Wrapped Around My Finger
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance/General
Rating: G
Pairings: Takano x Onodera
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: He just forgot one thing, how did it warrant another stab at an attempt of cohabitation?

Disclaimer: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the intellectual property of Nakamura Shungiku.

Notes: This is from Toki's prompt: "necktie".

"I would've expected the young master of the Onodera Publishing Company to at least know how to make himself look presentable in a formal situation."

Ritsu glared at his supervisor, miffed at the condescending tone. He was running late and it was his fault, yes, but Takano didn't have to drag his family business into this, did he? He should know how much he hated the affiliation.

He chose not to answer and instead, picked up his nametag and patted down his blazer as best as he could. He had just rushed back from a meeting with Mutou-sensei and the spare suit he packed into his bag was of course going to get wrinkled.

"Oh crap," he cursed under his breath, realizing that he had forgotten his necktie. He looked for his other co-workers in the hopes of asking them for a spare, but they were nowhere in sight. That only left—

"This is why I said you should live with me, you know I wouldn't mind," Masamune said in a low voice, closing the topmost button and wrapping the necktie under the collar. "You'd better make this up to me later, Ritsu."

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: These two should just co-habit already.