Not a Crybaby Ch. 17

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. . .


Heads turn as Mamoru steps forward to the guy behind the counter. The blond man looks up. "Yo! Mamoru-san!"

. . .

The four girls look at Mamoru. And then at Motoki. The men stare at each other while the girl ping pong between them. Mamoru has never mentioned knowing people. But then again, they have all know each other for only a few days. Of course Mamoru knows people. he is attending High School, after all.

And in High School there are plenty of people.

"W-what are you doing here?" Mamoru manages to choke out. Never in a million years had he expected to see his best friend work in an arcade. Filled with noisy kids and people. Not that Mamoru has talked to his friend since he met Usagi. Things have been far too hectic.

Motoki smiles and opens his arms. "Welcome to the new establishment of the Furuhata family!" His family has been known for several restaurants in the Juuban area. The arcade was the newest addition built in hopes of attracting a younger demographic. Safe to say it is working.

The ebony haired man nods and keeps his lips tight. He never expected to have to introduce his friend to the girls. Not this soon, anyway. Motoki likes to figure things out. And then some. '

"You know these girls?" The blonde man asks, gesturing to Usagi and friends. Mamoru was never the type to make friends with people. Especially not girls. He never accepts anything from his fan club.

And now he is hanging out with Junior High girls? Risky and strange.

Mamoru quickly remembers how he must look with a gang of girls. "W-well, this is Serenity. Honda Serenity. These are her friends." He quickly recalls Usagi's alias and prays the girls will go along with it.

Rei smiles. "I'm Hino Rei." The alias Mamoru used is clever. Serenity, the moon goddess.

"Mizuno Ami," Ami responds, holding out her hand. "I just met Makoto-chan today. Transferred into my school and she is in my class." She looks over to the brunette. "We're all going to be close friends, I think!"

Motoki nods as he shakes the blue haired girl's hand. He glances over at the blond girl beside his friend. "Are you two dating?"

Usagi's cheeks flush and Mamoru coughs awkwardly. Yes, Motoki is very good at figuring out things. "I-I-I"

The miko laughs out loud and grins. "Dating? More like engaged to be wed!"

Eyes turn to face Rei. Usagi and Mamoru stand silent, with wide eyes. Marriage? The raven haired girl laughs again, this time softer. "Gotch'ya!"

Usagi and Mamoru do have something big in their future, she decides. Just-it should be fun for them. Marriage? Of course. More than marriage with little add ons? Obviously. Their future is terribly bright.

The blond girl tries to laugh, but instead sounds like she is choking. "T-that's funny, Rei-chan." Her cheeks remain flushed. "Very funny."

Motoki remains silent studying how the girl next to Mamoru does not move any farther away. The duo remaining plastered to each other's sides. "So, what have you been up to, Chiba? You have not been in school for a week!"

Mamoru clenches his jaw. There is no way he can tell him the truth. Especially not the fact he is currently keeping Usagi under his wing. "Just needed some time off. Too much stress with school."

His friend remains silent, knowing very well Mamoru is lying. But he is not stupid enough to point it out in front of everybody. "Okay, then. Maybe I'll see you at school on Monday?"


. . .

"I would like to-I would like to remove the missing state of my daughter Tsukino Usagi." Ikuku says nervously, looking to Kenji for affirmation. She is positive the blonde was taken by an older man, but there is no proof.

And Kenji has threatened to leave.

The deputy arches his eyebrow. "Are you sure, Tsukino-san? We've got 10 men looking for her trail." In his personal opinion, the girl will be found in a matter of days. Alive, of course.

Ikuku nods once. "Yes, I am sure. She will return when she wants to. She has to." The last statement is for her own assurance. She is not at all sure her daughter will ever return to her. But if she does-Ikuku promises to not be so strict. Not to her little girl.

"Okay, then. Consider the case of the missing minor: Tsukino Usagi, closed."

. . .

Usagi sits back in one of the arcade booths, moving in closer to Mamoru beside her. "I think it was Ami-chan. She's just so... forward." The blonde looks at her blue haired friend. "I have never met a girl like her."

The petite girl smiles at Usagi. "You just looked like you needed a friend!" She turns to Makoto. "You definitely looked like you needed amazing people like us in your life!" Ami winks and turns to Rei. "I believe we met when we were questioning you-your flirting with Mamoru."

Her lie is forced, but seems to go unnoticed by Makoto. She watches the girls with great intensity, happy to have found girls who do not dwell in perpetual drama. They are all like pieces of a puzzle, and she can only hope she will be able to fit.

Rei laughs. Forcibly. But she continues the charade. "It was a joke! I could tell Mamoru-san here liked Usa-Serenity-chan before she knew!" Ears around the arcade perk up at the almost mention of the missing girl. But carry on when the raven-haired girl proceeds to just look at her lap in shame.

Mamoru takes the opportunity to speak up. "I met the girls through Serenity. Who I met in the streets." His arm finds Usagi's waist and casually drops it around it.

Ami swoons and Rei pretends to puke at the sweetness of the couple in front of them. They might not admit they are dating. But it is quite obvious.

"Well, I don't have an interesting story. I just met all of you!" Makoto laughs. "So I'll intorduce myself properly. I am Kino Makoto-who moved from the Kyoto area after being fed up with all the drama around school." She gestures around her. "My feet led me to Juuban."

