"Bow to your goddess!"

The shout echoed from above, where a long-haired silhoute stood. Just then the rocks beneath her slipped and she fell forward, rolling down and bouncing off rocks, swearing all the way. She landed, and lay there without moving. Hanataro sweatdropped as Kage returned and Tikoga spoke. "That's Goldie. She's a bit full of herself." "That's not her name, Tikoga, and you know it." Kage said as hanataro went to check on her. He knelt by her side, smiling nervously.

"Hey...are you okay?" He asked. At the new voice the girl perked up, leaning on her arms for support. She smiled back and cheerfully replied,"I'm fine! It takes lots more ta kept me down!" She was covered in bruises, had a bloody nose and a large cut on her forehead. As the two talked, four children appeared at the entrance to a cave, where Kage shooed them back inside. Tikoga turned to listen to the conversation between her two assistants.

"...And then I poured boiling grape juice on him, an' now, he's purple!"

"Are you sure that was safe?"

"Nope! Hey what's yer name?"

"Hanataro. What's yours?"


"Alright, Flower, you go with Kage. He'll lend you some clothes." Tikoga stated as she approached. She recieved blank looks from both of her young assistants. "Did you forget about our annual party, Goldie?" The girl nodded happily, and the she-dragon sighed. "What party?" Hanataro asked. "It's Goldie's birthday as well as my initiation day."

"Initiation day is the day that Tikoga was crowned Queen of the Dragons." Ryuukin explains. Hanataro stood there for a moment."So...I'm the assistant of a dragon queen?" Tikoga nodded."Listen, just go with Kage, but whatever you do, don't go near anything made of glass, any cacti, or any water deeper than a couple centimeters." Hanataro looked like he was about to say something, but the others just said,"Don't ask."

Hanataro stood nervously tugging on the sleeve of the white shirt that was at least a size too big. He also had a pair of black pants on and dress shoes, all courtesy of the strange black dragon. Said dragon came up behind him and put his clawed hand on his shoulder. "Yo kid! You should probably meet a few of the guests. Look! There's Chaos and Phoenix! Chaos was the previous Queen, she gave up the title after the war to be with Phoenix."

"B-but...their both...girls...and their not even the same species..." Hanataro commented, slightly creeped out.

"Well, they say that love knows no bounds. They also say it's blind, scary, nerve-wracking, greatest thing in your life, a bitch, pimp, whore, down righ- Hey! When'd you get all the way over there?" Kage ranted before realizing that he had not only gathered a crowd, but scared Hanataro back a good fifty feet. "OH look! It's Ryuu-tan!" The dragon pointed at the girl, who's hair was pulled into a ponytail. She wore a knee-length blue dress, without shoes. Hanataro blushed.

"Hana-kun!" She ran over and hugged him, grinning broadly."You survived Kage! I'm so glad!" Hanataro blinked. "Survived? I guess, but I think I'm mentally scarred now." Ryuukin gave him a reasuring pat on the back. "Yeah, that happens to everyone he meets. Anyway, why not come and meet my friends!" She began to drag him to a large group of people. "Hey guys! Come meet my new friend!"