Straight Through

Summary: Yosuke, on a vacation to Port Island, meets a young woman whom interests him. But there is something about her...

This is intended to be a Yosuke-centric story, so I'll definitely try to stick to one POV, and that's the Yo-Man himself.

Author's Note: The story was initially Friendship/Humor, then Humor/Hurt/Comfort, but will now be a Humor/Romance.

EDITED 8/6/2012

Port 1: The Hanamura Family Vacation

"Eh? You're going on vacation!"

Chie Satonaka's voice fell loud and clear all around the Junes food court, causing several heads to turn to the cop-in-training, currently clad in her Inaba police uniform. After yelling, she slammed her hands on the table and leaned forward off her seat, causing her short brown hair to bob with her sudden movement. Her emotion was being directed right at the young, slender man with headphones around his neck, and parted fluffy light brown hair, spread apart so it didn't cover his sparkling brown eyes.

This young man let a carefree expression glow on his face, serving as a contrast to Chie's frustration and displeasure.

His name was Yosuke Hanamura.

Yosuke tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, smirking slightly, "Yeah. Didn't I just say that?"

Chie scowled, and put her hands on her hips with agitation, "It's just that you never told us before today! I know Narukami-kun, Rise-chan and Naoto-kun aren't here nowadays, but there are still five of us. You could have gone out of the way to tell us!"

Now Yosuke scratched the back of his neck, then he titled his head back curiously, "Really? I thought I told Teddie at least… maybe Kanji-kun too."

The tomboy put a finger to her chin, judging him with her brown eyes, "Well, did you tell Yukiko?"

Thin brown eyebrows rose up. His eyes rolled away from Chie and towards the floor, a small laugh emerging from his windpipe. Then he looked back at Chie with a slight frown, rather confused as he put two and two together, "Didn't you get the text I sent all of you?" he pointed out, "I remember messaging it to all of you."

"Eh? A text? I don't think so…" she quickly took out her cellphone, and clicked at her phone, tinkering with the buttons. She soon pressed on a certain unopened text, and her eyes shot wide open. She looked over at Yosuke, and laughed nervously with a hand to her head. "I guess I forgot to open that."

The young man didn't even resist laughing at her cheekily, "Dojima-san putting you through the ringer, huh? Bet he's doing a great job."

The tomboy shut her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying to keep a hold of her short temper from exploding over Yosuke's provocations. Her hand balled into a fist, and she almost hit him right there.

"Yeah," she was obviously agitated, but then tried to flash a small smile, only failing to give it genuine enthusiasm. "Still, you're lucky, getting to go to the city and have fun! Send me a postcard!"

Unable to resist, Yosuke winked at Chie, and leaned back on his seat, crossing his right leg over his left knee, "Oh, sure, and maybe something else too!"

Chie froze up at that. Yosuke looked at her with widening eyes, and while his eyelids opened further, his entire face began to lighten up from a neutral patience to a cheerful, spirited grin that stretched his mouth, showing his white teeth. His eyes also gained a teasing shine to them, as he spoke.

"Heh! You want me to stay here, eh?" he winked at Chie, his grin held no secrets, "Don't worry, I'll come back soon enough, maybe I'll have some more experience if you know what I'm sayin'."

Yosuke paused upon seeing Chie's expected reaction. He thought that maybe he shouldn't have said that, when out popped veins in the tomboy's forehead.

"You…" and without missing a single step, she turned on her foot and thrust her leg forward, kicking Yosuke hard into the air with a tremendous Galactic Punt, "PERVERT!"

He soared high in the sky, and felt for all but a fleeting moment, that he was floating. But, what came up must come down, so when his mind came back from his secondly haze, Yosuke fell right into a bin with a mighty crash. Garbage bags halted his fall, unfortunately enough, and the putrid stench was spread around the canister. He was stuck in a garbage bin, looking like an idiot with his legs sticking straight out of the bin.

Chie huffed angrily, "Men!" she muttered before she turned tail, and began to walk away from the food court. But then she paused. She then turned her head back to the trash can, and yelled at Yosuke. "I won't be the only one who's glad to see you gone!"

