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Harry finished his paperwork late Tuesday evening. He turned off the lights in his office, and allowed himself a moment to just sit quietly in the dark. He stretched his aching shoulders and back, and cracked his neck. He was already behind schedule, but he knew Neville wouldn't begrudge him the extra few minutes to just relax.

When he'd first joined the Aurors, he'd been out in the field. He'd thrilled at the excitement of stakeouts, chases, mysteries, and arresting criminals. He'd loved his job, and had thrown himself into it with all he had after Ginny had run off to play for the Harpies. He didn't hold it against her; he was following his dreams, and he saw no reason she shouldn't do the same.

Molly had been horribly distressed. She'd bemoaned her lost hopes of Ginny and Harry producing a horde of children for her to spoil, but even she had to admit it was for the best. Of course, she'd really had no choice but to be okay with it. She could no longer proclaim him to be the perfect match for her only daughter after the first time Harry's grinning face showed up in the Prophet with his arm around another man. Still though, she held out hope he'd officially join the family. She'd even set him up with Charlie.

Harry gave her a little credit there. Charlie was most certainly pleasant to look at, and very fun to be around. But, the problem was they already thought of each other as family. That was confirmed the first time Charlie tried to kiss him, and they'd ending up laughing. It was sad, really. There was this gorgeous man that Harry could truly trust, but things were just too weird for them. So, they'd gone their separate ways. Charlie wasn't really the type to settle down anyway.

Now, almost five years after that, Harry was Head Auror, and saw very little field time. He was getting bored with his work life, and had very little excitement in his personal life. He was ready to share his life with someone, but had no idea how to go about looking for a man. And, of course, there was one little problem he had to take care of before he could consider dating someone seriously.

Sighing, Harry stood from his chair, and grabbed his cloak, heading out to meet Neville for their regular Tuesday night drink.

The pub was smoky and dark; most of the tables were empty. They had a group that got together on the weekends, but Harry and Neville still met every week on their own. Being the only gay wizards in their circle of friends, they had things in common that the others couldn't really understand.

Neville grinned from their usual table in the back corner, and Harry waved. As Harry sat down, he smiled, when he saw Neville had already ordered their first round.

"Cheers," Harry said, lifting his glass and taking his first swallow.

A few hours and several drinks later, Harry confessed to something he'd never told anyone.

"You've really never slept with anyone?" Neville asked, sipping at his ale, eyeing Harry as if the other man might be lying.

"Really. And, I just want to get it over with, you know? I don't want to be so nervous about sex all the time. I think if I can just fix that, I might be able to really date someone. Maybe, I could even find a man I could spend the rest of my life with. I'd really like to be in a relationship, but I'm just too nervous about the physical part."

"It's just sex, Harry. How about that guy in the corner? He's been eyeing you up since you walked in." Neville replied rather flippantly, which didn't sound right at all, coming from Neville Longbottom.

"Well, yeah, but I don't want my love life splashed all over the pages of the Daily Prophet. And, that's exactly what will happen if I choose some random bloke."

Neville considered that for a moment, and then his eyes darted back and forth, as if making sure they wouldn't be heard.

"Well, I might know someone who can help, but you're not going to like it."

"Neville, at this point, I'd consider Snape, if I thought he wouldn't kill me, or use my sperm in some strange potion."

Neville laughed, "Since you put it that way, there is a bloke who does this kind of thing for a living."

"What? A rent boy? You have to be kidding."

"Think about it this way, even though it isn't illegal in our world, most prostitutes keep their business affairs quiet. And, though he has a reputation, he keeps everything extra quiet. He only takes virgins as new clients."

Harry gaped, "There can't be that many people interested in losing their virginity to a rent boy."

"You'd be surprised. And, most of them, after they've been to him once, keep going. So, he makes a decent wage, I'd bet. I mean, I went to him," Neville blushed, but continued, "Still do sometimes."


"What? He's good. He's really good. And, he treats you like, well, he's not strictly, 'strip, let me fuck you, and pay me.' He takes his time, makes you feel like you're the only man in the world. It's especially helpful when you're inexperienced. But, he doesn't come cheap, and he can be rather picky about who he accepts. I really think the only reason he agreed to take me on is the Order of Merlin I received after the war."

