Not a Crybaby Ch. 15

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. . .

"I mean, Tuxedo Mask has to get along with the other Senshi, ne?"

. . .

Usagi's eyes widen as she realizes the girl in front of her knows. Knows their identities and their lives. In the eyes of the Dark Kingdom, the senshi are now screwed. "Naru-chan, it's not what you think!"

The red-head's eyes widen hearing the familiar honorific. "What have I told you about using that? It's an insult to me! You don't even know me!" Naru narrows her eyes and looks at the blonde. The hairstyle is similar to Usagi's but this girl is not Usagi as far as she is concerned. Not when her head is wanted all over Juuban.

She does not know. Usagi realizes as she backs into one of the walls. To Naru, this in disguise version of Usagi is a completely separate being. Just like Luna promised. "Sailor Moon is a friend to everybody. She knows every citizen. And will protect them in the name of love and justice." She whispers.

"What did you just say?"

The blonde looks up and meets Naru's green eyes. "I said, Sailor Moon will protect every citizen in the name of love and justice. Anybody who obstructs her will end up in poor health." She raises her voice and pushes the girl in front of her away. "And that means you, Naru-chan."

Quickly, Usagi bolts to the left. Farther away from the ball. Farther away from anybody helping her.

Naru screeches and runs after the girl. She kicks her heels from her feet and hopes she can gain some ground. This is not how her plan was supposed to work. No, she was supposed to seduce the girl into following her to save her dearest. And then-down the balcony the blonde would go.

No more Sailor Moon.

And now her plan is screwed up.

"Get back here!" Naru shouts. But Usagi is too fast. She quickly escapes through the door at the end of the hallway. Breathing heavily, the red head finally makes it through the same days.

She stops.

The two girls are at the same balcony where the plane was supposed to go. Maybe this will work. Naru smiles deviously. Soon Beryl will know better than to trust unreliable men. Whether or not she is their princess, she is still one hell of a worker.

"This does not have to happen, Naru-chan." Usagi murmurs. Her stature is unphased and she looks her old friend in the eye. "I can save you."


Naru charges at the blonde. "You know nothing about me, Sailor Moon." Her arms reach out as if to strangle the other girl. Losing her mind was not expected. "You stupid whore. You are ruining my life. If you didn't come along, the Dark Kingdom would be thriving and I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore!

Usagi tilts her head. "Deal with them? What do you mean?" Could it be true Naru is a mere play thing while the kingdom gains more power?

The red head stops, realizing she has said too much. "None of your business!" She smiles sweetly. "But now that you know too much, I know you really do have to die."

She charges again but Usagi nimbly steps out of the way. "It does not have to be like this, Naru. Let me help you."

"I don't need your help!"

Naru fails to notice the blonde's movements and continues running. But it is a balcony, there is no wall to stop her. Instead of hitting Usagi, Naru ends up flying over the railing.

This is not supposed to happen. Not like this. Death is only to be granted by Beryl.

She screams.

. . .

A small red head peeks out from around the corner. Her father is sitting at his desk studying a great gold artifact. Supposedly it was from a time when there was Supreme rule over the Earth. This artifact is one of the last things remaining from the era.

Everything else was destroyed in a war. A very secret war. Between the Imperials and some other being. But nobody knows for certain.


The blond haired man looks up from the object. "Naru-chan, I told you to stay upstairs with our Mama."

The girl walks further into the room, not understanding her father's cautions. "But I want to see the pretty!"

A earth-shattering boom disrupts the conversation and the room begins to shake. The lights flicker off and the study begins to disintegrate. Bookshelves fall and windows shatter. The man moves toward his daughter, but the overhead chandelier falls from the ceiling and knocks him down.


The shaking halts and the young Naru runs to her father's fallen figure. "Daddy! Papa! Wake up!" Her fingers grasp his, finding the artifact still in his hand.

The deep red jewel in the center glows unnaturally. "Daddy! What's happening?"

"Hello, princess. The Imperial Kingdom of Earth would like to thank you for offering yourself up to our lovely Queen Metalia."

A voice coming from nowhere. Naru looks up, her green eyes wide. "H-hello?"

A flash of light.

The girl is no longer in the broken study. No, she is in a dark place and when she opens her eyes, she meets the bright orange eyes of a woman in a purple dress. "H-hello?"

"Princess Naru. What a pleasure you are with us today. My name is Queen Beryl."

. . .

Nephrite's face contorts into a grin. "Rise, oh great servant! You are here to serve the Dark King-" His words stop as his head sparks with pain. That is most definitely not part of the ceremony. Something is wrong.

He tears his eyes away from the unconscious Crystal Princess lain in front of him. Naru is in trouble. His plan will just have to wait.

The dark haired man turns away and runs in the direction he knows the Dark Kingdom's prize is. She better not have done something stupid.

. . .

"Something is terribly wrong!" Usagi rushes, having finally made it back to her friends. Witnessing Naru fall to her death was anything but pleasant. But the minute the red head over passed the railing, she knew it was the end for her friend.

Mamoru and the girls look up from the table to sweets to find their leader with tears streaming down her face. The dark haired man quickly makes it over to the girl and wipes one of her tears away. "What's wrong, Usagi-chan?"

Rei looks over to Ami and mocks the sweetness between the duo. Even in dire situations they are all over each other.

The blonde gasps in her breaths and tries to determine what to say without more tears flowing from her face. "N-Naru i-i-is-"

Ami looks at her friend quizzically. "Naru is here? Yeah, we know." Honestly. The redhead stole Usagi away a mere hour before.

