Not a Crybaby Ch.13

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. . .

Breaking News: A young girl of the name Tsukino Usagi has been reported missing. She has been missing for three days. Her parents are offering a reward. Please Alert the Police if you know of any information concerning this girl. She has supposedly been kidnapped.

. . .

As Usagi walks from Mamoru's apartment to school, she notices a majority of the public giving her strange looks. You would have thought they've seen a ghost, she jokes with herself.

The previous night, the three senshi stayed late at Mamoru's allowing Luna to give everybody their jobs as Senshi, and Tuxedo Mask. They learned there is a princess somewhere who needs to be protected. And the Dark Kingdom? Well, they will do anything to kill the Princess and obtain her talisman. Usagi took lead as soon as Luna finished explaining, delegating roles and determining the girls needed their phones on them all the time, for contact. For emergencies.

Usagi arrives on campus, greeted by a mob. People from administration and students from every grade level stare as the blonde walks through the gates.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Ms. Haruna sweeps in. "You haven't seen the news lately, have you?"

The blonde's eyebrows furrow. "The news? No, last night I was working on my homework."

Her teacher sighs. "Your parents have reported you missing."

Usagi gasps and the student body bursts into a talkative riot.

"I saw her first!"

"No, I did!"

"Whatever, I'm calling the police first!"

As if on cue, Ami and Rei, neither in their respective school uniforms, enter campus and head straight to Ms. Haruna. "We're going to take Usagi home. To protect her." They say in stereo.

Ami gives her teacher a once over. "I told you she was kicked out, not kidnapped. Look what you did!" The blue haired girl grabs Usagi, who has been watching her friends in awe.

Ms. Haruna blinks as she watches two of her students and another mystery girl escape campus without anybody but her noticing. "What did I do?"

. . .

Naru's face flushes as bright as her hair. "It wasn't my fault, my Queen!" She rushes the words out, thinking about Jadeite's fall. "He set himself up for it!"\

"He set himself up for being left alone?"

The young girl shrugs. "He did aggravate the Sailor Senshi." Naru thinks for a moment. She should have suspected the damn miko was more than a miko. They always are.

Queen Beryl's eyes narrow as she watches her subordinate. Naru could not meet her eyes, there is a bigger problem at hand. "The Sailor Senshi? The plan was to separate Sailor Moon from the other one."

Naru's green eyes meet Beryl's for the first time that afternoon. "There was...maybe... another senshi?" Her voice lowers to a hushed whisper with the last phrase, hoping the woman in front of her would not hear it.

"There was another senshi? And you just failed to mention this earlier, why?" The queen screeches. Her orange eyes glow a red color. "I should just kill you!"

Another general steps forward from the shadows. "Please do not act irrationally, my queen." A voice calls out, its figure stepping from the shadows. "Allow me to take Jadeite's place in the search of finding and killing Sailor Moon."

Naru scoffs. "Up until now, you've been working on the Crystal. What makes you think you can defeat a girl who killed Jadeite?"

Beryl gives Naru a look with pointed eyes. "Hush, childe, you've already lost your credibility on this topic." She turns to Nephrite. "Continue."

"Thank you, my queen." He bows, thinking up one of his latest leads on the Silver Crystal. "The Crystal Ball tonight is sure to attract the girl." He smiles deviously at the younger red-headed currently being scorned by their superior. "Naru, if you're so good at this, I insist you help me capture this Sailor Moon."

The small girl swells up. "I will not!"

"Enough!" Queen Beryl roars, silencing the girl. "Nephrite, Naru will be happy to help you. Or she won't be able to finish her time."

Nephrite smiles, realizing just how much Naru needs him. He can be the reason she ends up dead-or one of the most powerful powers since the Silver Millennium.

. . .

"Mamoru-san! Open the door!" Ami shouts, pounding at the door. The streets this time were crazy, people trying to rip Usagi out of the girls' hands. They are lucky she is home again without a scratch.

The ebony-haired man opens the door, his eyes wild. "I received your call. I just saw the news report, too. How is she?" He asks, his mind going in a million different directions. If somebody laid a hand on his Usako, he will be pissed.

His Usako? He likes the slip of his mind. Cute.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Rei quips, smiling at the man before turning to present a harm-free Usagi.



Rei looks at her blue-haired friend deamily. "They're so cute, I could die."

Ami smirks. "And to think, they've know each other for three days." The raven-haired girl gasps and looks at the terribly happy couple. Only to see they are both sitting on the couch.

They look over and Usagi gives them a big smile. "Are you two going to join us?" She laughs. "Luna has to talk to us!"

Rei looks over at Ami suspiciously. "How come she only acts like this around him?" She whispers as the duo joins the couple.

The blue-haired girl shrugs. "It must be love."

And it is true. The whole way to Mamoru's was filled with Usagi pouting as they dragged her. Pouting about how her parents were asses. Pouting because people would not stop trying to take her. Pouting because the last thing she wanted was to go back to her parents and their lies. And now that they are at Mamoru's? Happy-go-lucky.

"I have found a new lead." Luna announces, causing all heads to turn. How had she found a new lead? She has been sitting watching the news all day long!

Usagi nods, eagerly awaiting a new assignment. "And?"

"The Crystal Ball tonight. A mysterious Princess from out of the country is revealing a prized heirloom." The cat looks at her group. "I have a feeling she can be our princess."

The thought sinks in and the girls start chattering. Mamoru plays with the thought, but he himself cannot settle with it. He has his own idea. Ever since the first night he turned into Tuxedo Mask. But until he can know for sure, he is not going spill a word about Usagi.

"But wait."

Chattering stops and three pairs of eyes meet Usagi's.

She looks back at them with sad eyes. "I cannot go with you guys. Too many people. And most definitely the police." The last thing the senshi need is for the police to bust them for keeping her "captive". Even worse, she might be sent back to her parents.

"I have a solution, Usagi-san." Luna says, presenting the blonde a pink pen with a crown on the cap. "It's a Disguise Pen. Using it will allow you to walk freely among the public without anybody recognizing you." She lowers her voice. "It's a glamour like the one built into your transformation."

Usagi takes the pen in her small hands and feels the light weight of it. "This will work?"


. . .

Ikuku curls into the couch, looking at her husband blankly. "Do you have to go?" She whimpers.

Kenji pulls his tuxedo jacket over the length of his arms. "Yes, sweetie. It's for my job. You know, so we have money for the reward?" He is slightly rattled at the amount of money his wife is putting into finding their daughter. She has never been so into Usagi until she accidentally kicked her out.

"But what if the police calls while you're gone?" She asks, pushing her blue curls behind her ears. "What if they find only her body?"

The man looks at his wife with a set jaw. "Stop worrying. I will be back by one. You'll be okay. Usagi will be okay." He grabs his photography bag before heading out the door. "The Crystal Ball is waiting, if you'll excuse me."

. . .

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