Ragnarok: Wolves Howling

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Chapter 2: Innocent memories


It's been 3 years since I've been reborn. I can't believe how hard it was to learn how to walk and talk again. I never knew that walking would be that hard for young bodies. I mean I knew it would be difficult but I can't help but feel so weak and helpless until I managed to walk properly. Talking was also a challenge, even now!

When I first tried to talk all that came out of me were a bunch of barks, yips, whines, and growls. After a while I can say some things in "Common" as they called it, though it wasn't that good as I still revert to barking and yipping... is that even a word?

Finally, after some grueling hours, I managed to talk in all Common with the occasional slip back to my so called "Canine speak." It was rather embarrassing, especially if I was near one of the Sohee's who would pinch my cheeks gushing about how cure I was.

Not to sound vain or pompous, but I DID look very cute for a young'in. Darn, talking like dad now. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I got used to calling Moony and Atroce as mom and dad now. It took even longer than learning to talk again, but it did feel nice. The comical expression on Atroce's face when I called him Dada was funny to, especially when Mommy Moony dropped her Heavy Golden Bell on my dad's little furry foot.

I couldn't stop laughing for HOURS.

Right now I discovered that I'm four years old with Shin being the same age as I am. My hair is roughly about the same color as dad's fur and my ears are actually on top of my head. Funny how I didn't notice it until I played with Shin and he accidentally grabbed my ear.

Speaking of Shin, I couldn't ask for a better friend. We're practically siblings in all but blood and we are almost always together. I never had a brother so this was a really nice experience. Shin was a bit taller than me currently, but that will change in the future, I hope.

"Master! Where are you?" Called out my surrogate and ever overprotective older brother. It was something that annoyed me, no matter how much I tell Shin not to call me master, he keeps doing it! I swear his doing it intentionally.

'Well, tough luck Shinny boy. We're playing hide and seek and I'm not giving away my position or show my annoyance.'

Unfortunately I had to anyways since a Sohee arrived and told me and Shin that dad and Hao returned with some food. The hiding spot was perfect to, now I have to figure out a way down from this tree. Umm, this may take a while so I called Shin and I wanted to resist rolling my eyes at the way he was fretting about my safety, although I would be lying if I said that I wasn't touched by his genuine concern.

I sighed before dangling my legs and bare feet on a branch. As my white pants sways in the wind, I can't help but continue to wish for a plain shirt and shorts. Currently the only thing my little body is wearing are the white pants that looks like what the Sura class wear, unfortunately it lacked the red flame patterns, which I grumbled at so I begged mommy with my puppy dog eyes to add something to it, and low and behold little wolf pups and fox cubs run around the bottom. It's cute and I like it, but it did not portray the cool and dangerous look.

Not that I want to be a Sura, yes it was cool and yes I wanted to crush things with a punch but I was never adept at playing as a Monk. That and my dad here is freakishly strong and can easily destroy things with no skills, and if I don't inherit that I will throw a tantrum, mentally aged as an adult or not.

In any case the only other clothing I'm wearing is a small blue vest made by mommy. Probably made from wolf fur but I wouldn't know. It had a small hoodie which my parents told me to always put on if I ever encounter humans.

"Master Lyall! There you are!"

Oh, right. I'm hanging on a very tall tree and can easily fall to my doom with my small and untrained physique, best not to get distracted again. It's not healthy.

I waved my right arm happily like I wasn't having trouble getting down and said "Hi Ms. Shana! Did Shin bring you here?"

Shana was a generic Munak through and through, although she was more talkative than the others, which is not saying much. She sighed exasperatedly before saying "Master Lyall, Lady Luna is calling and was getting worried. Imagine my surprise to see young master to be up in the tree and needlessly worrying her."

"Aww, don't be like that Shana." Came a more boisterous voice, which I clearly recognized. At the same time with Shana we turned our heads towards the source and low and behold, Hao was indeed coming as I suspected. He was also carrying Shin who looked really scared, and that made me regret worrying him. I have to remember that Shin did treat me as family. Before I can say anything to apologise though Hao continued. "The young master was only having fun."

"That maybe so, however he is much too young to be climbing tall trees such as this one."

