Babydoll sat in the bathroom, crying her eyes out. It was actually the first real tears she had shed since her mother's death. Somehow, she hadn't cried at all, not during her mother's sickness, death, or her funeral. Babydoll hadn't even cried when she had accidentally killed her sister. She had been numb to it all.

But this? Where she was, what she was expected to do? That was the crummy icing on top of the maggot-infested cake.

She thought about all that she had seen while working backstage, and that just made her cry harder. It was like the universe was punishing her for something she didn't know she had done.

Babydoll didn't even realize that Rocket had walked in until she sat down next to her. For a minute, Babydoll wanted to tell her to leave, to leave her alone and let her wallow in misery. But for some reason, she just couldn't bring herself to do it. If it had been anyone else, Babydoll would've asked that they leave, but she felt safe with Rocket.

Rocket put her arm around Babydoll, a little akwardly, unsure of what to do. Babydoll leaned into her, taking peace in her closeness, something that she hadn't felt since her family died.

Babydoll sobbed into Rocket's shoulder and after a minute Rocket patted her comfortingly on her back.

"Shh," Rocket murmured gently into her hair, "It'll be alright."

Babydoll didn't reply, just held onto Rocket with everything she had, making the most of a comfort that she was sure wouldn't last.