Harry processed this new information, as he sipped slowly at his Firewhisky. He could hardly believe that Neville had lost his virginity to a prostitute, and he continued to pay the man for services. But, if what Neville was saying was true, then it might not be such a horrible idea.

"Where do I find him?"

Neville grinned, "You don't. You have to have a referral from a current client. That's where I come in. I have an appointment with him tomorrow. I'll let him know you're interested, and if he is as well, he'll contact you."

Apprehensive about the arrangement, but still desperately hoping this might be the answer to his problem, Harry nodded.


"But, Harry? There's one other thing you should know."

"What's that?" Harry asked, tossing some money on the table, and pushing his chair back.

"This guy… well… it's Draco Malfoy."


The week seemed to crawl by, as Harry waited to hear from Neville. He wasn't sure why he was so anxious and hopeful. It was Draco sodding Malfoy. Still, when Neville's owl tapped at Harry's window on Thursday night, Harry's fingers shook as he opened the letter.


He agreed. Be at the address below tomorrow night at seven sharp. Do not be late, and if you have other plans, cancel them. He won't reschedule, and he won't see you if you aren't on time.

Harry rolled his eyes; it was just like Malfoy to be that much of a control freak. Even though it seemed Malfoy was the same prick he'd been years ago, Harry was a bit relieved to know he'd been accepted. Neville swore by the man, and if Malfoy and Neville could bury the hatchet and climb into bed together, maybe there was hope for them as well. And, if he showed up, and Malfoy really was the same ole prick, Harry could just leave.


Refusing to let his nerves show, Harry arrived promptly at seven and immediately raised his hand to knock. He was surprised when Malfoy didn't keep him waiting. The door swung open, and there stood Malfoy, leaned against the frame, looking Harry over from head to toe. But he didn't comment on what he saw, and thankfully, he didn't look at Harry as if he found him lacking.

What shocked Harry the most, though, was the way his cock responded at the sight of the blond. Harry had always known Malfoy was attractive. It was hard not to notice, when he carried himself with such confidence and pride. His hair was always styled perfectly. His eyes were a deep, stormy grey, and his body was slim and long. Physically, it was hard to find someone that matched Malfoy. It seemed he'd only got better with age.

Malfoy tilted his head to the side, letting his fringe fall into his eyes, and Harry was sure it was a practiced movement, one meant to entice. It worked. Then, Malfoy spoke, his voice carrying the same disdain from years past, and the image of beauty was ruined.

"Potter," As he spoke, Malfoy smirked.

And, that was enough to tell Harry this had been a huge mistake. Malfoy might keep quiet for his other clients, but there was no way he'd do that for Harry. Not to mention, he'd probably tease Harry the whole time. What had he been thinking? He couldn't lose his virginity to Draco Malfoy. Hell, he couldn't even stand to be in the same room as Draco Malfoy.

"Never mind," Harry said, turning to leave.

"Harry… I'm sorry, really. Come in, please?"

Harry stopped in his tracks.

"Did you just…" call me by my name… apologise to me… "say please?"

"Yes, I did. However, I won't say it again. So, are you coming in or not?"

Harry didn't know what he was doing, and he was sure it was the worst decision he'd ever made, but he brushed past Malfoy, and walked into the man's flat.

The living room was plush and elegant, and it suited its occupant perfectly. A fire blazed in the hearth, and directly in front of it was the fluffiest rug Harry had ever seen. It didn't look practical for walking on, but looked just right for other activities. And, when Harry thought about just which activities, his face heated, and he took a step back toward the door, suddenly sure he couldn't go through with this.

"I don't even know why I'm here. There's no way this will work. We'll probably end up killing each other. And, won't that be lovely in tomorrow's headlines?"

Strangely perceptive, Malfoy said, "That's why you're here. You need someone discreet. I'm discreet, and I know what I'm doing. You don't want to kill me, and I'm not into necrophilia. So, I think we're both safe."


"Draco. I think if I'm going to bugger you, you'd best call me by my first name."

Harry cringed at Malfoy's tone, and his use of the word 'bugger.'