"Hey the faster he learns the better. Besides, Lyall is stronger than normal children his age due to his heritage."

"Hao, may I remind you that Lord Atroce, your charge, was just as reckless when he was younger and had been more injured than a baby orc playing with fire." Shana then pointed at Hao accusingly before stating in a no nonsense attitude. "if I remember, you were even more reckless and had more injuries than Lord Atroce."

Hao smiled sheepishly while adjusting his hold of Shin, who looked a bit better and even laughing a bit. "Guilty as charged love, guilty as charged."

Out of nowhere my stomach growled making them all look up to my blushing red face. "U-Umm," I murmured "c-can you please help me down. I'm starving."

Hao and Shin just laughed and Shana just smiled silently before carrying Shin and making Hao pick me up. I watched with awe how effortlessly the unique Bongun jumped around the branches and brought me down like an exert gymnast. I'd say that if he were to enter the Olympics, he'll get the gold every single time without breaking a sweat. It made me jealous on how quickly he reached the height that I was in. it took me about 15 minutes or so in climbing this thing too.

'One of these days I am going to be able to do just that!' I thought before shouting at my would-be rescuer. "Stop carrying me like a sack of POTATOES!"

Seriously I am not something to carry around like an object. Though I highly doubt that Atroce and Moonlight Flower wouldn't laugh at me.

A little bit later the four of us were going back to the cave, but not before hiding since a group of injured humans went running out. Well, their practically limping by but none of them died.

After they left Hao went first and Shana placed my hood on top of my head and had made sure that Shin and I were hidden. Hao came back a moment later and quickly brought us inside.

"Who were they?" I asked, although I have a hunch to what happened. Shin looked a bit scared and I wouldn't blame him. One of the humans was carrying a big broadsword and had the garb of a crusader. His armor was badly damaged and he was a bit bloody, but that only made him more intimidating.

Shana told us in a whisper. "They were most likely another group of humans trying to gain 'fame' by defeating Lady Luna."

"Why?" asked Shin quietly. I can see that he was still a bit frightened so I held his hand a bit. I suppose even though he was going to be my guardian like Hao was to my dad, I have more knowledge about this than he currently does.

"Sometimes humans believe that they are the rightful leaders of the world, so a lot of them would like to be well known throughout the lands." Shana smiled a bit, but instead of her usual warm smiles this one had a chilling cold feel that would scare anyone who saw it. "Although they would most likely be hated by the humans of Payon since Lady Luna and Atroce are well loved and by the humns residing there as the guardians of the forest and the town."

Ohhhh. So that's why there wasn't a single archer class human among the group. Apparently 83% of all Archers were born from Payon. A lot of people seem to become the warrior class of their respective towns and cities. Interesting.

Well, I also realized that unlike in the game, none of the MVP monsters here have ever been bested. I was glad of course since I do NOT want some wanna-be group take me new family away from me, though that won't stop me from challenging them to a non-lethal fight. Hey being the son of Moony and Atroce would count me as a monster instead of human right? Well that must be it since I can never seem to think of myself as a human here.

"That was utterly pathetic." Came my dad's voice. "I know that we rarely ever get challenges but you would think that the humans would have at least came prepared."

"Well I certainly hope that they don't return." Came my mom's voice. "They almost ruined the dinner and what if they saw Lyall?"

Atroce growled darkly but instead of feeling scared, I felt secure when I heard this. "They touch one hair on my cub's head and I will lead all the wolves in Rune Midgard and tear their family and friends apart before ripping them to pieces slowly and painfully."

Hearing this I couldn't help but smile sadistically. If it was my original self I would have been appalled but now I feel excited hearing that from dad. Oh I don't think I'll ever do it, but hey, wild monster genes. I ran up to Atroce and jumped on his back. "Dad!" I yipped, darn it. I still yip and bark whenever I get excited or emotional.

"There ya' are you little scamp! You just missed seeing your old man decimate those idiot humans!"

I pouted a bit. I haven't really seen how the skills looked like and I was very eager to find out if I can still pose as a human and learn a warrior class. That would really be helpful if I were to defend myself against humans who discover that I'm the son of Atroce and Moonlight Flower.