Yosuke rolled his eyes with a sarcastic grin while inside the garbage, trying not to let the stench of festering waste get into his nostrils. But when he tried to get his footing back on the ground, well, his legs just kicked in the air. Since the can was held in place by a holster, this left him stuck upside-down and legs flailing around like a madman's legs.

"Hey, somebody, I'm stuck in trash and I can't get out," he groaned. People started to turn and laugh, much to his disdain. Yosuke's legs stopped kicking around when the laughs came in, such was his fate that he was used to getting laughed at or having some bad luck happen, but even he had his days where he didn't want bad karma.

Yosuke made a mental note not to piss off Chie again, but then threw it in his mental garbage bin, thinking it wouldn't be fun if he didn't tease the sporty girl once in a while.

What felt like an eternity stuffed in garbage was only five minutes, because before long, Yosuke felt something tub at his pants. His vision flipped right-side up, he saw light again. Hurrah, he was saved! The boy's wide eyed vision then locked onto his savior… that mascot bear, with a cartoony expression, wide apart eyes and a segmented head. It was Teddie.

What confused Yosuke was, why were his eyes watering?

Yosuke lifted an eyebrow, and his lips folded back into a neutral, if somewhat curious, expression, "Huh, what's gotten you down?" He didn't expect the bear suddenly rushing onto his chest, putting his face onto his chest.

"YOSUKE~! DON'T LEAVE US HERE! IF YOU GO, THEN THAT ONLY LEAVES ME, KANJI-KUN, CHIE-CHAN AND YUKI-CHAN! I'M SCARED!" bellowed Teddie, who immediately wrapped his stubby arms around Yosuke's hips. Once he got them circled around him, the mascot then put his weight down, trying to hold Yosuke down to some success. The teenager tried to swivel out of the bear's grip, but he had a tight hug held on, so when that failed, he gripped onto Teddie's costume head and tried to push him off.

Yosuke pulled his head back with a shocked expression at first, but he quickly got annoyed at the bear's crying, "Hey, Teddie! I'm not gonna be gone forever, dude! Just relax, it's only for a few weeks!" he said as he tried to force the bear off him.

"That's what they all say! But then you'll meet a bear-y cute city girl, you'll score, and then you'll forget all about us to be with her~" he cried once again, and put his head even harder against Yosuke's shirt, soaking it with bear tears. Yosuke's eyebrows twitched and they fell down in frustration of Teddie's delusions. He was now trying harder than before to push Teddie off before he made a complete ass out of each other. But the bear had a grip of iron steel, so it was much harder than it looked.

"Dude, you've been watching way too many movies! Even if I did meet a babe, Inaba's my home, so it's not like I'm gonna ditch you guys!" moaned Yosuke, who then flashed one of his laidback smiles, a smile that could always calm anyone down. Well, at least Shadow bears.

Teddie looked up at Yosuke, tears still streaming down his face, "Y-… you promise… you won't bear-tray us?"

"Surely dude," Yosuke said honestly, "like I'd ever betray my best friends!"

Teddie then let go, and smiled that innocent smile he usually had on his face. The adorable bear looked at Yosuke for a few seconds, and then spoke up, "I wonder if you're pre-beared for the whole trip? Meeting city girls to score with!" he smiled.

With Teddie now back to his youthful self, the human couldn't help but let his smile widen into a toothy grin full of charm, and he nodded his head back, "Haha, you bet! Trust me Ted, I'm an expert on girls. A real sage at that, the city girls won't know who hit 'em!"

"Maybe you could bring one back?" the bear then said with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Yosuke shook his head, his hair flopping around his cheeks slightly, "Nah dude. I mean, we already got a friend from the city! Don't want to complicate things, you know~ plus, don't you have a friend of ours you keep talking about?"

The brown haired boy then winked at the bear, and Teddie saluted seriously with pride.

July 3rd, 2013

July 3rd, 2013, was a day Yosuke Hanamura had been looking forward to for a while. Not only did he manage to get into a good college (he had hoped to get into the university Yu was studying at, but to no avail), but he was off for a family vacation! The Hanamuras had decided to go to Port Island, and when they asked Yosuke if he wanted to come along as a last family trip before he departed for college, he gladly agreed. As much as he loved Inaba now, nothing beat a return to the big city!

