many." And with that the rain started to fall again and he watched as his new Sensei disappeared from sight. He started along the path, looking around.

The first thing he noticed was the bones. He wouldn't have seen them if he wasn't looking, but the bleached white of them caught his attention. It was a little of the path, but he was curious about them. The bones were in a clearing, stacked and tied together to make some sort of temple. In the center of the bone structure sat a stone slab, there were specks of red on it. That was very terrifying so he fled.

As he continued, he passed a few people, a lot of whom wore braided twine jewlery. Maybe it was the fashion up here? Then there was the pendent, it was made of rubies with three kanjis surrounded by a three headed serpent. He was excited. Sensei would probably love to hear of these strange things! While he continued upward, he tripped on something. Part of the ground stood up and it looked like nothing was under it. Just blackness. Closer inspection revealed it to be a cover, and not just for anything. It led into an ancient looking sewer. What if it was part of the sewers underneath the Seretei?

And then he reached the cacti...

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