Not a Crybaby (Pending Title)

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. . .

An alarm clock rings, showing the time of eight in the morning. The sun is already high in the sky and the alarm keeps going. A figure rushes into the room, her blue hair flying and turns off the screeching clock. She glances at the empty made bed, puzzled as she picks up a note that lies atop the bedspread. 'Mom, left early to study for my English test, see you after school! Love, Usagi,' the note read. The woman smiles and pockets the note as she heads out, smiling to herself about how into school her daughter is. She wishes silently that her son would be more like her blonde daughter.

. . .

"Usagi, what did you get on your English test?" Umino asks a blonde girl with buns sitting upon her head. She blinks her blue eyes and looks up from a textbook and meets the eyes of Umino and Naru, her gaze sad. Umino tilts his head in confusion, what wrong? If it helps, I only got a ninety five," He offers, readjusting his glasses. He then holds out his test, marked up slightly in red.

She sniffed and brought out her own test, "An eighty five percent," she says softly, a tear running down her pale face. She crumbles up her test and shoves it into her bag. She glances at Naru and wipes the tears from her eyes. She takes a stabilizing breath before continuing, "What about you, Naru-chan?" Her voice quivers and she can't help another tear from falling. Her red-headed friend purses her lips and pulls out a test bearing the grade of eighty six. Usagi's eyes widen and she puts her face into her hands, "My mother is going to kill me."

Naru pats Usagi on the back, "Come-on, cheer up, Usagi. It could have been worse," she says. She thinks for a moment as her friend stays silent. Her face brightens, "You know, my mom's jewelry shop is having a sale, even we of all people can afford it! That'll cheer you up!" Naru smiles and looks at Umino for encouragement, but he just shrugs helplessly, not knowing how to react to the girl talk. Naru rolls her eyes and keeps on smiling at her blonde friend.

Usagi just sighs and shakes her head, "Thanks, but I can't. I'm going to have to study all night in order to make up for this grade." She bites her lip and stands up from her spot on a wall outside of the school. She looks down at her watch, three o' clock, "Great, now I'm going to be late to the library study session." She groans and rubs her eyes before just slumping over. "Forget it, I'll skip it this time, I know for a fact that I'll miss the English portion. I'm going home. See you two tomorrow, just in time for the results on today's test." With a small wave, Usagi lowers her blonde head so her eyes are parallel to the concrete sidewalk.

An audible sigh comes from Naru as she watches her friend's retreating figure. "Poor girl, I hope she doesn't get grief from her mom on that test—I mean I know some girls didn't even get fifty percent!" Umino just nods along and looks at his test with a new perspective. He never thought about how others are sad about failing and he's sad about a middle-class 'A.' Naru waves a hand in front of her friends face with no response. She shrugs and starts to walk away, "See ya later, Umino!" He doesn't even hear her, just spacing out about grades…and Usagi.

. . .

It was four o' clock in the afternoon and Usagi slowly walks down the sidewalk. She passes by the Crown Arcade and glances at a poster advertising a Sailor V game. She pauses in front of the poster and looks at the infamous Sailor V who just looks like she has everything in the world. "I bet Sailor V doesn't have to worry about grades," Usagi sighs, thinking about her English test in her bag. She takes out the aforementioned test and silent tears spring up again before immediately shoving it back in her bag. She then turns away from the game center and sulks away, bumping into a person in her escape. She jumps back in an instant, her face red. She sputters out an excuse and meets eyes with her road block.

. . .

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