He had said his goodbyes, including a particularly harsh one from Chie (he was still rubbing the bruise he got from her kick), and was now on the car, sat back as his father revered the engine. He let his legs lift onto the backseats of their car and let himself lie down, it was times like these he was glad he was an only child. Then again, to his knowledge, everyone else in the Investigation Team was an only child….

As the car drove away from Inaba, Yosuke looked back at the entrance to the town, then kicked back on his seat, "Ah man, I'm out of Inaba and gonna have some fun!" bellowed Yosuke, stretching his arms out and bopping his head to the music going through his headphones.

The funky guitar riff bounced up and down, complete with the whine of a synthesizer, and with that, Yosuke continued to beat his head down to the rhythm, with no missteps. He was completely in tune.

He sang along to the lyrics and slapped his hands to the mechanical drums, his eyes were now closed as he nodded his head along to the beat, rather enjoying himself actually.

In fact, he thought he just may have fallen asleep. This helped the time fly by, and soon, after a few hours, Yosuke felt the movement cease, and the car stopped in its tracks. Yosuke flipped his eyes open, got off his back and looked around… they were in a car park. It was lit up rather dimly, and he swore the light over the Hanamura car flickered slightly. It seemed it was pretty deep in the establishment they were staying at, and frankly, it wasn't a visually pleasing site. The parking lot looked rather empty, slathered in grey concrete and tiles.

Yosuke looked around, "Kinda skimped on the parking," he smiled slightly as he adjusted his backpack onto his shoulder. He unclipped his seatbelt and began to help his father with the luggage, while his mother confirmed their hotel room with reception.

"Yosuke, hold it like you would hold important Junes goods!" Mr. Hanamura told Yosuke, as he passed another suitcase onto Yosuke. Yosuke took it, but rolled his eyes at his father. How come everything that his dad talked about had to be about Junes? He wouldn't shut up about it even in his sleep. Yosuke remembered when he was younger, sometimes he would go past his parents' bedroom, and his father would be snoring, 'Junes' in his sleep.

"Geez, Pops, you think there's a Junes here?" he asked, mostly teasing the older man, visible by the smirk on his face.

However, the man stood up with great energy, as if he were rejuvenated just from hearing the words, 'Junes', "Of course! Junes is a proud Japanese establishment, after all!"

The edge of Yosuke's mouth tilted into a nervous smile, "Right… well, we gotta get these suitcases into our rooms."

"Yes! And just as well! Your mother is calling me!"

Yosuke shrugged his shoulders, and his expression melted back into a bored frown, "Yeah… I guess so."

He lugged the suitcase up, and soon got to the elevator. While he did well to hide it from his parents, he was actually rather gloomy.

While he was definitely excited about the trip, Yosuke and his parents both knew they wouldn't be spending much time with each other: he had his own things to do. Yosuke always wanted to see the big city again, and while he was glad he could experience it on his own, it just felt… off. There was an uneasy feeling rising in the pits of his stomach, and it actually made him feel rather queasy.

Yosuke mumbled under his breath. What would this journey bring, he had no idea. Nor did he want to think about it.

Port Island

After having gotten their rooms, the Hanamura family set out a schedule. Mostly, it was Mrs. Hanamura ranting and raving, and Mr. Hanamura trying to get a call back to Inaba's Junes over something insignificant (like if Teddie was scaring away female customers or the step-in manager was doing his job right), while Yosuke just laid back on the couch, eyes half closed in an attempt to sleep, yet look like he wasn't sleeping.

It didn't work out.

What he had thought, was maybe he would get a nice girl. Hang out in the nightclub, see what girl caught his eye, then see if he could work it out with her. His parents were usually quite controlling of their only son, but to Yosuke, it only seemed fair if they let him have a little more freedom with the opposite sex. Hell, they weren't very keen when he briefly went out with Chie, even though the Hanamura family had gotten quite close to the Satonakas. It happened quite regularly in a sleepy town like Inaba, so Yosuke realized.

