Number 5! Here is a classic! A fixture of the business since its Golden Age! (Circa 2007-Present)

#5-Naruto Uzumaki

From- The Naruto Series

Billed From- Konohagakure; Konoha; Village Hidden in the Leaves; Leaf Village; Land of Waves...whatever...synonyms...

Debut: 2002

Signed to- CWF, AWF (Formerly), WWE, WWT

Finishers- Ninja Kick (Superkick), Curse Seal (Over the Shoulder Reverse Piledriver) Tombstone Piledriver

Accomplishments- CWF Championship, Toon World Championship, AWF Shounen Championship, CWF Tag Team Championship, Toon Tag Team Championship, Toon Intercontinental Championship, Toon European Championship, Royal Rumble 2008

Best Matches-


Vs. Danny Phantom (c) CWF Championship/Full Contact (W) s/3644292/28/#d_menu

Vs. Mr. Eddy Street Fight CWF Championship/Heavy Impact (W) s/3644292/36/

Vs. Danny Phantom 60 Minute Ironman Match CWF Championship/Wrestleversary (W) s/3644292/48/#d_menu

Vs. Rojo Bat Two out of Three Falls Match/Heavy Impact 3 (W) s/3644292/132/

AWF: n/a


Vs. Binky Barnes Last Man Standing Match/Survivor Series 2011 (W) s/6352528/18/

Famed Rivalries-

Of All Time: Sasuke

CWF: Jake Long, Rojo Bat

AWF: n/a

Animated: Binky, Undertaker

A career filled with nothing but surprise and amazement, Naruto always made us "Believe It!" when it came to his skill.

In 2002, a young spiky blonde debuted in manga covers, animes, and a WWF Ring. He would actually become the last person to debut in the WWF, as it would be renamed into The WWE the next week.

The blonde boldly stated that he would "-become World Champion in no time! Believe It!" He would finish his first opponent, Ed, and proclaim dominance. His pranking and plotting made him seem childish and heel, but it seemed to make him endear to the crowd.

In July of 2002, Vince McMahon would come out on Monday Night RAW and tell every Fictional Character that effective immediately, they would be explicitly confined to Animated. The Toons, finding this unfair seeing as to how their show was only an hour and they needed all the time they could get in order to perform. After weeks of negotiation, Mr. McMahon made a deal: one of Animated's stars would face a star of Mr. McMahon's choosing from the main roster. They fool-heartidly accepted, and Mr. McMahon chose Naruto as their representative. And who did McMahon choose from the main roster?

The guitar riff growled...the bass picked up...

...And Paul Heyman walked out with King of the Ring Winner Brock Lesnar. The roster cried that it wasn't fair, and Champion Ash suggested he should go in his place. But all deals were final. Naruto vs. Brock Lesnar that night on Animated.

The two rookies fought in a match that began with Lesnar domination; but Naruto would, in what became the biggest upset in history, land a Tornado DDT, followed by a Ninja Kick and pin the Next Big Thing for Animated. This began a huge push for the kid, who was named Number One Contender for The World Title by Ash himself. They fought in a TLC Match, reminiscent of Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy's Ladder Match a while ago. Naruto came up short, but would win The European Title two weeks later from Davis on Smackdown. (But not before him, Sasuke, and Sakura suffered successive Stunners the RAW before. At Summerslam, he would engage in a feud with The Digidestined, who re-christened themselves as The Digi-nWo that very night, joining the invading stable. TK would beat Naruto for The Title that night, but Naruto would later beat Tai at the next PPV, Unforgiven. Naruto would win The Toon IC Title from Andy on Smackdown. Naruto became such a fixture on the blue show that he began calling himself "Mr. Smackdown". However, this begat a huge change.

He not only got cockier, he would begin to willingly diss the fans. The wins and fame got to his head. And this became even more evident when he challenged Undertaker to a Match. Big Evil wanted no piece of the runt, but Naruto became persistent; interfering in Taker's matches, having The Konoha 12 debut and attack him, and even stealing his bike! However, since he was also busy with A-Train & The Big Show, he couldn't fight him at Mania. Which is why he fought Naruto the next week at Toonamania, Vince McMahon's idea for having a Animated only Mania. Taker and Naruto fought there, where Naruto would steal The Deadman's Tombstone Piledriver and pin him 1-2-3, once again surprising the fans. Many counted this as making Taker 11-1 at Mania, but others dispute that only at the Main Wrestlemania would this count. But McMahon, ashamed of Toonamania's buyrates, ordered every back to statis quo before TM, so Naruto's win was classified as null and void. (This was actually carried out because of several kayfabe referee mistakes. Toonamania's failure still lives on...just like The XFL...)

Naruto would turn face once more and win The Tag Titles with Sasuke, but lose them to Toad & Blob due to Sasuke's obsession with his brother, Itachi.

In 2004, Naruto and his friends entered a bloody rivalry with Animated GM Triple H and Evolution. Whoever was World Heavyweight Champion was Animated GM as well. Triple H was a maniacal Manager (Earlier in the year during a Luffy vs. Davis match, Luffy would lose...and be fired by HHH. He would also fire Wolverine after the mutant disrespected him.) Naruto, wanting to end the oppression, would challenge HHH to The Ninja Gauntlet.

The Ninja Gauntlet, done only once, is a contest where The Champ fights every male member of The Konoha 12 for week, usually fighting 2 a night. Every match is for The World Title. If someone defeats The Champ, they must finish the gauntlet or until they lose the belt themselves. Triple H would defeat and bloody every Konoha 12 male, until Naruto defeated Triple H on a special Smackdown appearance. Naruto became GM of Animated, but lost The belt on the Saturday on Animated.

