Not a Crybaby Ch. 01

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. . .

At eight in the morning the alarm clock comes to life with a loud ring. The sun is already high in the sky but no hand raises to shut it off. Prospects of getting to school if someone woke up right now are next to nothing. A figure rushes into the room, her blue hair flying behind her as her fingers fumble turning off the clock. Her eyes glance over the neatly made bunny bedspread and her eyebrows knit together as they land on a note atop the comforter. Mom, left early to study for my English Test! See you after school! Love, Usagi. The woman smiles and pockets the note as she heads out, happy her daughter has such initiative to do well at school. She looks to the door across the hall, her son's room. Two children, both perfect students. A mother couldn't be any prouder.

. . .

"How did you do on your English test, Usagi? I bet you did great, as usual." Umino, a geekish boy with large glasses covering a majority of his upper face, walks over to the girl's desk and waits for a response. The girl blinks and looks up from her textbook to meet the eyes of Umino and the nearby Naru. She says nothing. Umino tilts his head. "Is something wrong? If it helps, I only got a ninety five," he offers as he adjusts his glasses. Out from his pocket comes a test marked in red and he shows it to the two girls.

Usagi sniffs and pulls her own test from behind her text book. "An eighty five," she murmurs, trying to hold back from the tears forming in her eyes. She studied for a day and half for this test. The concepts still seem fuzzy in her head. She sighs and shoves the paper into her bag. "What about you, Naru-chan?" Her red haired friend purses her lips and pulls her test out to reveal a paper bearing the score of eighty six. Usagi's eyes widen and her faces falls into her hands. "My mother is going to kill me."

Naru hesitates for a moment before reaching out to pat Usagi on the back. "It can't be that bad. Eighty five is still a great score!"

"You don't know my mom."

A beat.

"You know, my mom's jewelry shop is having a huge sale!" An almost demented grin spreads across Naru's face but the blonde doesn't see, her head already turned back down to her text book. "Even we can afford a lot of it! That way you can shop until you forget about your grade!" She turns to Umino in attempt to gain his support but he shrugs his shoulders helplessly. He knows just as well as Naru no matter what they say Usagi will never give in.

Usagi just sighs and shakes her head as she gives up and shuts her textbook. "I would if I could. But my mom is going to have me on lockdown until I can bring up my grade." Her teeth find her bottom lip and she pushes herself up from the desk. Class ended about five minutes ago and by now the rush to get off campus has certainly died down. "Thank you for the offer, though." And with a small wave, the small blonde is off.

I don't want to go to study group today.

Reaching the front of campus her figure stops, looking each way. To the right is the direction she needs to study. To the left is home. The latter means facing the wrath of her mother sooner. But...studying. After getting the English test back the concept of studying seems far too tiring.

She turns left.

Usagi's feet drag slowly against the sidewalk as she makes the trek home. Many storefronts come and fall behind her but it isn't until she reaches the Crown Arcade that she stops. A bright poster advertising the Sailor V game catches her eye. The blond hero seems to have everything in the world. "I bet Sailor V doesn't have to worry about grades and strict mothers," she sighs. Her fingers pull her test out once more and she stares hard at the score. Wind rustles her hair as she frowns, turning away from the game center. But before she can make her escape her body makes contact with another. Usagi jumps back instantly, the test falling from her fingers, and her face flushes a bright red.

"I-I'm sorry!

"You've got to be more careful, Bun Head." A man with midnight blue eyes and a green jacket smiles at the girl in front of him. Her face just becomes redder and nods before looking down to the floor. He raises an eyebrow at her silence. She remains immobile and bashful, a sight he never really sees out in town. As Usagi steps to the side, ready to flee, he quickly steps in front of her once again. Surely this silence is unnatural. "Is everything okay?"

She shakes her head. Blond pigtails whip around. Maybe she should have gone to study group. Then she wouldn't be in this mess. Not only is it completely rude to run into someone, but it's another to just not respond when talked to. Every step she tries to take away the man matches it, blocking her way every time. This time her head snaps up. "I'm sorry, but I need to be heading home right now." Her tone is soft and she falters on some of the words but its enough to have him pause long enough for her to completely walk around him and start up a run. Completely forgotten is the test she dropped on the floor upon impact.

His eyes follow her for a few seconds before a white paper at his feet catches his eyes. "Bun head, I think you dropped something!" But it's too late. She's not listening and besides, she's out of earshot. He reaches down and plucks it from the ground, turning it over in his fingers. Eighty Five. "Not bad," he muses before glancing to the top corner. "Usagi Tsukino." Folding the test, he pushes the paper into his jacket before turning back in the direction he was headed. "I'll remember that."