"Yosuke!" the sound of his mother's voice, now suddenly loud, caused Yosuke to jump on the couch, "Before you go do whatever you want, don't you even think of going out late at night, especially with the opposite sex!"

Yosuke raised an eyebrow. Of course, it was what he intended to do, but he wasn't going to make his mother worry. He shot her a small smile, and winked casually, "Relax, Mom, I'm not going to do anything stupid."

Calmed by what appeared to be her son's honest reaction, she nodded, and smiled. Then she looked over to Mr. Hanamura, who was still yelling at the casual manager over stock. Yosuke actually felt sort of sorry for the new guy, but, years of dealing with a Junes-obsessed father made him rather jaded. The new guy would get used to it soon enough.

Since they had arrived at the afternoon, nightfall soon fell over Port Island, as the city began to light up like fireflies. When he came with the team, Yosuke had watched outside his hotel room window, admiring the lights like back in Tokyo. Now, he was more intent on seeing what lied beneath the lights. Yosuke had asked if he could go for a walk, and his parents had agreed to give him his own space.

The first thing Yosuke did once his parents went out though, was to go straight to where all the good action was. He had been grinning as he escaped the hotel and quickly began making his move over to the spot where he'd have his fun.

The nightclub district, because why not? He had nothing else to do, and it wasn't like he was a kid anymore. He could take care of himself, and he thought of himself to be a responsible young man… even if many people didn't take his word for it.

He decided to go take a walk, as he didn't have much money on him right now, and he didn't want to use it for a bus ticket. Besides, it was some nice exercise, and would allow him to see the city some more.

Yosuke was soon strolling down the pavement, whistling to the tunes echoing on his headphones, looking around at the sights of the nightlife. While the sky was almost pitch black, with not a star in the sky, the world around him was covered in a glistening glow of neon, ranging from light green, to purple, to orange and yellow, thanks to the streetlights and signs.

His head tilted left to see a sign for a bar called 'The Stray Sheep', which had a red neon sign, with a humanoid sheep climbing a tower, with the male and female gender symbols on the left and right sides respectively.

Yosuke pulled a face at that, biting his lower lip, "Eh…" he quickly walked over to the other side, and looked to his right. There was another nightclub, called 'The Jack Frost', which was distinctive for having a giant blow up balloon of a smiling snowman with a blue jester's hat on its roof. Yosuke recognized it as Jack Frost, that kid's mascot, whose dolls had always been a hit at Junes.

Well, until Teddie came along, then Junes were able to rep the profits of having their own individual mascot.

After what felt like about ten minutes, Yosuke's legs continued to take him across the district. He couldn't help but feel awe and a patch of nostalgia flood back into him, walking these streets. For the past few years, he'd been used to walking around Inaba and seeing fields and small, packed streets, so it was quite a delight for the city boy in Yosuke to see the bright lights, energy and power of a Japanese city again. Sure, Inaba was his home, and he considered it to be, but there was just something about the city you couldn't beat, at least to him.

He was about to turn around and go home, when he saw a nightclub that caught his interest. There was some stairs going down to the entrance, which was a little modern opening, with grey tiles slotted in, making it all seem a little underground. The pink light sign over the top of the entrance was, 'Let's Positive Thinking!' causing Yosuke to chuckle to himself.

"Heh. Cute name for a nightclub, guess I'll try it out."

With a stride in his step, Yosuke approached the entrance, and was about to withdraw some money to go in. That was when it hit.

All of a sudden, his forehead began to throb. It wasn't a painful pulse, but it was an annoying sensation, one that made Yosuke slam a hand to his forehead and begin rubbing the temples to ease the rocking in his head. Yosuke looked down on the ground to try and regain his composure, but had closed his eyes when it throbbed again.

Again, it wasn't a truly painful pulsating feeling, but his head felt like it was being rocked around and shaken by something. It had to be his Persona. But what was making his Persona go crazy like this?

"What the… hell…?" he muttered to himself. He snapped back to reality when he heard a cough, and he looked up to see the receptionist. She sounded like she was chewing on something, but she simply sneered at the brown haired boy.

"Are you gonna go in or not?"

