Croconaw Monsieur

By Spiral Breeze


"Yes, I dare say she'll do, a fine specimen, just-" Cilan sniffed at the air in the cage and sighed deeply. "What do you say dear brothers?"

"With those eggs in her belly, her meat should be exquisitely tender." Cress explained as he poked and prodded at the caged Pocket Monster.

"Indeed." Agreed Chili with just as much enthusiasm as his triplet brothers. "Her legs will make a lovely roast with shallots and perhaps an accompaniment of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau."

"Mmm, yes, what say you Cilan?"

"I do believe a pot of our famous Rouge Spike Soup will be in order, we shall see what Berries are fresh this week at the market."

The Croconaw in the cage made a low growl in the back of her throat and shifted on her hind legs which were shackled together painfully, yet not so tight as to tear into her flesh and destroy her precious meat. The mother to be placed her hands on her distended belly wondering if they would at least spare her eggs, they would be here soon, most likely by sun rise.

"I'm just hoping that her mate's seed failed to reach all the eggs, I'm picturing a dark chocolate lava soufflé-"

"A la mode?" Inquired Cress with his hands clasped together on his chest.

"Of course dear brother, it would be blasphemy without!"

"We will have to wait until she lays the eggs."

"I wonder how long she has?"

"I'd give'er 'till mornin' boys." An older man hobbled from behind the delivery truck, and addressed the three Gym Leaders. "Ya see that there stance? She's gettin' ready for the birthin' now. She'll be wantin' ta make a nest outta that there straw, there'll be a good fifty eggs in the mornin'."

"Ah." The triplets sighed in unison.

"So, you'll be takin' her?"

"Yes, if you can keep bringing us Pokémon of this magnificent quality, I dare say we can be very good business partners for a long time indeed." Chili explained happily as he took his gnarled old hand in a surprisingly strong grasp.

"Well, boys I'm glad yer takin' 'er. Now, uh, it's justa matter of 'er price."

"Oh yes, of course sir." Cilan pulled out the Gym's check book and scribbled the amount in, he passed it to his triplet brothers to add their signatures as well.

"Here you go sir." Cress handed the sighed bank note to the old man and watched as his eyes lit up in greed.

"Ah, you boys'r too good, ya know that?"

Without another word spoken, the ancient old man shuffled into his truck and sped away into the dead of the night. Together the three brothers carefully rolled the cage up the delivery ramp to the back of the kitchen. They left their newly purchased Pokémon by the largest stove, the heat from the pilot light would keep her warm enough. After locking up, and with one final glance at their culinary prize, they made their way upstairs to the small drafty apartment and the lone double bed they had shared since they were small children.

To Be Continued...