In 05, he joined Jake Long, Aang, and Juniper Lee, the team called "The Far-East Connection" and they would defeat Gohan, Gotenks, Uub, and Pan for The Triple Tag Team Titles and Women's Titles at Wrestlemania 21.

Later in the year, Naruto had won his first ever World Title, VGWA's World Championship. His contract expired and VGWA had ended their affiliation with The WWE. Naruto ran out of VGWA with The World Title and debuted it on an episode of Animated. While he was booed out of the VGWA arena, he was welcomed as a hero in Animated. He even defended it against fellow Champion Jake Long. However, Naruto lost The Title, and in August, The Triple Tag Titles were retired at Summerslam after a TLC featuring Naruto, Aang, Jake Long, and Juniper Lee vs. Gohan, Uub, Gotenks, and Pan for The Triple Tag Team and Women's Titles.

Naruto, in CWF, debuted in 2005 and immediately became a fan favorite. He would win the two United States Championships before going on to the big time. After two years, Naruto would enter the 2007 Royal Rumble at Number 1. While he had to go through an eternal barrage of critics, Naruto would do well and eventually win The 2007 CWF Rumble and go on to challenge Chiro at Wrestleversary. Naruto would defeat Chiro at Wrestleversary, but another event man would elevate himself to World Title status. Jake Long, his former partner, challenged Naruto for The Title. JC made the match official, and the two fought. Naruto was a Cursed Seal away from winning, until Omi interfered and screwed over the ninja, giving Long the win and The Title. Naruto would leave for a second, but a female version of him named Naruko debuted while he was gone. Due to the fact that Uzumaki would sexy-jutsu morph into a similar form, many thought that Naruko was Naruto. But Naruto came back, and Naruko stayed. To this day, we're still confused...

Naruto defeated Danny Phantom for his World Title, but Sasuke came and both rivals fought for The Title. Due to mysterious interference, the match was ruled a tie. It was later revealed that Mr. Eddy caused the lights to go out, and the greedy blowhard challenged Naruto to a Street fight, which the ninja accepted. Both matches were considered classics of modern CWF. At Wrestleversary, Naruto faced off with Phantom again in a Sixty-Minute Ironman Match at WV. The two put on a great match, with numerous ties. But Danny made Naruto tap, and the ninja handed The Title over to Danny with a handshake.

Meanwhile, in the WWE, Naruto would win The Rumble in 2008. He chose to face Toon Champion Ash Ketchum, but Sasuke would cash in his Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania. Naruto & Sasuke both lost to Ash, but Naruto put himself on the map once more.

In CWF, Naruto teamed up with Ichigo, Luffy, Rock Lee, and Yusuke to create Tag Team Champions The Jump Superstars. The tandem ruled The Tag Division until Riley & Jake defeated them at WV (Naruto has had a losing streak at WV since CWF's debut on FF.)

In WWE, Naruto announced that he was chosen to be a trainer in OVW in July of 2008. He had to leave The WWE. After fighting and defeating each of his Konoha 12 friends for a month in Animated, Smackdown, and RAW, "Mr. Smackdown" left the company.

But in February 2009, The Duckies (A Tag Team of The Bullies) began insulting and attacking The Konoha Team. It was then settled that Biffo Ducky would face a one night only returning Naruto. The two faced off at Wrestlemania 25, with Naruto picking up the win before leaving.

In 2010, a new company called AWF was created, and an untelevised show was had to determine first ever Champions. Naruto would win The Title and was The first Champion for AWF's debut on FF. He would lose to Davis the next PPV, and after a brief rivalry with Sasuke, was released along with the other Naruto characters.

In July of 2010, Champion Yusuke was challenged by Sasuke for The Title. After a retention, Yusuke began to beat on the boy. But that's when The music hit and Naruto returned after two years. He would challenge Yusuke for The Title, but come up short.

In October of 2011, Naruto would be in a match for The vacant Toon World Championship with Yusuke, Gohan, and Owen. After a huge match, Naruto Tombstoned Yusuke and won his first Toon World Title. But after Binky Barnes and PBS Kids jumped him afterwards, it became war. Naruto defended his Title at The Clash of the Titans, but lost due to Binky's interference. Bart won The Title before losing to Itachi a second later. Binky and Naruto feuded until Naruto defeated him in a Last Man Standing Match. Naruto went on to fight Itachi, who had injured Sasuke. Naruto attempted to have Itachi run The Ninja Gauntlet, but The Champ would injure each Ninja before they'd even make it to the ring each week. At TLC, Itachi would beat Naruto when Pein debuted and injured him as well.

In CWF, The Ninja teamed with Rojo Bat, and the two began friendly rivalry. But the rivalry turned sour when Rojo made Naruto lose by disqualification to Binky at The CWF Supershow. Naruto and Rojo had a Two out of Three Falls Match, another modern CWF classic, with Naruto winning.

Why is Naruto on here? The kid had the guts to fight Lesnar, taunt The Undertaker, and challenge Triple H. He takes failure as a stepping stone, and has made fans everywhere due to his happy, impish nature. And when a company needs a World Champion when it debuts on FF, Naruto is the one to make you look good.

What's next for Naruto? Albeit he is out of action on Animated, in WWT, he made his debut in The Rumble. And in CWF, The Rumble there is also coming up. What will the future hold for Naruto? He'll tell you nothing but good things will happen...