. . .

Once Usagi reaches the street her home is on her run slows to a glacial pace. She skipped cram school as well as got a B on her English test. Ikuko is sure to kick her out. Again. The blonde sighs and braces herself for the impending argument as she swings the front door open. Ikuko pops her head from the kitchen. "You're home early, Usagi."

Her words are harmless in and of themselves but each syllable is a stab wound to Usagi's mind. Already, her mother is mad. She bites her lip and looks away as she begins to slip her shoes off. "N-No reason."

But the blue haired woman knows better. "Aren't you supposed to be at cram school right now?" Her daughter nods slowly and continues to avoid eye contact and maintain her distance. Ikuko raises an eyebrow. "And you aren't there why?" The demand causes Usagi to flinch.

"I-I just...I didn't want to go," Usagi mumbles feebly. On second thought studying would have been better. That way she could have prolonged this and maybe avoided this argument; her father is far less strict when it comes to grades and he is the only one who can get Ikuko to calm down. Maybe not going could be a distraction, though. Maybe the blue-haired mother would be so mad about skipping cram school the English results coming back today will slip her mind.

Moments pass by silently as Ikuko struggles to take in her daughter's words.

"Why. Didn't. You. Want. To. Go?"

Each word punctuated. A sure sign of her anger. The blonde shrugs and tries to back away. No matter how hard she tries she won't be able to pretend to be brave. Her mother is her one weak point. There is no speaking against her. Especially when she happens to be mad. Ikuko sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Usagi, being coy isn't going to help you now. Were those friends of your distracting you? I told you, they're a bad influence!" She nods in agreement with herself. Naru and Umino are the things that keep Usagi from reaching her full potential. Friends and good grades do not mix in any way shape or form.

It's the last straw for Usagi. Her back straightens and she looks her mother in the eye. "A bad influence? Mama, they're my only friends! You scared everybody else away!" Her mind flickers to the countless amount of classmates Ikuko made sure never spoke to her again. This has been going on for eight years and Naur and Umino are the only ones brave enough to even consider the concept of a strict mother. "Umino ever got a better grade than me on last week's test!"

Her blue eyes go wide and a gasp shoots from her throat. It came out so fast! Usagi presses her lips together knowing there's no way to avoid it now. The cat is most definitely out of the bag.

"What?" Ikuko's ears perk and her ears burn a bright red. "Are you talking about the test you studied for a day and half for?" Usagi simply nods, waiting for the yelling to die down. It doesn't. "Let me see it!" She thrusts her hand out to her daughter, her hand open for the test.

Usagi shakes her head. It's one thing talking about the test and It's the same thing letting her mom seeing the results. No matter what happens the anger won't cease for a while. Ikuko persists and shakes her hand.

The blonde whimpers and opens her bag, not seeing the test. Her fingers pull things aside but still nothing. "I-I can't find it."

Her mom sighs and narrows her eyes. "Give me your bag." Usagi silently hands over the black briefcase, bracing herself for the worst. "Little brat, lying to me about things," she mutters, turning the bag over. Assorted notebooks and pencils fly out but no test. Unknowing to Usagi her test is still with the man who she ran into earlier that day.

Ikuko stares hard at the supplies now cluttering her floor. She reaches down to push everything back into the briefcase before rising with it in her hand. "What did you get on this test that you had the nerve to hide it from me?"

"Eighty five percent."

Eighty five. That's fifteen away from perfect. Too far. The blue haired housewife shoves the briefcase back at Usagi before her voice drops to an icy tone. "I want you out of my house, Usagi."

Usagi nods, fighting back tears before turning and leaving without another word.

When the door slams behind her Usagi has the strongest urge to break down and cry. But she stops herself. Shingo will be home any minute now and seeing his sister weak is not something he needs to see. She takes a deep breath and walks quietly back to the street, her briefcase held tightly in her feet are her guidance. And soon enough she finds herself back in the Juuban Shopping District.

In the shopping center the girl's senses are overwhelmed with the colors and chatter of the afternoon rush she never experienced. Girls still in school uniforms scamper through stores giggling with their friends as they try on clothes. Guys walk in wall-like lines, talking millions of words a minute about girls and sports. Usagi's blue eyes widen taking in what seems to be a magical world. But she has no idea where she is in relevance to her home anymore. Her body has been bumped and turned and pushed all through the area. But finally as Usagi looks at some of the taller buildings around her she bumps into someone on her own. As an apology spills from her mouth, she looks ahead of her to see the same raven-haired man she bumped into earlier.

