The Pikachu Who Wanted To Join N*SYNC

By Spiral Breeze

In the middle of Viridian Forest, in the dark of night,

There lived a shiny Pikachu who did not like to fight.

No Thundershock for him, no Iron Tail, or Strength,

What this Pikachu liked, was the music of N*SYNC.

With iPod in hand, and Beats on his ears,

Shiny Pikachu danced, to the dismay of his peers.

On his head, there sat goggles, he thought they were sick,

He looked just like N*SYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick.

He swayed and he shimmied, pranced and bopped.

Till Jigglypuff came along and told him to stop.

But Pikachu couldn't hear through the noise in his ears,

So Jigglypuff puffed until she got really big.

She tried to use Pound, she tried to use Sing,

But Pikachu kept dancing, he didn't hear a thing.

Jiggly grew angry, she whipped out her mic.

And together they sang, till the end of the night.

The End