Shaking her head, Usagi's blue eyes fill with more tears. "Naru-chan is dead!"

A collective gasp overcomes the group and Mamoru quickly takes the girl in his arms. She should have never witnessed her friend's death. But he knows he should have never let her go with the girl. Not when this Naru was part of the enemy.

"What happened?"

The blonde licks her lips and tries to think of the words. But her thoughts are quickly interrupted by the loud shattering of glass.

"I have come to make you all servants of the Dark Kingdom!"

Heads turn to face the Crystal Princess. But her face is distorted by thick green veins and an unnatural grin. Usagi quickly regains composure at the sight and grasps Mamoru's hand. "It's time to move," she whispers as she drags him behind her, motioning for the girls to follow close behind.

They reach an emptied hallway, thankful the snack and drink tables are located somewhat near the bathroom hall. "It's time," Usagi says solemnly. The others nod.

"Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!"

"Mercury Power, Make-Up!"

"Mars Power, Make-Up!"

A dazzle of pink, blue, and red lights leave the girls in their fukus. They turn to face the still civilian Mamoru. "Oh, right." He concentrates on his alter ego and he feels the silky fabric of his black tuxedo.

Usagi giggles slightly before looking at her senshi. "Be careful, minna!"

He mind flashes to her many injuries she has managed to receive as Sailor Moon. But brushes the thoughts off. The past is the past. Besides, she has fast healing powers.

The group rushes back into the ballroom to find the hundreds of guests on the floor.

"Ruining a beautiful evening filled with dancing is sheerly unacceptable! In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!" Usagi shouts, making it to the front of the trio.

Cackling, the Crystal Princess turns to face the senshi and Tuxedo Mask. "Nephrite warned me about you four! You will be dead before you can think about your attack tactics!"

"Mercury Aqua Mist!"

"Evil Spirits, BEGONE!"

The mist settles over to reveal an immobile Crystal Princess.

Sailor Moon looks at her comrades proudly before realizing she has the power to finish the youma. Her hand reaches for her tiara. Only to realize she left it in the dimension she killed Jadeite in. She tries not to panic on the inside, but it is no use. There is no way to finish the youma off.

Turning their heads, the senshi look back to Usagi to see her face scrunched up. "Usagi?"

Power of the Moon, grant me the strength to heal this girl. Help me defeat the enemy!

A warmth fills the Moon Senshi's body and she smiles and outstretches her arms. Almost as if she was to give somebody a hug. She opens her eyes upon hearing gasps and finds a pink wand with a crescent moon atop it floating in between her hands.

The blonde grabs the wand, knowing the Moon has granted her wish. "Moon Healing Escalation!"

Bright Light fills the room and fades to reveal an unconscious Crystal Princess. Usagi smiles and her senshi swarm around her.

"What was so cool!" Rei gushes. "You're magical, Sailor Moon!"

Ami nods in agreement. "That was superb!"

"You did good, Usa-chan," Mamoru whispers, pulling his arms around her waist. He grins, knowing the blonde is far more capable than anybody can imagine. Powerful, smart, and beautiful.

The blonde blushes before wriggling out of Mamoru's arms. Despite how comfortable they are, everybody needs their transformations to fade before everybody wakes up. "Come on!"

. . .

"Excuse me, but you, young lady look beautiful." A voice remarks as a hand touches Usagi's arm.

One of the Generals? Usagi turns slowly, only to see her father behind her. She has to resist giving him a hug, reminding herself that he cannot recognize her. "Why, thank you!"

Kenji nods, happily. But his eyes are far from happiness. "You look like an older version of my daughter. She was kidnapped." He sighs. "But that's just what her mother says. I think she ran off."

Her blue eyes widen, realizing her father is talking about her. The lies sound even worse coming from him. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"I miss her so much! I know my wife is over bearing, but if my Usagi came back I would be so ecstatic!"

Usagi backs away slowly. "I'm once again sorry, but I have to be somewhere else."

She turns and walks away as fast as possible. It is awful to see her father. But knowing he still believes Ikuku is saddening. Can she not just say she kicked Usagi out of the house. Overbearing, much?

"What's on your mind, Usa-chan?" A voice whispers into her ear as warm arms embrace he.

She turns around as she laughs. "Well, now I'm thinking about you, Mamoru-kun. Just you." Knowing better than to bring up her family, she buries her face into his midnight blue tuxedo. "Always you."

Mamoru grins and bends over the small girl in his arms. "Really now?" His finger lift her face to meet his own. "Then you would not mind this?"

Slowly, his lips meet hers and she gasps. Everything she has ever wanted was in that kiss. "Not at all, Mamo-chan."

"Usako," He murmurs, once again claiming her lips.

. . .

Nephrite looks up at Beryl. "Is she going to be okay?"

Her orange eyes look up from the unconscious girl in front of her. "Yes, she will. Better, even."

"Better?" He cannot comprehend better. Does she mean older? More mature? Or more willing to fight for the Dark Kingdom?

Beryl nods and claps her hands. "May I introduce to you: Sailor Quartz!

Naru's eyes fly open and her body raises into the air. Her Juuban middle school uniform is replaced by a Sailor Fuku similar to the original senshi. But the bright colors are dark purple and green. The bow is long and a deformed tiara sits atop of her red hair.

"Yes, My Queen?"

. . .

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