I thought I would write a Fanfiction for 'Spirited Away'. This time it is a Haku and Chihiro Fanfiction. I hope you will like it. Please read and review

For You


A young girl named Chihiro slowly walked up to the riverbank and looked up at the horizon. The sky darkened around her and thunderclouds corrupted the sky. The rain poured down like buckets of water, as Chihiro sat down on the grass, which was now wet. She waited and waited and waited and waited, sitting out there alone in the rain. It was cold and all her clothes were getting soaked. Half an hour passed. One hour passed. Two hours passed. Four hours passed. Seven hours passed. Where are you Haku? Are you even coming? Did you forget about me? She wondered to herself.

*At the same time, in Tokyo*

'Damn!' Haku exclaimed. He was panicking. He promised to meet Chihiro today by the Kohaku River, and he was really looking forward to their meeting, but there was only one choice he could make to solve the problem at hand. He could only find Chihiro later. This is something you are going to regret a voice inside him whispered.

That concludes the prologue. Please read and review. Chapter 1 will be online very soon