Yeah! New story guys. It's a Two-shot though. This fanfiction was made from the realization that NaLu is going to cannon and there's literally nothing we can do about it. But even if they cannon, it will most certainly not sink my ship! It won't even put a leak in it godammit! Who's with me!

Inevitable issues

"Congratulations you two! I knew you guys would make an adorable couple." Mirajane squealed happily. There was a crowd of guild members circling around the new couple.

"Aw come on guys! It's not that big a deal!" Natsu laughed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, guys. Just pretend like everything is the same like always!" Lucy's face was also flushed with discomfiture.

"Nonsense!" Mirajane frantically scribbled stuff down in a notepad. "We need to plan an engagement party, a wedding, a child!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down Mira!" Lucy waved her hands dismissively. "I don't think we need to think about those things anytime soon."

"C-congratulations guys. I-I give you two m-my best wishes!" Erza stuttered as she shook the life out of Natsu.

"What's all the commotion about?" Gray walked entered the guild hall to notice everyone crowding around one table.

"Natsu and Lucy finally realized their feelings for each other!" Lisanna answered. "I can admit that I had a crush on him for a while, but I can't stop him from being with Lucy. There just way to cute for each other."

"Is that so?" Gray glimpsed the two shying towards all the attention. "Hehe, I never thought the flame head had it in him." Gray chuckled almost to himself. He felt a pang in his chest. Almost like something was torn inside of him.

Gray easily brushed it off like he's done many times before. He decided to go tease the two like a good friend would. "Haha, you guys are together now huh?" he walked up to them and put a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "Man, I knew you wasn't gay." Gray laughed in a joking manner.

"Shut up, Gray! At least I have a girlfriend!" they laughed and threw playful punches at each other. Natsu and Gray had almost the perfect bromance. Gray knew that this was all it was going to be. Really close friends. Nothing more.

The guild celebrated just like when Alzack and Bisca apparently got together. Gray did his best to put on a mask of contentment, especially when the crowd chanted for Natsu and Lucy to kiss.

It wasn't until the middle of the party when Gray snuck out of the guild hall. Whenever he'd run into someone he'd just that he was turning in for the night. Gray was actually going to a local tavern in Magnolia.

He didn't want to be around his friends any longer because he'd have to smile and pretend that he wasn't in a bad mood.

He sat at the bar ordering a few drinks. Gray was no longer a minor since he was technically twenty five years old. He knew that Natsu and Lucy were bound to fall for each other someday, so Gray mentally prepared himself. Though, he hadn't expected that it would have this much of an impact on him.

One drink after another. With every glass his mood began to plummet even more. He eventually lost track of time and noticed that it was one in the morning. The bartender claimed that Gray had enough and refused to serve him anymore.

Wobbling and staggering on his feet, Gray made his way on the streets. He didn't really know where he was going, but he tried his best to navigate his way home. To go home, alone. Again. He thought bitterly.

"Gray?" he heard a voice behind him. Gray froze as he could recognize that voice anywhere. "What the hell are you doing out so late?"

Gray slowly turned to face him. "I was just about to ask you the same thing, Natsu."

"I was dropping Lucy off at her house. May I ask why you're going the wrong way? Your house is that way." Natsu pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Tch, I don't need your help." Gray was going to switch direction when he lost his coordination and tripped. Natsu caught him in time and helped him stand again.

"Gray, h-have you been drinking?" Natsu sniffed at the intoxicated ice mage. Gray tried shouldering the other away.

"I'm fine!" Gray's voice slurred as Natsu pulled his arm around his shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go buddy." Natsu helped Gray keep on his feet as they walked. Gray was nearly unconscious as his face was buried in the other's shoulder trying to take in Natsu's sweet smell. "You ok there Gray?" Natsu asked. Gray mumbled something incoherent, but it had something to do with betrayal.

Once they were at his home, Natsu led him to his bedroom. They only made it in the middle of the hallway before Gray stopped walking and refused to move. "Come on, Gray. You're making this harder than it needs to be." Natsu complained.

Natsu tried to take Gray's arm but suddenly Gray forced him against the wall, pinning him by his shoulders. "Hey! What the big idea?"

"Why Natsu…? I've been so good to you…" Gray pressed his body to Natsu's and nuzzled his face against his neck.

"Uh…Gray?" Natsu tried to push the other away, but Gray wrapped his arms around Natsu's waist. "W-what are you-ah!" Gray unceremoniously cupped Natsu's crotch.

"I want you, I need you." Gray's other hand moved up to unzip Natsu's jacket.

"S-stop you, pervert!" the dragon slayer struggled to be free of his grasp. "Let go of mgh!" Gray crushed his lips on Natsu's. He ravaged the dragon slayers mouth, tasting his warm tongue on his. The torturous hand kneading Natsu's crotch had successfully made him stiff. "Ahh!"