"Yeah, now I know this won't work. I'll see you around, Malfoy."

Harry made to move toward the door, but Malfoy caught his wrist. Instead of ending up on the other side of the door, Harry ended up pressed into it by the weight of Malfoy's body.

Before Harry could complain or hex the man, Malfoy's lips descended on his. Malfoy's mouth was soft, his tongue warm and inviting, as it danced slowly over Harry's lips, enticing Harry's own tongue out to play. Without even thinking about it, Harry sighed into the kiss, granting Malfoy access to his mouth, and tangling their tongues together.

Malfoy kissed him languidly, as if they had all the time in the world, and Malfoy's only desire was to map the inside of Harry's mouth. Their tongues rubbed together, as Draco licked the roof of Harry's mouth, curling his tongue, and catching the back of Harry's front teeth.

When Malfoy pulled back, he looked as dazed as Harry felt, and his smile was bright, almost cute.

"See? This will work. I think, as long as we don't talk to each other, we'll be just fine."

Harry's brain was replaying this kiss, though it had happened only moments before. He'd never been kissed like that. Malfoy was so gentle, so unselfish, and so very fucking good. Knowing he needed to verbally respond with something other than 'wow,' Harry said, "Yeah."

Malfoy pulled Harry to the desk set up in the corner of the room, jotted something down on a piece of paper, and handed it to Harry.

It was his price, and to the side, he'd written, 'for the night.' It was quite expensive, but that kiss… Harry was almost certain he was getting a bargain. Even if Malfoy wasn't that great in other areas, he could probably kiss Harry to orgasm.

Harry nodded, and as soon as he did, he was pulled down the hall, and into a room on the left side. Malfoy shut the door softly behind them, as Harry took in the room.

The walls were off white, and the carpet under his feet was black, and he just knew it would be heaven to sink his toes into. On the dressers and bedside cabinets, there were red candles flickering brightly, and when Malfoy dimmed the lights, the whole room glowed.

There was a large bed centred on the wall to Harry's right. It was covered in a black mesh canopy, but the bed curtains were parted on the side closest to Harry, and he could see deep green, silk sheets, and a white spread pulled back to the foot of the bed.

He gulped, just imagining what they would do on that bed, but before he could get himself too worked up, Malfoy's hands slid around his waist. He was turned slowly, as if Malfoy was afraid of scaring him. Their eyes locked when they were face to face, and though Harry would have never dreamed of it before, Malfoy's gaze was reassuring.

Malfoy undressed Harry slowly. Each button he slipped free received his undivided attention, just like every bit of skin he revealed was given Malfoy's attention. When Harry's shirt was finally dropped to the floor, Malfoy's mouth was busy at Harry's chest, moving back and forth between Harry's nipples, licking and sucking at each one.

Malfoy's hand was brushing the front of Harry's trousers, ghosting gently over Harry's groin. He was hardly applying any pressure, just teasing Harry with his warmth, with the promise of more to come.

Harry, for his part, had hardly been able to release Malfoy's shoulders since they'd entered the room. He was so caught up in the moment, in all the pleasure Malfoy was giving him that he couldn't concentrate on returning the favour.

Though they had agreed not to speak, Harry's mouth fell open, and words poured out in a rush, "Naked, you need to be naked. I want you naked."

Malfoy chuckled, but it wasn't condescending or hateful.

"We'll get there, Harry. God, you're beautiful." Malfoy said, lips brushing Harry's throat, as he moved up Harry's body, walking them backward at the same time.

The hand still at Harry's crotch tightened, and Harry whimpered, pressing forward.

"I think you might need a little relief, before we go any further."

Harry agreed. His body was tingling with an urgent need to come, and he could think of nothing he wanted more at the moment… except maybe for Malfoy to be naked.

"Yes, god yes, but you need to be naked, now."

Harry felt Malfoy's mouth pull into a grin, as he whispered into the skin directly below Harry's ear, sending shivers down Harry's spine.

"You've said that several times. Are you anxious, Harry?"

Lying would do him no good at the moment, and Malfoy already knew the answer anyway, so Harry simply said, "Yes."

