Through A Career's Eyes: Clove

Chapter 1

As I stare out the window of the moving train, I watch the outskirts of the Capitol appear. Living in District 2, so close to the Capitol, always had its perks. I trace my finger carefully along the leather outline of the small armchair I'm sitting in. Cato walks in with a corky grin plastered to his face. He strides over, sitting down in the chair beside me.

He chuckles harshly. "Oh man, did you see the Reaping for District 12?" Cato bursts out with coldhearted laughter.

I snicker, trying to replicate his evil laughter. "Yes. I did. Pathetic." I smirk, rolling my eyes as I usually did.

"We'll make this year a year to remember." I announce, turning to face Cato.

"We'll tear them apart anyway. And the little girl…" He trails off, searching for her name in his memory, "Prim… She'll never see her sister again." Cato snarls the words, breaking out in another otherworldly laugh.

"Yeah…" I trail off. "So, Cato, what do you think you'll have to do to get your hands on some knives for me, in the Arena?" I ask, batting my lashes at him for full effect.

Cato always had a weakness for girls. Especially me. But I've never seen him melt the way he did when the girl from District 1 volunteered. He shakes his head, releasing a thin breath.

"Well, I don't really know, Clove. I think it mainly depends on the Arena's type. Wouldn't you agree?" Cato returns my clever grin, stretching his jaw.

I nod, blinking hard at him. Since neither of us had really ever been to a real school instead of the Academy, we didn't know a lot about the nature theme of the Arena. Or how to really survive. Just how to kill everyone in the Arena until you and you partner were the last Tributes standing. From there you'd have to wing it. We'd already decided to pair up with the two from District 1. Since the boy looked of some use and the girl... Well, her for Cato.

I look out the window again as the train zooms through a tunnel, gliding effortlessly across the track. I stand up slowly, looking out the window as the train emerges from the tunnel, and pulls to a smooth stop. I laugh and smile as the colorful people of the Capitol wave to me, cheering and pointing at me. Me, Clove Ensis. I'm too distracted to really move, so Cato sweeps me up and carries me to the door.

When we get close enough, he sets me down gently and smirks.

"Take it away, Clove."

"With honor." I chuckle, sliding the door open and waving like mad.

I blow kisses to the crowd, knowing here it's appropriate because the other Tributes aren't here to see me. And I have to display my scary image. The heartless, bloodthirsty, and evil Clove. I flip my hair across my shoulder, watching the Capitol citizens eat it up like hungry wolves surrounding a dead elk.

Luckily, Capitol citizens thriveof off arrogance. Which Cato tends to contain a lot of. Me, well, I don't have much arrogance. I have confidence. Not too much, not too little. But I can fake it to make it appear I'm arrogant. And that's just what I plan to do. I throw knives. I never miss. And I'm smart. Cato is not nearly as intelligent as I am… Nor will he ever be if all he focuses on is being arrogant and heartless 90% of the time.

I feel awesome; standing with half of Panem's most rich, most heartless, and most stupid people right in front of me. This makes me think about Sponsors. Surely these idiots would spare me a nice knife or two. Especially in the Arena. They're all just waiting to catch a glimpse of me, Clove Ensis. And this is only the beginning.