"You like that…?" Gray whispered huskily, nibbling tenderly on Natsu's bottom lip.

"N-no! D-don't touch me like th-that!" Natsu whimpered. He jumped when he felt Gray's other hand squeeze his bottom. Natsu gave an unmanly squeak.

"God, I want you right now." Gray growled. Natsu didn't expect it when Gray lifted him over his shoulder and made his way to his bedroom. Natsu thrashed around, still confused at how Gray can be this coordinated right now.

"Let me go ya jerk!" he hissed. Gray kicked open his door and brought him in, plopping Natsu on his bed. Before Natsu could recover Gray was already on top of him. His hands on either side of him had Natsu trapped.

"Mmm…" Gray sounded like he was looking at a piece of meat. Natsu felt slightly fearful at what the ice mage had in store for him. Gray once more leaned down to capture Natsu's soft lips. Natsu was least confident to let the other do this to him, yet couldn't find the strength to push him away.

Natsu gasped when Gray grinded his hips into his. The male on top of him kept his mouth on Natsu's, sliding his tongue inside. Natsu's mind was like a whirlybird. He slowly began to kiss back as he was losing all resolve.

Gray managed to get both of their jackets off and tossed somewhere. Gray moved his lips down to Natsu's torso. He flicked his tongue over one nipple. "Ah…" Natsu moaned quietly. Moving his hands down Natsu's smooth hips, he hooked his fingers around the hem of his pants the pulled them down slightly, exposing Natsu's semi hard member. Natsu gasped.

Gray took it in hand and began stroking it slow and teasingly. "You look so beautiful right now." Gray mumbled.

"Gray…I ahh…" Natsu bucked into his hand. "S-stop! Th-this is w-weird!" While all this was happening, Gray was really keen to get to the main event. "Gray I-I'm gonna hah…!"

Before Natsu could make his release, Gray gripped the base of his member, preventing him to do so. "H-hey! Why'd you-?"

"Shh…" Gray pressed a finger to his lips. Natsu frowned deeply. Ice mage chuckled then pulled the rest of Natsu's pants off and tossed them somewhere. Natsu yelped. Gray pushed his soft milky thighs up to reveal Natsu's tiny pink opening.

"How cute." Gray commented. Natsu pushed his hands down in an attempt to cover himself. Gray looked up to see Natsu's face flushed with embarrassment.

"D-don't look!" he stuttered. Gray grabbed both of his wrists and lifted then above his head. Grabbing a tube of lotion with his free hand he poured it on his miraculously freed member. He stroked himself, lubricating his aching erection.

Without any other delay, he pressed his tip to Natsu's opening. The flame mage bit his lip and shut his eyes in preparation. "J-just be gentle…" Natsu whispered quickly. Gray didn't seem to hear him as he pushed himself inside his velvety cavern.

"Ahh!" Natsu screamed and arched his back off the bed. His hands went to grip the bed sheets above his head. "T-too big!"

"Ngh, don't fight it…" Gray began to slide in and out. Natsu groaned in pain. After a moment Gray's pace began to increase. "Oh god…I've wanted this for so long…"

"G-gray! Ahh…hhn.." Natsu moaned out as each thrust became more pleasurable. His hands flew up to unintentionally scratch down Gray's back.

"Your mine you hear me? Mine…" Gray growled possessively as his thrusts became hard and rough. Natsu's eyes rolled to the back of his head in ecstasy. He couldn't believe how much this was having a positive effect on him. It felt so…good.

"I can't…t-take it anymore- AH!" Natsu moaned louder than ever. Gray hit something inside of him that made him see stars. Noticing this, Gray's thrusts increased in vigor pounding into the same place over and over again. "Ohh~! Gray…there…ahh!"

"Ah, you're so goddamn sexy…" Gray groaned. Natsu was pretty flexible, but he has never had his knees so close to his ears as they were now. He was really close to his release, he could just feel it.

"A-almost…yes…I'm coming! Gray!" Natsu felt his own warm juices spill on him abdomen. He nearly fell asleep from the intense orgasm. Gray on the other hand had his release as well. Natsu felt his bottom drip with warm liquid. Gray collapsed on top of the other, resting his head on the junction in between Natsu's neck and shoulder.

He tapped the ice mage on his shoulder. "Gray? You're kind of s-still in me." Natsu sweat dropped when he heard snoring coming from him. Natsu tried pushing the oaf off of him. He was only able to get him to roll over. His slid out of him with a wet sound. Natsu groaned quietly.

After lying there for a while, he realized all the problems he's gonna have to deal with tomorrow. Shit…