Malfoy stepped back a bit, and reached for the hem of his shirt, but Harry pushed his hands away.

"Let me? Please?"

"You want to undress me?" Draco asked, one perfect eyebrow arched.

"Um…" Harry started, a bit embarrassed by his boldness. "Yeah, if that's okay."

Harry's distress must have been evident on his face, because Malfoy tilted Harry's chin until he was looking Malfoy in the eye. Then, he said, "Whatever you want, Harry, anything at all."

Malfoy's gaze was intense, and his eyes held a warmth Harry had never seen there before. He'd always thought of Malfoy as distant, cold, and unfeeling. But now, he seemed open, caring, and more obtainable and touchable than he'd ever been before. There was something almost vulnerable in his gaze.

He'd probably done this countless times before, calmed a person through first time jitters. So, Harry reminded himself, he could enjoy this, but he'd do good to remember this was Malfoy's job, and nothing more. That look on his face, the one that was making Harry's heart try to leap out of his chest, was perfected with practice, and not indicative of how Malfoy was actually feeling.

Harry's fingers shook, as he fumbled with the buttons on Malfoy's shirt. He most certainly lacked the finesse with which Malfoy had divested him of his shirt. But, Malfoy didn't comment, and when Harry looked up into Malfoy's face, his eyes were closed, a soft smile resting on his lips. He looked absolutely blissful.

Pulling the shirt open, Harry saw silvery scars running up and down Malfoy's chest, and his breath caught. He caught Malfoy's eye, and trying to convey his remorse, he slowly ran his tongue from one side of Malfoy's chest to the other, following the line of one scar. He felt Malfoy shudder, and for a moment, they were lost in each other's eyes. Without speaking, Harry asked for forgiveness, and it was granted.

Malfoy raised a hand, hooking it under Harry's chin and pulling him upwards. Malfoy kissed him softly, and whispered, "It's okay, just finish undressing me, yeah?"

Harry nodded, and pushed the shirt off Malfoy's shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Then, he moved down, catching Malfoy's belt buckle. It made a tinkling sound, as Harry unfastened it, and with that sound, came the reality of what was happening. He was actually going to have sex. He was going to have sex with Draco Malfoy. The strangest part was he wasn't nervous anymore. Excitement thrummed through him, all anxiety left behind, as he pulled on Malfoy's belt.

Malfoy stopped him, just as he finished working the belt through the loops of Malfoy's jeans.

"That's enough, for now. Sit." Malfoy said, pushing on Harry's shoulders, and forcing him onto the side of the bed.

Malfoy eyed him for a moment, then, without warning, dropped to his knees, and reached for the zip of Harry's jeans.

"Fuck," Harry whispered, knowing exactly what Malfoy had in mind.

"Oh yes. Have you ever had anyone do this for you, Harry? Ever been sucked until you can't see straight and can hardly remember your own name?"

Harry shook his head, unable to speak, as Malfoy spread the fly of his jeans open, and breathed on the cloth still covering Harry's erection.

"Oh my, you are innocent." Malfoy teased, just barely touching Harry's throbbing shaft with one finger.


"Draco." Malfoy corrected, pulling at Harry's jeans.

"Draco. Please don't make fun of me, not right now. I know it's difficult. It's what we've always done, but just, not right now, okay?"

Malfoy's eyes softened and Harry rose up, allowing both his jeans and pants to be pulled off and tossed aside.

"I'm not making fun of you, Harry. I like knowing I'll be your first in everything. It's… exciting and quite arousing for me."

Of course it was arousing for Malfoy, it was why he did this, wasn't it? Harry frowned, suddenly horribly upset over the fact that so many people had experienced this before him.

But, Harry didn't have time to be upset for very long, as Malfoy's mouth opened over the head of Harry's cock. He lapped at a drop of pre come, moaning and closing his eyes. There was no way it could taste good, Harry thought. But, he changed his mind, when Malfoy used his hand to coax another drop to well up, licking that one off as well. Maybe it couldn't be that bad, not if Malfoy was actively seeking it out.