Once he managed to gain entry into the nightclub, the first thing Yosuke did was to buy a drink. He wasn't 20 yet, so he couldn't get anything alcoholic, besides, it wasn't like most nightclubs in Port Island sold alcohol, anyways. But at least he wasn't going to get drunk, make an ass out of himself, then end up being lectured by his parents (he could already hear his father yelling, "THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HAD GONE TO JUNES!"). He grimaced at the thought.

Yosuke walked over to a bench overlooking the dancefloor, and laid his head against his hand, sipping on his drink as he watched the dancers gyrate and levitate towards each other. The hypnotic colors dancing around the floor highlighted the mass of bodies getting together, arms flying, people smashing their hips against each other, rubbing shoulder to shoulder, like a primal ritual. The smoke from the smoke machines only helped to create a hazier atmosphere, and combined with the lights, it made for a surreal, out-of-this world experience.

"Heh, not my thing though," he swept a hand past his parted brown hair, and tipped his head back, soon straightening up so he could walk over and see what else he could do. If he was really bored, he might as well go in and start leaping around with the others.

It was when he began to walk that he felt another vibrating clash in his head. His forehead felt the brunt of it, and this time, it really disorientated his thoughts. Yosuke actually groaned, but his feet stayed solid on the ground, and his lean body barely prevented itself from falling to a crouch. Whilst not truly painful, it was now causing something of a small sting, thanks to the power of these vibrations, and he was getting rather sick of it. It wasn't a migraine, no, it was something else. He knew there had to be something causing his pain.

And it was close.

Then, it was discovered. His eyes found themselves drifting towards the source of that strange sensation, the cause of his strange headaches. His gaze let themselves fall onto the container of that source… a young woman sat down next to a table, all alone.

He paused to let himself gaze at the new girl; he definitely had an interest in her now. Half of him wanted to just walk up to her and talk to her, while another part of him, his more analytical side, wanted to pause and have a think about what was attracting him to her.

Yosuke squinted to get a better look at the woman. She was hot, no doubt about it. Those pink lips combined with that dash of eyeshadow around her eyes only helped to highlight those wide, milky brown orbs. Her light brown hair was short, but it flowed back to the bottoms of her ears, forming points. He wasn't eyeing her body up directly, given she wasn't wearing some stupid cleavage popping dress that exposed her curves or anything like that, but he liked it that way.

Yosuke liked his girls with a pretty face, and not caked in makeup and insulin like some grotesque horror monster (he immediately shuddered remembering a certain teacher…), and she just fit the bill. After all, he did say he might as well try his luck on a city girl. He wasn't the most experienced when it came to the game, even if he bragged about his 'sage of scoring' abilities to Teddie… the girls back in Tokyo thought he wasn't 'cool' enough. But, he did manage to have one or two girlfriends over in Inaba, although those relationships didn't last too long.

But that was when he was in high school, he was no longer just a silly teenage boy and hell, maybe she might be receptive to him?

Yosuke decided, in what might either be his make-or-break move… why not? She was alone, and maybe she just wanted someone to talk to. There wasn't anything to do but dance in this nightclub, and damnit, he loved to dance, but wasn't going to make himself look like an utter moron or raving lunatic along with all the others shaking their heads, grinding their hips together and otherwise jumping around. At least he had some control over his feet, he had seen Yu, Kanji and Naoto (the latter two being very reluctant to do so) dance, and it wasn't pretty.

Yosuke walked over to the table with swag in his step, carrying himself as best as he could in front of the new woman. His feet moved around to avoid tripping up on something like a split drink or a stray chair; he wasn't going to make a complete jackass out of himself while he still had a shot!

She didn't seem to notice him, and was playing around on her smartphone, okay, so far, so good. Yosuke then sidestepped gently over to the chair opposite her, pulled it from under the table and leaned to sit down on it. Keep it nice and cool, don't try to scare her off, that always seemed to work.

That was when the woman's milky brown eyes moved from her electronic device, to the new guy trying to sit next to her. Her eyes narrowed, and she tilted her delicate neck, exposing a choker clad around her throat, with a heart symbol on the left.

"What do you want?" she asked in a confused tone wired with subtle aggression. Okay, so first impressions, she didn't fly completely off the rails… yet.

