Not a Crybaby Ch.7

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. . .

Usagi could be both the answers to the world's prayers as well of one of the biggest dangers known to mankind.

. . .

The sun shines through the large windows and Usagi's blue eyes fly open. Her legs shoot out from the sheets Mamoru gave her the night before. She jumps up, trying to become aware of her surroundings. "W-where am I?" She mumbles as her eyes scan the pristine walls of her current location.

A second passes. It all comes back to her: The 'B', the wandering of Juuban, Sailor Moon, Mamoru. "Crap," she mutters. Mamoru. The man that managed to irk her and offer her a place to stay. He's a living oxymoron. Finally her eyes meet the wall clock. Seven forty-five.

Her eyes widen. "I'm going to be late!" Usagi panics and untwists the sheet from her body as she runs toward the door. She tosses the blanket aside and shoves her feet into her shoes. The blonde quickly escapes the apartment after unlocking the door, only to remember her book bag still sitting in the doorway. She sneaks back in, snatches the aforementioned bag and slams the door shut.

"Usagi?" A tired voice calls from inside the apartment. "Was that you?"

Mamoru's dark blue eyes scan his apartment only to find it empty. His face drops. "Usagi?"

. . .

Usagi slips into her seat mere seconds before the bell rings. Ms. Haruna looks at her student strangely as the bell rings, but quickly dismisses any ill thoughts. The phone call from Usagi's mom cannot mean anything serious. If the blonde truly ran away with a strange man, would she still be in school?

. . .

"Hey, Usagi!" Naru calls from gate. The red-head runs to greet the blonde as she steps out of the school building.

Usagi smiles. "Hello!" She lets out a little laugh as her friend hooks arms with her own. "Why are you so eager?"

Naru's smile brightens. "You were late today!" She scolds with a little pout. I couldn't tell you about last night!" She pulls her friend toward the exit. "Come on! I'll tell you on the way to Konpyūta no kenkyū (Computer Study)!"

The blonde's face falls as she realizes the harsh reality that happens to be computer studies. This is the only cram class she shares with Naru, but the concept is terrible. She prefers to work things out on paper, not stare at a brightly lit screen for hours.

But if it makes Naru happy, Usagi will continue her studies. "What did you want to talk to
me about? Last night?"

"Oh, yes!" Naru takes a deep breath as the duo slows their fast pace to something a bit slower. "Yesterday, my mom's shop was broken into by these complete freaks. They must've been wearing some weird Halloween make-up or something!"

Usagi's eyes widen. "Oh, that must have been terrible!" Her voice is higher pitched for effect of surprise. But the blonde is hardly surprised. She remembers Luna and the monster quite clearly. Especially Naru's screams of terror.

Naru shakes her head. "Not at all, it was the best thing ever!" She swings her free arm happily. "This cool girl came to save me and the customers! Sailor Moon! She's so much better than Sailor V!"

"Sailor Moon? Sailor V?" Usagi asks hesitantly. She knows herself, but not the latter. Her mind flashes to a girl dressed like herself with a giant 'V' on her chest.

Naru looks at her friend strangely. "I think you've been living under a rock, lately. Sailor V has been all over the news for the past few days! I think soon Sailor Moon will too!"

Usagi's heart stops. "I sure hope not," she whispers.



The red-head glances at the blonde. She opens her mouth to speak out against Usagi''s odd behaviour, but someone interupts.

"Usagi! Naru! Wait up!" a male's voice calls after them. Umino. The girls roll their eyes.

Usagi turns around. "Yes, Umino?" She asks, trying to evade the nerd. She may pride herself in her grades, but unlike her mother and Umino, she also takes pride in social contact. And now she doesn't have her mother breathing down her neck, she plans on doing whatever the heck she wants to. While maintaining her grades.

He sniffs. "You two forgot about me today."

Naru smiles and touches his shoulder. "Sorry, we had some girl stuff to talk about." Her words drip a sugary sweetness and Umino quickly nods and drops the subject.

Usagi's eyebrow perches as she tries to determine what happened. But before she could ask a question, Naru stops. "We're here!"

. . .

Inside the classroom, Usagi tries to relax around her currently high-strung friends. She sits back in her desk and tries to keep her mind from wandering. Her blue eyes scan the room, looking at the same stuffy people she's been in class with. Until her eyes spot a girl with blue hair standing at the front of the classroom.

The girl wears a light blue dress and strappy bright blue high heels. Something different than the school uniforms everybody else is wearing. Her own blue eyes wander the classroom.

Usagi smiles and stands up from her seat. She navigates around the groups of chattering after-school students to reach the front. "Hello, I'm Usagi. You're new here, right?"

The blue-haired girl smiles broadly. "Hi, My name is Ami. Yes, I am new. And I am your new best friend." She winks and links arms with Usagi.