As Malfoy's mouth lowered over him, taking him to the root, his eyes never left Harry's face. It was surreal, seeing his childhood nemesis like this, grey eyes shining, mouth hollowed as he sucked, face flushed. The lovely, wet heat surrounding his cock was amazing, but the fact that it was Malfoy was what caused Harry to moan.

"Draco." He didn't even mean to say it, and he was sorry the next instant, because the heat was suddenly gone, replaced by a hand - which was good, but not nearly as fantastic.

"Say it again," Malfoy demanded.

Harry complied, because he was sure it was the answer to how he'd get Malfoy's mouth on him again.


"Yes." Malfoy, no Draco, hissed.

Draco engulfed him again, eyes still trained on Harry's face, as he brought Harry to orgasm quickly. Draco was still licking and sucking gently at the head of Harry's cock, running his fingers lightly up and down Harry's thighs, when Harry became too sensitive to let him continue.

He pushed Draco away, moaning as he did, "Too much."

Draco didn't go far. He rested his head on Harry's thigh, watching his pointer finger trace wide circles around Harry's navel.

"Did you want me to… I mean, I'd like to…" Harry's nerves were back, full force, and he couldn't seem to say the words.

He wanted to suck Draco as well, not only to return the favour, but because he'd never done it before, and he wanted to know how.

Harry covered his flushed face and grimaced, as he forced it all out in one breath, "CanIsuckyoutoo?"

He heard Draco inhale sharply, and the finger on his leg stilled, as Draco considered the offer.

"No, not right now, maybe later, if you still want to." Draco stood, and Harry took in the sight of him, shirtless, jeans hanging low, and his cock bulging so nicely. Draco's chest was lightly muscled, and completely hairless. The only hair in sight, was the light trail leading from Draco's navel, down into the front of his jeans, directly in the centre of that sexy little 'v' that Harry loved to see on a man.

"Like what you see?" Draco asked, but his voice cracked a bit, and Harry got the impression that he wasn't being cocky so much as he was looking for Harry's approval.

Harry nodded, swallowing in an attempt to wet his very dry throat.

"You're gorgeous."

Rising up from his elbows, the position he'd fallen into during Draco's amazing blowjob, Harry reached for the other man. He caught the waistband of Draco's jeans, and pulled him closer. Instead of unfastening Draco's jeans right away, Harry skimmed his hands over Draco's stomach and sides, leaning in to let his breath wash over Draco's abdomen.

Harry was surprised, when Draco moaned, low and needy, and pressed forward. He could see that Draco was hard, but, he had to wonder, did he get this hard for all his other clients? Harry pushed the thought from his mind, because, of course Draco did, he didn't have the reputation he had for nothing.

Harry's hand trembled, as he moved it lower, caressing Draco's shaft through denim.

"I really want to suck you." It slipped from Harry's mouth as if he'd uttered the words every night for years. For some reason, he wasn't embarrassed to say it this time.

Draco carded his fingers through Harry's hair, and then trailed them down Harry's cheek. Harry caught himself closing his eyes, and turning toward that hand.

"Later," Draco whispered, moving both of his hands to his fly, and quickly pulling his clothing off.

Harry gulped, when Draco's cock sprang free. It wasn't huge, but it was way more than he thought he'd be able to take comfortably. It was a bit longer than Harry's hand, palm to fingertips, but it was the girth that worried Harry. Draco's cock was quite a bit bigger around than Harry's.

"Wow," Harry breathed, leaning forward without thinking.

To Harry's astonishment, Draco held his prick out, guiding it into Harry's mouth when it opened.

"Slowly, don't… don't even suck, please," Draco pleaded, sounding on edge.

Following Draco's request, Harry allowed the turgid organ to rest on his tongue. The first drop of liquid he tasted was slightly bitter, and almost coppery. It wasn't a taste he particularly liked, but knowing Draco was leaking for him made it so much better. Harry thought he'd be able to bring Draco to completion and swallow, if only he was allowed to do so.

But, before he could consider it further, Draco pulled his cock away, pushed Harry to the bed, climbing on top of him.

Draco held himself above Harry, allowing no contact between their bodies. Slowly, he leaned down, holding Harry's gaze, as he brought their mouths together again.