Trying to keep a cool head, Yosuke raised his hand up as a friendly greeting. "Yo. Saw you were alone, just thought I'd see how you were doing, is all," he smiled.

She rolled her eyes and scoffed as if she had dealt with this for a while, Yosuke's eyelid twitched, this wasn't going too good so far. Maybe he was being too forward for her liking.

"Right… I'm here with friends," the girl said, "I don't need a total stranger 'worrying' about me."

He then understood there that maybe she was getting the idea. Still trying to play it cool, Yosuke shook his head, ruffling his brown hair, and grinned again. "I'm just not one to let a girl out on her own, sometimes things can get a little rough, if you know what I mean."

The girl rolled her eyes again and let out a bothered sigh, adjusting her attention onto the smartphone to avoid the new guy next to her. Presumably to see if he already left, her eyes slowly fell over to her left, to see Yosuke sat there still, sipping on his drink. An angry frown fell on her face, "Seriously, don't you get the hint?"

Yosuke raised his eyebrows at the accusation, "Hey, I'm not hitting on you," he claimed.

"Oh come on, it's so obvious!" she said, raising her voice, "Do you seriously think I'm stupid?"

Yosuke flinched. Well, to tell the truth, he was trying his luck, but there was something about her that interested him too. She wasn't like any girls he had seen around here. He knew just from sensing her that there was something much different about this girl. Why, he didn't know, which irritated him. But she was someone he wanted to know more about.

He looked her over. Definitely a cutie with a pretty face, creamy white skin, a nice slim body, and she took care of herself, but it was her legs that caught his attention. Long and smooth looking, like they could go on, they were pretty model legs, not the powerful, firm legs Chie had. Those things could just wrap around him and he'd be in heaven. The thighs were looking irresistible especially, with that skirt bringing all the more attention to those fine legs, damn. He looked further down at her feet, wondering if they were just as good as her legs. She wore zip-up boots. Damn.

When he looked back at her eyes though, he saw a piercing glare aimed right at him. Her arms were crossed on the table now, and her lips were pressed into a rather serious frown. "I don't want your concern. I'm fine."

The boy shrugged his shoulders, and began to pull himself away, to give her some more space. He sipped on his drink some more, making sure to keep his eye contact with her. There was just something about her that was just so… interesting! His expression faded into a more curious gaze.

"Well, at least we should know each other's names," he tilted his head slightly at her paused expression, letting his brown hair waver a bit. A smile cracked on his face to light up the mood, "I'll introduce myself. I'm Yosuke Hanamura, I'm here on vacation."

The young woman nodded ever so slowly, still giving him a rather suspicious gaze, "Well, I guess if you say that… I better introduce myself too," she sighed briefly, and closed her eyes, looking as if she reconsidered saying anything, "Yukari Takeba."

"Aha, nice to meet you! I'll be here for the next few weeks, myself!" cue a grin from the free-spirited young man. Yukari tightly nodded again, still not easing up in front of the boy. Her hand gripped onto the strap of her handbag.

"That's nice."

Yosuke then realized that he had already succeeded on the first step, in getting some small talk out of her. Seeing as he already had a small hold on the conversation, he'd drift it to other topics. He could barely hold back a grin at that, but he analyzed Yukari's face for a brief moment. While she didn't look so mad now, she did look rather unhappy with his presence.

Life wasn't fair damnit, how come he always had to miss out on the hot chicks? Well, there was Chie, he did like her and, deep down, he could admit he found her very attractive, but the two agreed that they could never make a serious relationship work. Plus it just seemed natural to be shouting at each other as friends, not lovers.

The younger man snapped back when he started watching the woman's hands. Yukari tapped a perfectly manicured nail on the table, leaning her face against her propped hand, and then rapped on the material with her fingers, almost rhythmically, "Hanamura," she said.

Yosuke nodded just slightly, "Takeba-san," he responded back.

