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(From Haku's Point of View)

If I remember correctly, the life alter was in the darkest, deepest caves of the spirit world. But I had only heard of that once and it might have not even been true. I had to hurry. I knew time was limited and the gate to the spirit world can only be opened at certain times.


"Haku, or rather, Kohaku. You are now free to go back to the human world. Your contract with me will be void from now on." Yubaba announced.

"Thank you Yubaba-san," I replied without stirring from my position.

"Of course you are always welcome back to the spirit world, but I shall warn you now. If you try to force the gate to the spirit world to open, you shall surely die then and there. The spirit gate can only be opened when the rift between the human world and the spirit world are connected. You will know by the scent of the wind."

It was then that I got up off my knees and bowed.

"See you again Haku," Yubaba said while getting up and walking off.

Thank you Yubaba-san...for everything… but now, it's time for me to go on a journey of my own.

A smile found its way onto my face as the thought of seeing Chihiro again crossed my thoughts.

*End flashback

Sprinting with all my strength, I cleared the roads and ran up to the top of the hill where I could clearly see the Kohaku River.

I brought myself to admire the clear, blue sky once more before transforming into my dragon form. My wings beat up and down rapidly as I flew, head-on, into the rift on the surface of the river.

Well, Chihiro… here I am, going back to the Spirit World. I promise I'll save you!

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