This kiss was just as sensual as the last. Draco kissed Harry like he was trying to memorise every tooth in his mouth, every wrinkle in his palate, and every taste bud on his tongue. He kissed slowly, tenderly, and with so much care. Harry was moaning, tangling his hands in Draco's hair, and arching upwards in mere seconds.

"Merlin," Harry panted, when Draco began to mouth at his jaw.

He'd never been so hard in his life, and so soon after coming. It was ridiculous how much he wanted Draco, when hours before he would have said he hated the bloke. He didn't hate Draco now, though, far from it. No, he quite liked Draco, especially when his mouth was moving steadily downward, toward Harry's peaked nipples.

Draco's pointed tongue swirled around first one, then the other nub, causing Harry to curse loudly. He'd never known his chest was so sensitive, but every swipe of Draco's tongue shot straight to Harry's cock.

"Fuck, Draco, that's so good."

He'd forgotten the way Draco had responded to his own name earlier, and the growl that issued from the blond's throat sent a shiver through Harry's body. He vowed to say Draco's name as often as possible in the next few hours, and swore he'd scream it for him at least once. Apparently, Draco was one of those people that loved to hear their own name during sex, and it was the least Harry could do, since he was enjoying himself so much. He wanted Draco to enjoy the experience as well.

Draco ravished Harry's chest and stomach; there was no other word for it. He spent long moments sucking red marks into Harry's skin, and equally long moments tending those spots with his tongue. He nipped and licked, moving in no discernible pattern over Harry's torso, constantly keeping eye contact with Harry.

By the time Draco began to fiddle around on his bedside table, Harry was quivering with need.

Now he knew why so many people came to Draco for this. He knew how to manipulate the human body in ways Harry would have never imagined. And, it was no wonder his clients continued to see him. Harry could easily get used to this kind of treatment; it would not take much for him to become addicted to Draco Malfoy.

Harry was sure he was ready. He would have begged Malfoy to take him. He would have begged, right up to the point when Draco urged him to turn over, and he caught sight of that thick cock standing erect and ready for him.

"Oh Merlin, I… I can't, it's too… fuck. It's too big."

Harry expected Malfoy to laugh at him, or maybe take Harry's statement as a compliment and preen a bit. But, he kissed Harry again instead, helping to quiet Harry's anxiety and calm his body. God, if he could just kiss those lips for the rest of his life. But, Draco pulled away, sucking on Harry's bottom lip for a moment before releasing it.

"Yes, you can. I'll prepare you so well, that you'll feel nothing but pleasure. Even if there's a little pain, I promise you'll enjoy that too. And, if you really want me to stop, just tell me."

Draco was so calm, so in control and confident, that Harry allowed himself to be turned over, and lifted up to his knees when Draco instructed him to do so.

Harry tensed when Draco spread his cheeks. He was waiting to feel the first painful stab of Draco's finger, but, when Draco touched him, it didn't hurt at all.

Draco's wet finger massaged his hole. It was gentle at first, the pressure increasing as Harry began to moan. Draco gradually pushed into him, until one of his fingers was buried deeply. When he started to move his finger, it felt better than Harry had imagined.

"Ah… yes, that's so-" Harry bucked, crying out, as Draco's finger struck his prostate.

"There?" Draco asked, and Harry couldn't even be annoyed at the smug tone of his voice.

"God, yes," Harry whimpered, pushing his arse back, trying to take Draco's finger deeper.

He'd done this for himself, of course, but it was so much different having someone else do it for him. If only Draco would touch his cock as well. Then, Harry suddenly remembered that he had hands. He released the sheet he hadn't even realized he was clenching, and moved his hand toward his groin. But, his hand was stopped by Draco's.

"Don't touch yourself, not yet. Can you hold out for me? It'll be so much better if you do."

Groaning and screwing his eyes shut, Harry nodded, and moved his hand up, grabbing the sheet again.

Draco stopped massaging his prostate, but his fingers kept coming so very close, as he stretched Harry's opening. There was some pain, but it was really nothing more than a dull burn, almost a pleasant ache.

Draco peppered kisses all over Harry's arse cheeks, whispering such sweet and wonderful things, and Harry committed each one to memory.