"It's like fate!" Rei squeals, excitedly. It is fate-but she would never tell them that. Makoto is special, but the reason is still shrouded by the gods.

Ami and Usagi smile but look at each other from across the table. "Excuse us, Mako-chan-I'm going to call you Mako-chan by the way-Usagi and I have to go to the bathroom. Will you keep Mamoru-san and Rei-chan entertained for us?"

Through mutual eye contact, the two girls know there needs to be a conversation about Makoto. She seems important to the group. But nobody knows why. The girls climb out of the booth and leave the other three behind. "Try not to have too much fun!" Ami winks as they leave.

Makoto and Rei wave before the brunette turns to Mamoru in front of her.

"So, is Motoki-san single?"

. . .

Nephrite appears in front of Queen Beryl at the sound of his summoning. "Yes, my queen?" The events leading to the taking of new energy has been initiated and the storefront currently has no floor manager to convince women to try on dresses.

"Are you ready for tonight?" She asks, her hands gliding over the crystal ball in front of her. The arrival of their leader is rapidly approaching. And they need energy to feed her.

The general bows. "Of course. Everything is going according to plan. Quite well, actually."

The red headed queen nods. "Naru-chan will be joining you back at your base. She has a glamour so nobody will be able to recognize her. Especially not Sailor Moon."

"Thank you, my queen." His girl is back. The one hope for the Dark Kingdom will bear much glory.

. . .

Usagi crosses her arms as she leans against the sink. "I cannot tell anything. She's different than the rest of the population. She has a connection to us." Makoto said she just happened to walk into Juuban to start over.

The same Juuban where things have been slightly off.

Ami nods and fluffs her hair up. "The only thing I can think of is just keeping tabs on her. For all we know-she can be part of the Dark Kingdom!"

"She's not." Usagi looks to her friend. "Her aura is completely different than Naru's. She a good guy." The blonde knows this much. But if Makoto is their princess-she supposes she will just have to talk to Luna. But of course the small cat is nowhere to be seen.

The blue-haired girl smiles. That is a good thing. Not another new enemy to worry about. "Well, you're the only one who has yet to spend quality time with her." Ami flashes a huge grin. "You have the first task."

"What am I going to do with Mamoru, though?"

Usagi's worst fear is Rei will do something awful to Mamoru. And their relationship will shatter. But Ami knows this. Which is why she will take Mamoru home as opposed to Rei. "Don't worry about it."

. . .

Makoto walks beside Usagi with a smile. "Thank you for going shopping with me, Serenity-chan." She has never known a girl who would go shopping with a friend. Without asking for anything in return. Ever.

The blonde grins. "No problem," she replies emptily. She feels as if something is missing without Mamoru sitting at her side. But the only thing she can do is deal. "What do you need anyway?"

"Casual clothes-I let everything at-" She stops in front of one of the television sets in a store display. Parents of Missing Tsukino Usagi decide to stop the search. "Hey! Ami was telling you guys know this Usagi. What is she like?"

Not expecting to be brought up, Usagi stops and watches the screen. "Nice, I suppose. Shy." That is how she acts without the cover of a glamour anyway. Nothing like any of her alter egos.

Makoto looks over to see the blonde in awe of the screen. What she does not know is on the inside, Usagi is cheering with happiness. Tomorrow there will be no need for using the glamour just to leave the apartment. "Shy? With the bunch of you?"

"Mhmm," Usagi murmurs before turning away from the television. "But don't worry, we'll meet her tomorrow okay?"

The brunette is about to express her excitement when a figure rushes in front of them. "Wedding. Dress. Sale. Seventy. Percent. Off!" The woman runs off and the girls look at each other with broad smiles.

"Time to play Dress Up?" Usagi asks, grabbing Makoto's hand.

She laughs. "Of course!" Her smile becomes bigger. Juuban is definitely the place for her.

. . .

"Serenity-chan? Are you here?" Mamoru finds himself in a crowded Wedding Shoppe. He has no idea where his Usako can be with Makoto. But he feels as if they should be here.

He hears a laugh. "Mamo-Chan!" She shouts, peeking out of a dressing room. Her feet step out to reveal an intricately beaded floor-length gown. "This is so fun!" She is oblivious of the tomato red face on Mamoru's face. She is focusing instead on the dresses. "How do you like it?"

"I-it's nice." He stammers. The last thing he expected was to see Usagi in a wedding dress. Of course she looks gorgeous. But admitting so while she is in the dress just seems wrong for some reason.

Makoto pops out of the fitting room beside her. "Nice? Mamoru-kun, your girlfriend is smoking hot!" She laughs and doubles over in her tutu gown. But the ebony-haired man just manages to become redder. "I'm assuming it's time to leave, ne?"

He finally has a proper answer. "Hai."

. . .

The clock strikes ten and the streets of Juuban are empty. Well, empty except for a lone man hurrying down the streets of the deserted Shopping District. Motoki. Closing the arcade was especially hard tonight. So many young girls excited about some wedding gown sale.


A voice rings out, causing the blond to stop. "Who's there?" He demands, quickly losing confidence in his route home. Typically everything is empty.

This time a laugh echos. "Motoki-kun. You deserve a beautiful bride."

Motoki looks around behind him. Nothing. But as he turns back in the direction of his apartment building-there is a petite red-head standing in front of him in a bridal gown covered in white lace and black gems. "Follow me, Motoki-kun."

. . .

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