13th April 1912:

Blackadder had the most wonderful sleep last night. He'd had a first class room to himself and he'd slept in the lord's comfy bed surrounded by his scent and he loved it. Blackadder sat up straight and rubbed his head. Why had that thought just passed through his head, he didn't like his master in that way, it just wasn't possible for him. Not because he was a man but because he was the thickest most annoying person he'd ever met. But that's what makes him, him. Blackadder swore to himself that he would never allow himself to think like that again, ever.

"Where is he?" Blackadder spoke to himself quietly and he realised he was worried.

"It's weird what a bit of sea air does to you", Blackadder jumped when he heard that voice, "I've never heard you talk to your self before. Still, like I said, must be the sea air."

"Where have you been?"

"Well. I met this girl called Madeline; oh she's the best. We walked up on deck. That was fine but then she said that I looked tired and that I should go to bed"


"Baldrick had told me that you had already gone back to my room and of course you needed to rest so we went to her room. Oh Blackadder, I spent a night of ecstasy with Madeline and I loved it!"

"I'm glad you had fun" Blackadder spoke feeling a tinge of jealousy rise inside of him, "Will you be seeing her again?" he asked a little too quickly.

"Yes actually she's invited me to dinner. Oh and she invited you as well."

"And why has she done that?"

"I told her how amazing you are and that you're my…"

"Your butler"

"Yes that's right. We're having dinner at 5 o'clock. Meet me outside the dining hall. I'll go. You need to rest." And he left but Blackadder spent minutes staring at the empty place where he had stood.

12:50- Blackadder couldn't stop thinking about him and was glad when the time came to make his way to the dining hall. There journey took a few minutes and he'd arrived and so had his master.

"Alright Bladder?"

Blackadder smiled at his masters' attempt at his name. He didn't bother to correct him. He couldn't care less, "Are we going in?"

"As soon as they arrive"

They stood in silence.

"Madeline!" George exclaimed as he stepped towards the girl who'd just arrived. He took her hand in his and placed his lips upon her delicate hand.

"Oh George" she giggled.

She took back her hand and gestured to the man who had just joined them. "George this is my father"


"I see you've met before. Have you farther?" She looked at Ismay looking for an answer.

"Yes. We've met" He said simply and then his eyes met Blackadder's, "Him! What's he doing here?"

"Hello Brucey", said Blackadder, "I'd like to say how lovely it is to see you but as we both know that would be a lie"

George let out a snort and Madeline slapped him across the cheek, "How dare you insult my father"

"Sorry. I really am…"

"Never mind that just run!" Blackadder was quick he grabbed Georges hand and pulled him along as they ran. They ran deeper and deeper into the ship. They had insulted one of the most important men on the ship and they weren't going to get away with it, but they could try. George took the lead as they turned the corner, "lets hide in here" He told Blackadder and they ran into the boiler rooms. They ran right to the end then George pushed Blackadder into the far corner of the room, "This should do" Their chests were heaving and they were both out of breath.

"Well that was fun" George spoke in-between breaths. Blackadder just smiled. He wanted to stay like this forever, pressed up against his warm with his hand in his. However the moment was ruined when Baldrick stumbled upon them. George let go of Blackadder's and took a step back.

"Are you alright Baldrick?" George asked blushing as he did so.

"Yeah I'm alright sir. Hang on, why are you two here?"

"Blackadder pissed off Ismay. Again", He added smiling at Blackadder, "We were hiding"

"Oh right, well I best get a move on. We've just received orders from the Captain to increase the ships speed"

"Really?" George asked.

"Oh yeah, soon we'll be sailing at 21 knots sir"

"That's brilliant!"

"It's almost as brilliant as the time you bought me that giant turnip for my birthday. Well see you later then" Baldrick walked off leaving them alone once again.

George turned to Blackadder and said "Isn't that brilliant Blackadder"

"Absolutely amazing sir. I'm thrilled to pieces" Blackadder spoke in sarcasm but his master didn't pick up on it.

"Well come on let's get out of here it should be safe and its boiling down here. Must be the boilers." George started walking and Blackadder studied his body as he did so and then muttered to himself, "I don't think it his" He smiled and followed his master from the room.