So beautiful.

Want you so much.

So tight, so hot.

So sexy.

God, Harry, you're fucking perfect.

Going to make you feel so good.

That's it, Harry, relax, open up for me.

Harry was so close to coming by the time that Draco finished preparing him that he'd had to move his hand to his cock, just simply to grip it and keep himself under control.

Draco's fingers left his body, and Harry groaned. He needed them back; he was stretched open and so ready, and now he was empty. Not even aware of what he was doing, he wiggled his arse, pressing back and trying to find that delicious feeling again. He wanted to be filled; he needed those fingers in him.

Draco's hands grabbed at Harry's hips, forcibly turning Harry over.

When Harry's eyes landed on Draco, hair dishevelled, body covered in sweat and flushed with arousal, he gasped. Draco was stunning like this.

Urgently, Draco said, "It'll be a bit uncomfortable like this at first, but I want to see your face. Can you handle it?"

Harry nodded, still staring at Draco's face and chest, not daring to let his eyes drop any lower. He didn't need to see Draco's cock at that moment. Luckily, Draco didn't give Harry much of a chance to panic. He raised Harry's legs up and let them rest on his shoulders, as one of his hands moved soothingly over Harry's thighs. Draco's other hand reached between their bodies to line his cock up with Harry's entrance.

"Take a deep breath for me, Harry," Draco whispered, just barely pressing the blunt head of his cock against Harry's arse.

Harry fidgeted nervously, but nodded, breathing in deeply and holding it. As Draco's hips pushed forward, his eyes stayed trained intently on Harry's face. Harry blushed under Draco's scrutiny, and Draco smiled.

"You really are quite beautiful, you know," Draco said, splaying his free hand over Harry's stomach, and leaning forward more.

Harry gasped, feeling the head of Draco's length breach him. It was painful, no doubt, but the way Draco was looking at him, like he was awed by Harry's presence in his bed, helped to ease Harry.

"God, you're so tight. You feel so good. Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Harry let out in a gush of air, "I'm good."

"It gets better very soon."

Draco didn't pause again, he pushed forward steadily, petting Harry's stomach and sides, and whispering softly to him. It was strange, to have Draco acting so considerate of him, and treating him so gently. But, Harry gave into Draco's attentions, and soon lost himself to the feel of being stretched around hard, satiny flesh.

When Draco was finally buried deeply inside of him, the pressure on his prostate was almost too much.

"Oh… oh…" Quickly, Draco gripped Harry's throbbing cock around the base, staving off his impending orgasm, and grinning wickedly.

"Not so fast. Relax, and I'll make it even better."

Harry arched into Draco, trying to get him to move his hand, but Draco held firm, and Harry's urge receded.

Then, as soon as Draco knew Harry wouldn't come prematurely, he started to move. Before Harry knew what was happening, Draco was surrounding him. Draco was in him, around him, touching him everywhere he could reach, but still, his eyes were focused on Harry's face. It was almost disconcerting, except Harry could see pleasure beginning to etch itself across Draco's face, and his body was quaking slightly.

Draco was, piece by piece, coming apart above Harry. His face was softer than Harry had ever seen it, and his hands were so gentle. In his entire life, Harry had never felt like he really belonged anywhere. But, just then, under Draco, in his arms, in his bed, Harry felt like he truly belonged.

Draco's hips continued to move steadily, and his hand stayed wrapped around Harry's length, as he leaned forward, once again kissing Harry.

It felt like an eternity. Harry moaned and begged, as Draco built their passion to heights Harry had never even imagined. The world around them seemed to stand still, and all Harry could see was Draco's face hovering just above his. All he could feel was Draco's body moving against him. His hearing was reduced to the symphony of their panting.

Draco pressed deeper into him, canting his hips slightly, and Harry's breath hitched, as Draco teased his prostate. The hand around Harry's cock began to move, but it was too slow.

"More, god, more," Harry pleaded, raising his arms to grip Draco's shoulders.

Draco shook his head, his eyes glinting wildly. And, just like that, Draco really changed in Harry's mind. He wasn't the skinny, pointy chinned brat Harry had once known. No, he was a man, a sexy, devilish, arousing man. Harry wanted more of Draco.