Moony just laughed a bit before getting me off Atroce's neck and gave me a piece of red and juicy beef. I drooled a little and ate it eagerly like a starving puppy. Which I kind was. My dark brown tail was also wagging and the two wolf ears on top of my head were pointed up. I still can't control my tail and it was a pain when I sat on it.

My parents told me that they would teach me how to hide my 'non-human' appendages so that I can go to human settlements freely.

Though pretty soon, will visit Payon. Atroce and Moony are welcome and even help train some of the archers and guards there against some of the more wilder monsters which they have no control over. The only other MVP monster they welcome is Edga the tiger who can commonly be seen lazing around in town surrounded by children and their parents for his storytelling. For a big tiger he was such a big softie unless he was fighting.

I couldn't help but shiver as I remembered his reaction to a group of male visitors from Prontera who thought that they could get away harassing a local a Payon teenager. Luckily for her Edga was there and scared the lights out of the adventurers. Ha! They were expecting the other locals to help them fight him but it appears that people from Prontera aren't aware of the local happenings in Payon.

They locals don't know about me yet though since my parents did not want the other towns to know about my existence until I can fight.

Speaking of fighting I'm thinking of becoming a Soul Linker or a Hunter. I loved those two classes, leaning towards Soul Linker though. I can always come back and learn from the local hunters here anyways.

Plus mom would teach me her spells better than any wizard can.

"Excuse me!" came an unfamiliar voice. Immediately without thinking I wore my hood on and hid behind the ruins with Shin.

My parents immediately became alert and Shana and Hao got into combat ready postions beside them.

"Who goes there!" Yelled Hao

Immediately a group of human adventurers revealed themselves. Though they were younger and looked like they were from Payon with their Asian like appearance.

There were 2 young archers, one male and one female, 1 female priest and a Hunter at about his late thirties.

The Hunter and Priestess bowed and motioned for the two young archers to do the same. The Hunter then spoke with a respectful tone in his voice. "Greetings Lord Atroce, Moonlight Flower. My name is Harayu Jin, and I was hoping to ask for permission to explore the cave to show my two young apprentices the layout should they want to hone their skills here."

Mom raised her bell and ringed it a little while adopting a thoughtful look on her face. "I see, is there a reason to why you asked for our permission? Not that I mind but I am curious."

This time it was the priestess that answered. "That is because we have been told that you and Lord Atroce did not allow any travelers to come for 5 years. We have learned that the ban is lifted and we can all come inside once more but we wanted to be sure so as not to offend you."

I saw the two young archers glance nervously at each other before nodding. I guess this is the first time they've been in close contact to the two MVP bosses.

Moony nodded and smiled serenely at the group making them relax. "That is true, I thank you for your thoughtfulness. We had banned the entry for a very important reason and believed that it is now safe to enter the cave once more. Well, safer than it was before. You must understand that me and Atroce had to protect something of value to us and needed to make sure that it was safe.

The cave is open for travelers and warriors now, as long as they do not enter the central shrines without either mine or Atroce's permission. We welcome anyone wanting to explore or hone their skills in this cave, as long as they do not seek the glory of my death or to seek the relics which I preserve."

The group looked elated and a bit outraged at the idea of people seeking my mom's death.

They were about to continue on before Moony called out to them. "Oh, if possible please inform the other people of Payon, the Archer's guild, and the current emperor that the cave is open and that I, along with Atroce, will visit in two years. There are still some things that I must do before I allow anyone complete access to the ancient shrines and ruins."

Harayu nodded with reverence and moved onward after bowing once more.

When it was deemed safe, Shin and I went out of hiding. I wanted to ask why they only blocked access for five years, but I think I may have an idea.

Atroce grinned wolfishly at me and said "Pup, it's about time you and Shin learn how to fight."

Hao had the same sadistic grin on his face and Shana and Moony gave us pitying looks. Together with Shin, I gulped in nervousness. But I was very excited.

It's about damn time that I live up to this new life. I intend to make them both proud and I'll be a force to reckon with. Look out brats, The Wolf is back in business.


So, what do you all think? Did I fail at it? Or did I do good? Well hope you like it.