Suuurpriiise... 8DDD I'm back from the dead once again! And guess what? It's another 100 theme challenge! I'm likely to have a busy summer to get ready for the hectic year ahead, but I really, really miss writing these challenge drabbles, and I noticed I get more done when I have one of these projects on the side. I'm hoping adding more writing will help me get the three oneshots I have planned done... Daily updates are the plan!

This drabble series, as you've probably guessed, is a direct sequel to "One Hundred Suns," and as such, this will also focus on Riku, Xion, and the Rion pairing. I'm not sure yet, but I'll likely make references to some of the OHS arcs, but I'll always warn you if I do. It's only fair to warn you that I spoil myself rotten on new games, so eventually there will be Dream Drop Distance spoilers throughout this series, and I'll do my best to warn you where they're afoot. You are welcome to request certain scenes or ideas of me—I love challenges, obviously, ;D—and while I won't beg for it, any kind of comment on my writing is appreciated.

This time around, I'm using the prompts from Sunset-Wolf on deviantArt—if you're interested, here's the link: http:/ browse. deviantart. com/ ?qh=§ion= &q=100+Theme+Challenge#/d323y2o Jigsaw puzzle, anyone?

As always, I do not own any of the characters, settings, concepts, and events in the following drabble series except for what I'll tell you I own—you'll be able to recognize what's mine and what isn't, it won't be nearly as developed; the elements on which this series is based are owned by Disney and Square Enix, and as always, faithful readers, read and enjoy!

Xion can't help the tiny smile that arises when Riku slips his warm hand in hers under the table. It'll probably give everything away, but she's got half a mind to put their hands on the table and flaunt them to the others anyway. Besides, Sora's been dropping obnoxious hints for weeks...

"Well, fancy that."

Speak of the devil.

"I do believe Riku's holding Xion's hand under the table," Sora crows, staring Riku down smugly.

"I hate you, Sora," Riku mumbles, glaring at Sora more fiercely than if he was Xehanort—but he never lets her hand go.