"Not yet," Draco groaned, speeding his hand only slightly.

Harry endured several moments of almost painful bliss before he understood what Draco was doing. He was trying to synchronise their orgasms. Harry was sure of it, because every time Draco increased the pressure on Harry's cock, his face turned a little redder, and his hips snapped a bit more frantically.

Harry could hardly catch his breath, as Draco leaned over him even more, trapping his hand and Harry's cock between them. Draco nipped gently at Harry's neck, and then turned his head to whisper into Harry's ear.

"Are you going to come for me, Harry? I'll bet you're gorgeous when you lose control. I've waited so long for this, Harry. Don't disappoint me. I want to feel you squeeze me. I want to see you come for me."

With that, Draco's movements increased, and his hand applied just the right about of pressure to Harry's needy cock. Harry was hardly even aware of Draco pulsing inside of him, or Draco leaning back to watch him closely.

An inferno raged inside of Harry. Pleasure swept through his body like wildfire, and Draco's hands stoked that fire. Harry screamed, as his back arched, and his cock spurted between them. He hands fell to the bed, twisting in the sheets, as he tried to anchor himself. But, Draco continued to stroke his shaft, pinch gently at his nipples, and moan every time Harry bucked under him.

Harry knew he was grinning madly a few moments later. But, afterglow with another person was something he'd never experienced, and he hadn't expected Draco to be so damn cute. The other man was curled into Harry's side, his head resting on Harry's arm. He was peppering tiny little kisses over Harry's neck.

"Stay, please." Draco said, with one final sloppy kiss, as he sat up, "I'll get a cloth."

Harry was left wondering if Draco had just invited him to stay the night, or if he'd only meant for Harry to stay until he returned. Surely prostitutes didn't make it a habit to actually sleep with their clients. But, then again, from what little he knew about prostitutes, Draco was already quite different from the norm.

Draco walked back into the room, still naked, but completely comfortable with it. Strangely, Harry was comfortable with it as well. Draco was very easy on the eyes. He was muscular, but not overly so. He was pale, and he practically glowed in the flickering light of the flames. His hair was mussed, and he was smiling very softly. It was a sight Harry wouldn't soon forget, and one he wanted to see again.

"Wow," Harry said, breathlessly, "You're…" Harry blushed, suddenly self-conscious about staring so openly at Draco.

Draco climbed onto the bed, grinning widely.

"I'm what?" He asked, as he started to use the cloth he'd brought to clean Harry's stomach.

Harry swallowed loudly, but spoke very low, "Breathtaking."

Draco's hand stilled over Harry, and slowly, he turned his head to meet Harry's eyes. Without a trace of humour, Draco said, "You are too."

For a moment, they just looked at one another, and somehow, it was more intimate than what they'd been doing a few minutes ago.

"Well," Draco said, clearing his throat, "you're all clean. Did you want… I mean, it's late, and if you want, you can… stay?"


"If you need to go, that's fine. I just thought you might want to rest. And, well, I wouldn't be against another go later, if you're up for it," Draco said, tossing the cloth onto the bedside table.

Draco was no longer looking at Harry. He was focused on the spread rolled up at the foot of the bed.

Harry was a bit sore to be thinking about 'another go,' but he really didn't mind the thought of curling up under the covers with the blond.

"No, I'd like to stay, if that's okay. I mean, you don't have anyone else coming over tonight?"

Draco stiffened, and then exhaled loudly, visibly forcing himself to relax.

"No," He said, very calmly, "No one else tonight."

When he turned to look at Harry again, his face was a cool mask of indifference. He looked too much like Malfoy to suit Harry. So, Harry did the only thing he could think of to relieve the tension that had sprung up with his question.

He lifted himself up off the pillow, wrapped his hand around Draco's wrist, and pulled. He ended up falling back very ungracefully, but as he'd intended, he brought Draco with him. Without thinking about consequences or rivalries, Harry brought their lips together again. Neither one of them could say the wrong thing if they were snogging the daylights out of each other. And, they did it so well that Harry wondered why they hadn't always settled their differences like that.