"I-I'm sorry! A-Again."

"We've got to stop meeting like this, Bun Head."

Usagi's face heats up and she fumbles with another apology before her words die on her tongue at sight of his warm smile. And even for just a second, she forgets all her troubles from the day.

"I'm sorry," she repeats, biting her lip. "It's's been a bad day for me. I'll try to stop getting in your way." The blond teenager offers a small bow before turning away. Might as well reconfigure herself and maybe try and find her way home. Ikuko may have calmed down even just a little bit. But in the midst of her thoughts, her feet stumble over a piece of uneven concrete.

Quickly, the young man grabs Usagi's wrist, pulling her straight-defeating the fall. "You have to be careful, Usagi-san," he jokes, not realizing as her name slips out.

Hearing her name Usagi pulls her hand away from him and whips around. "Ho-How do you know my name?" Her voice shakes and she looks the man up and down. He doesn't look like a stalker-but these days who could possibly know? She preps herself to run from the scene, awaiting the answer.

He smiles sheepishly, realizing his mistake before pulling the folded paper out of his jacket. His fingers smooth it out and he holds it up. "You dropped this last time we met. I tried to catch you but you were long gone."

That's why I couldn't find my test in my bag!

She rips her test from his hands, knowing if she just had this test earlier life would have been a lot easier. First of all, Ikuko wouldn't have emptied her bag. Second of On second thought, nothing else would have changed. But still it takes forever for her to get her bag organized the way she liked. "What?"

'If it helps, I'm Mamoru Chiba."

"M-Mamoru-san," she says, testing the name on her tongue. It means protector and in a sort of way the name is cute. After all, he just saved her from falling. Not only would it have hurt but it would also been embarrassing. He just smiles at her. Usagi's eyes widen and she turns away. She must look like a fool...

And as he watches Usagi walk away for the second time that day, Mamoru curses under his breath. He probably just freaked her out to no end. It's just...hearing his name from her lips made his heart swell in an almost...nostalgic way. "Whatever." Shaking his head, the man turns and heads back in the direction of his apartment.

. . .

Once she moved a safe distance away from the man she now knows as Mamoru Chiba, Usagi stops herself and leans against a wall. How weird can I look? Her lips purse and she tilts her head back to face the direction she just came from. She's only seen him twice, but it feels like he's far more familiar than a guy she just meets randomly in the street. After all-the possibility of meeting the same person on the street is close to...

Her math is cut off by a deep hiss and sadistic laughter rings out after the fact from a nearby alley. Usagi's heart quickens at the sound and she peeks her head around the corner to find a group of young boys in ripped clothing huddled in a half moon around a black cat. Their grubby hands all hold sticks and thrust them at the cat. "Stab at its stomach, maybe it'll hiss again," one kind suggests with a devious smile.

Anger bubbles up from within the blonde as she watches the young children's antics and she rushes into the alley. "Hey! Stop that!" Her fists settle at her hips and the kids jump back. "Do you want me to poke you guys with a stick?" She screams, letting her anger fly from her core, her voice cracking on the words. The boys make no argument, seeing as they don't want to get into any trouble, and quickly escape the scene.

"Little brats." Beating up cats on their free time. It's as if their parents don't care what they do in their free time. Her eyes gaze at the cat who looks slightly better than worse for wear. "Poor Kitty-san," she coos, scooping the cat into her arms. "I would bet your day has been worse than mine, huh?"

The cat meows, looking up curiously at the blonde. "I wish I could take you home. But momma is mad at me and I don't know when I will be let back in. She's always like this when I-" Usagi stops herself, smiling. "I'm sorry, you probably don't want to hear about my problems considering your current condition." Her fingers stokes the kitty for a moment before her eyes lay sight on the criss-crossed bandages. "Hmm? Did those mean boys do this too?" Carefully, Usagi lifts the sticky material from its forehead to reveal a gold crescent.

But before Usagi can get a closer look the cat jumps from her arms. The small animal lets out a confused grunt and Usagi jumps back. "I-I'm sorry, Kitty-san!" Her arms drop to her side and she looks warily at the cat before rushing out of the alley without another word.

The cat moves into a passive stance and looks curiously at the exit of the alley. There's something "Is it possible?" A female voice whispers softly. "Can this girl possibly be Sailor Moon?"

. . .

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