Now, this silence was awkward. And by awkward, he felt like he could stick his fist out into the air and he'd hit something. The atmosphere tightened around his neck, and he stared into her brown eyes. They were still locked into a hardened stare aimed right at him. It was as if arrows tipped with poison were being aimed right at his face, and no matter if he ducked or jumped, he'd still be hit. The smoke filtering from the machines made him feel a little light headed, not helped at all thanks to the unnerving encounter with this new girl.

Again, his mind seemed to be drawing him towards her. He swore throughout his nightclub visit, he could hear Susano'o, the former Jiraiya, chirp and screech in his head, only intensifying when he found and moved closer to Yukari. It was annoying, but it was definitely trying to say something. The thing was, just what was Susano'o trying to tell him? It had something to do with this girl though, that was for sure.

Yosuke didn't know what else to say. His eyes scrolled away from her eyes, and that was when he noticed she didn't have consumable goods on her. Perhaps she'd appreciate if he got her a drink? That was always a good way to kick off conversations… and romances. So he looked back at her, flashed Yukari his best, most winning smile and said, "Want a drink?"

The sound of metal moaning against the floor alerted Yosuke. He looked with wide eyes as Yukari pulled the chair back, and stood up on her feet, looking down on him, "Yeah, I think I'm gonna go now," she hastily said, and then pushed the chair back under the table, grinding the metal legs against the floor as she did so.

A surprised Yosuke began to urgently push himself up to his feet, standing up in front of the girl. "I was just asking! You don't have to get like that!"

Yukari growled, now quite angry with narrowed eyes and something resembling an angry sneer on her lips, and holstered her handbag on her shoulder tensely, "Urgh, what is with you?"

"H-hey, don't go yet!" stammered Yosuke, trying to remember what he should do next. She was sick of him and on the verge of leaving him alone and humiliated: this wasn't good at all! He tried putting on a confident smile, and winked, "Maybe we just haven't started off right? Believe me, Takeba-san, I think we could really get along. We did tell each other our names."

Her response was to roll her eyes and walk past him. "Just leave me alone!" she yelled right in his face, and to add injury to insult, she pushed him with her shoulder, causing Yosuke to take a step back from her. Yosuke turned his head back to see her walking towards the exit, and now defeated, he frowned and collapsed onto a chair, tapping his finger against his drink.

"Man… she was pretty bitchy," he muttered. He watched her group up with two other girls, neither of them seemed to be pop out in his mind. They didn't look nearly as distinctive to him as Yukari did, that was for sure. But he wasn't going to give up just yet, he had to know her.

While he couldn't hear the conversation, one of the girls had snorted, "Hey, Yukari-san, who was that loser trying to talk to you?" she nudged her head over to the boy, still sat there.

"Yeah, that guy was such a total fail," the other girl burst into a fit of laughter at that moment, "seriously!"

"He's nobody," Yukari nodded, but rather than smiling or joking around about Yosuke's pathetic attempts to hit on her, she actually didn't feel that happy. In fact, she was rather confused. Sure, this Yosuke kid seemed like one of those typical horny high school kids who hit on her, and he had no idea how to even lay his game on, not even to mention he just tried too hard, but there was something about him that made her scratch her head.

She looked over her shoulder one last time to see Yosuke, sipping on his drink, still left on the table where they talked. She narrowed her eyes at him. Now he had gotten up, and checked his watch again. Surprise fell over his face, and he quickly drank up the rest of his drink, and paced towards the exit. Luckily, he didn't notice she was looking at him.

There was something about him that really bothered her. It was a familiar feeling, but she couldn't put her finger on it, and that was what irritated her the most. Ever since she gave up her Evoker after the incident with the Abyss of Time and the keys, since she couldn't trust herself with its power anymore (Mitsuru-senpai was adamant she kept it, but still...), she hadn't heard from Isis, bar a few whispers when she met her friends again. Yet now, she could hear distinctive, echoing whistles and whispers in her head, which she knew was Isis' way of trying to communicate. And it only happened when that Yosuke guy came up.

She had no interest in him, sincerely, whatsoever. But, there really was that strange sensation that told her he was more than just a normal teenager….

For her friends, she cracked a small smile, and nodded. But deep down, Yukari thought:

'Yosuke Hanamura, who are you?'

Hopefully I can keep both stories going. Enjoy!